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Roanoke, VA 24015
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Tommy Wagner Auctions

Contact: Tommy Wagner, Barry Muse
Phone: 540-4003753;875-6432
Website: ID#: 1124
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Repro Calendars, 1995 Carolina Skiff-flat bottom for crabbing or fishing. Evinrude 115 hp motor is 3 years old, Loadings of fishing and sporting gear. Antique Maps, Southern and other furniture. Fine art, many varieties from Maine to Estern Shore. Rare Roanoke to Danville Railroad boxes, Southern furniture from Charlotte courthouse. Loads of tools and other small equipment. Much More info soon. This one is going to take a while for research and cataloging. Loads of cameras,knives,antique tools, WWII Field phones, antique phones, Loads of Tools, Wood working shop, automotive, air compressor, Heart Pine boards, Fine antique decoys originall Roy Rozier, of Pungo,Field glasses, dozens of vintage fishing reels. Treadlock gun safe, Great office equipment, laptops, So Much More, Gas & Oil, Old Garage, Antique Ice Fishing Lures! We are just getting organized. An Awesome event. Hobi High $$$$ , loads of coolers, Cast Iron, #Rarebooks#equipment#woodworking#boat#kayak##fineart#

Fine Art,Maps,History,Fishing,Antiques,Rare Books
Awesome variety. Something for everyone! Great Items throughout! Beginning to end!

No Checks, Cash, Pay Pal, Credit or Debit card
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Auction will begin closing at 7 PM, EST on Tuesday Jan. 30th, 16 second stagger with extended bidding as others bid

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Full payment by Cash, Pay Pal, CC or Debit Card. No Checks. Pick up is date posted, No alternate dates. Latecomers will not receive any discounts.

Pickup Location- Please read,2221 Brambleton,24015
One entrance only with circle drive. Be aware of traffic when turning in. Somewhat busy street. Will only handle about 5 vehicles at a time. Wednesday Jan. 31th. NOTE Auction Date has changed. Auction date is Jan. 30th at 7 PM

Open House Date is Jan. 29, 3-5:30 only.,Monday
Weather permitting. We will be aware of changing conditions!

Shipping for under 15# only. Will occur on Monday
Please email to for shipping requests. Will be the next week. $7.00 Handling fee per customer + Packaging, Insurance, Postal shipping fees. For all Customers

Note- Auction Date has changed to 1-30-18
We had to change the date, Again the Auction is on Tuesday Night January 30th at 7 PM . Will take a while! Great quality items beginning to end!

Pickup is always hectic, Help us help you!
As our brand has grown, the numbers are increasing with each auction. We just broke over to 210 bidders in Vinton. We had 123 Winning bidders which is 30 more than ever. We will get all checked out as soon as we can!

Signed Crystal Vase, S. Kraig!, Etched
5.75" T x 4", clean, etched, Woman holding baby aloft!

Teapot, Middle East, hand chased, 18"T
Loose handle, needs rivet repair at top of handle


Do You Know What "AS IS" means, If Not
Do Not Bid. Every lot,item, or group is SOLD AS IS. As you view it. We do not use an xray or microscope and we may not see some deficiencies!

Books,2, 1815 History of Jesus Christ
Words of the gospels, 1910 Ministry. Very Interesting reads

Art Glass, Stunning, 6" T x 4", Loetz?
Hand Blown, broken pontil, Looking for marks. Beautiful

Bracelet, Van Cleef, Serpent, Turquoise &
Ruby Eyes? Is a knockoff, Not gold, nice bracelet only

Yelloware, Bowl, unmarked, 13" Across,6"T
Has Watt Appearance, one stress in side, still usable

Please Enlist your helpers for safe removal
with 800 or so items we are very taxed to get all connected with their goods. Thanks in advance.

1/2 Pint, Virginia Dairy, Richmond, VA.paint &
embossed marks as well, one has internal crack

Bottles,1/2 Pint, Blue Ribbon Creamery
South Boston Va. 3 cent embossed, 3 cent

Emerson Creek,Hummingbird vase, other
Other hand painted vase. 6" T

Carved Cigarette Holder,
not plastic, or resin

Slate Tiles, hand painted,signed, 9x12
Beautiful, Antique Slate roof tiles

loose veneer on top. Other pulls present.

