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Chesapeake, VA 23320
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Wednesday Sep 12, 2018 Completed
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 Live Auction 
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Progressive Auction and Real Estate Co. LLC

Contact: Joe Joyner
Phone: 757-478-9630
Email: auctionsbyjoe@cox.net
Website: progressiveauctionsva.com

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Listing Terms and Conditions
ONLINE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR BIDDING ONLINE WITH PROGRESSIVE AUCTION CO. LLC 1. There will be a 18% Buyers Premium with a 3% discount for using cash or good check will be added to the high bid to determine the total sales price of any and all items. 2. Bidders/Buyers paying by credit card agrees to be subject to the jurisdiction within the Auction Company's City and State. 3. The Seller, Auctioneer and or the Auction Company are making representation nor is either party warranting the character, quality, or other attributes of the property sold at auction. 4. The burden of inspection of any property is solely on the bidders. They can either inspect the property prior to the bidding or waive inspection prior to the bidding. 5. All sales are final and no refunds or returns are allowed. 6. The Bidder agrees that, should a chargeback be initiated, the Bidder terms and conditions will be conclusive of Bidder's waiver of any chargeback rights. 7. In the event a chargeback is successful, the Buyer remains liable for the purchase price, including any buyer's premium and plus any and all cost of collection and attorney's fees. 8. The chargeback rule is established to be consistent with applicable licensing requirements and ethical responsibilities required by the State of Virginia. 9. Packaging and shipping of any and or all items bought by the buyer will be the responsibility and expense of the buyer. The Auction Co. will provide a list of local packaging and shipping companies at the request of the successful bidders. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Once the Bidder has been declared the high bidder of any or all items, those items are then declared the bidder (s) and the high bidder takes full responsibility of those items. The Seller, his/her representatives, the Auctioneer or his/her representatives will not be held responsible for any items once the bidder has been declared the high bidder of such items. 2. Cash, credit card and or good check will be accepted for payment at this auction. All items must be paid for in full before removing items from the auction site. In the event the buyer renders a bad check to the Auctioneer, the bidder will be responsible for any and all cost to the Auctioneer required to collect the monies owed to the Auctioneer including any and all legal fees deemed necessary to collect the funds including any and all attorney's fees. 3. There are no minimum starting bids; however , the Auctioneer reserves the right to set starting bids on select items, accept or reject any and all offers on items at his/her sole discretion. 4. Conduct of the auction and increments of the sale shall be at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer. 5. The Auctioneer has the right to withdraw any item, postpone or cancel the auction at his/her sole discretion without notice and or modify or add any terms and conditions either prior to or at the auction. 6. By registering for this auction you are entering into a legal binding contract with the Auction Co. and hereby agree and are bound to the terms and conditions presented by the Auction Co. The seller will ship the high bidders items bought at this auction with the buyer being responsible for all packaging and shipping cost with payments by buyer directly to the seller. Seller will advise the buyer of the cost for approval and credit card payment prior to shipping.
Listing Information
This auction is made up of electrical equipment and accessaries that for most cases new and still in its' orginal packageing. Because of this there are no pictures of the items. The discriptions of each item ( lot ) are complete and should give you enough information about the item. Should you need additional information about an item contact the auction company and we will have the right person contact you for additional information. Even though most of these items are used on ships or large boats they can be used in additional areas as well. There are over 1550 lotted items in this auction. The wholesale cost of all of these items is over $300,000.00. You will notice that some items will have starting bids but many will have no starting bid range at all. The bidding intrivals will be set at $5.00. The company is moving at the end of the summer and needs to liquidate these items. The items that have starting bids have been reduced to less than half of their wholesale cost. Anyone that buys these items could resell the items and make a good profit. Good luck and have fun bidding at this online auction.



















Connector, Male, J Style, Shrouded, Positive
Latching, Cable Size: 350 MCM, Color: YELLOW

Connector, Male, J Style, Shrouded, Positive
Latching, Cable Size: 350 MCM, Color: ORANGE

Connector, Male, J Style, Shrouded, Positive
Latching, Cable Size: 350 MCM, Color: BROWN



















Auction License: Va. L 572 Va. Firm Lic. 2908000809
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