Queen Size,Sleigh Bed,bedding,nice
includes 2 matching pillow shams in packages

Vintage Double cotton bedcover,soft
Is a double as image shows. my mistake. Nice one!

Dell,Laptop, 15",Vostro 1510,Intel coreII
Powers up fine. Will need upgrades to Windows 10, Is XP, Nice, with cord and wireless mouse. Clean & nice, battery negligent

Office supplies, hole punches,other
CDs, 24" Ruler not shown

Fine Trunk,Pine, no till, 17 x 32 x 19"T
old wood separations on top,seems all original hardware

Office Desk & Cupboard, Bring helpers!
includes stacking 2 section metal file, Credenza, All players and electronics. Desk is 31 x 68 x 84" Tall overall

Blanket Chest, Early,Yellow pine, view images
38" W x 24"T x 19" . Pegs,rosehead nails,dovetail corners, 6 board + moldings, Southern, Drakes Branch

Art,Acrylic,original, 21 x 25 overall,Sarah Ruther
Sarah Rutherford, Dated 8/18/2000, 2 places signed

Sugar Chest,Southern,Charlotte County Virginia
Primitive, Yellow Pine, poplar secondary, 18.5 x 38" W x 28"Tall. Needs new pulls. pegs, roseheads. With drawer

Vino,France,Kept Upright, unknown condition, Is
Sealed, 1986 Vintage. Sliding top

Pot Monkey,Bronzed over cast iron,Rare,Cool *
Old primitive kitchen. For lifting the pot rings on iron cookware over fires. Or Hot stove, Have only seen one other good one!

Art,Native American, on wood panel,signed, Poulin
Is 16 x 24, Is $299 online, well known Native American Artist

Note That Auction Date is changed to 1-30-18
Pickup will be on 1-31-18 weather permitting. We will do our best to notify all of any changes.

Native American, Warming Blanket,wool, SD
52" X 67". freshly cleaned at Wheeler's Beautiful, hand loom seamed nicely

Jewelry,Mexico,about 80% Silver I believe,ALFA
Marked but not as sterling. Birds, other jewelry, unstrung necklace

Rug,Native American,SD, 29 x 57,hand loom,Fish
freshly cleaned at Wheelers, wool

Rug,Native American, 27 x 53" ,2 loom panels
Seam is almost hidden, well made


Rug,Native, 27 x 54" loom Made,SD
is single panel, not seamed


Coins, 30 Pounds,Changed Collected,unsearched
one roll of quarters, several penny rolls, We weighed it, 29.8# and added some more to it.

Traps,1 antique,2 newer
Traps,1 antique,2 newer

Rowe ? Pottery Jug / Pitcher
is not marked, make your own judgment please!

Pike, Sickle
135 pike is from a pole to collect ice for ice house

Dazey, Deep Fryer
this is both a deep owned by a guy who spent all night floating on a capsized boat in the bay

Banquet Table, 3 16" Leaves,Mahogany
ATC- 1973. With 3 leaves is 29"T x 42" Wide x 104 inches long, Without leaves-semi round is 56" Nice

Sideboard, Federal Empire,1790-1820,Veneered
43" T ,53" To top of splash,63" Long, 24" front to back. Locks are missing, Few veneer losses, age separations on top. From Charlotte Co. Virginia. Dovetailed, carved interior for doors. Yellow pine and Poplar secondary woods.

Fancy Linen Tablecloth, 12 matched napkins,Nice
Fits Dining Room Table, About 112" x 54" . Quite Beautiful

Art, Watercolor,Signed,Joan Carpenter,Maine
Wiscassc Harbor,Maine, 14.5 x 17.5

French Revolution Celebration,Bordeaux
AS IS, flat storage, Brought from France, unknown condition

Patterns, Cut outs, for Yard Animals,assorted
cardboard patterns and painted examples of YARD ART

Wood painted sign 11 x 15" From the shore
Owned by a man who spent all night floating in Chesapeake Bay on capsized boat.

Camp Chef, Griddle 16 x 14 Cast Iron Cooking
2 sided, can use flat or ribbed surface

Pentax Field Glasses, 16 x 60 NIB , $300 set
See for miles,Pentax, 16 x 60 Field Glasses, NIB,PCF WP. With covers & Strap, Extra Fine. $249 on Amazon

Corn Stick Pan, w levelers on bottom
to keep molds full and even

Cast Iron Skillet, # 9,2" deep
rare deep embossed 9 on handle

Cast Iron Dutch Oven 8 Qt I believe
12"Across x 4.5" Deep plus lid

Folding Parlor Chairs,Antiques
one need a pin for joint replacement, two strips at very top have little wood losses, on each. AS IS or Do not bid. Could be much older

Early Eastlake Style Parlor Chairs, walnut
missing one caster. two are on casters, 5 casters missing in all!

Square Bottom Eastlake Side Chairs,3
2 are alike, needing TLC. one in original cover

Shaker Style,Early Frame,Pegs,wire nails
hand done, early vintage, low Shaker style chair. Needs a seat!, I call it VG

Steamer Trunk, 20 x 24 x 34
missing handles.belonged to R V Gaines Mossingford, Va an address that has disappeared from existence

Brant, Nice Rocker, Colonial Style
from former Stratford school in Danville Va

Crate, 12 ga. 9 x 9.5 xx 15"L
Remington Nitro Club wooden Shell box

Antique Map, all about it is very old,Folds
Is after a map from 1607. 14 x 18 overall. Folded and yet flattened. May have been carried at some time! I believe is an original of some point in time. The original of this map was done in 1606. I do not know how to date this one. I do know it was h...

Please do not bid on items with no images-INFO
only. We appreciate your interest. Bid only where actual images show!

US Navy, Shipping Container, 17 x 17 x 18,HD
Likely for shipping Camera or instruments.

RR Crate, 13 x 14 x 14, Atlantic & Danville,square
Screws & Square Nails, Ca 1880s #Railroad History, 1882- 1932

Crate, Richmond to Danville, RR Civil War influenc
See Chain Link Symbol. Vital Link in the Civil War between Danville & Richmond. Has lid. Appears Chestnut

Crate, Richmond & Danville RR, no lid, Appears1864
see link symbol on lot 231 for information

Primitive Candle Stand, 11 x 15 x 23"T,Old
Or Lamp Stand. I believe Yellow Pine w Cherry Top? Charlotte County, Drakes Branch Area

Letters to home, 1966,67 from Korea
Letters written daily, 2 years worth, most every day, NPO San Francisco to Danville


Covered Boxes, 2 Annabella-1987
one lacquer,nice cigar

Books,Benings Justice, Virginia 1810
Justice of the Peace writings, Rare,second edition,Lots of aged foxing but readable.

Book, Political Textbook, 1858
Edited by Postmaster of the house, "Everything necessary for the reference of Politicians and "Statesmen". Is a first edition

Shipboard Artifact, Brass Ash Tray, 6.5" Dia
Amphion Repair ship, 1945, launched at Tampa, - 1970. My Opinion was made on the ship. Not a standard issue item! from AR 14 WW2 escort ship

Camillus US Knife, Combat, stone and sheath
includes US hatchett pouch but China head

Victorian Walnut Child's Bed,
46" T headboard, 50 inches long, 28 inches wide, all there, includes rocker stick


Antique Baby Picture, 19 x 22"
Plaster over wood Frame

Vintage Toy Box & Toys
24" T x 30" x 16" W, Large bag of Toys

About the Decoy Collection. Read Please
What wee know, Were owned by the late Roy Dozier, of Pungo Virginia. Have found only a few references to this family. He was a "Market Hunter" Eventually made illegal. They hunted waterfowl to sell as a living to restaurants and other establishments....

Decoy, Late, Mounted Black Duck
#Pungo Virginia, no eyes, 30s to 40s

Decoy, Late 1800s, Black, 18",weight added
Some have shot holes in them!

Decoy, Late 1800s, black, weight added
head loose, eyes painted over. Found some more weights and added one! Wooden Head

Decoy, Late 1800s, Redhead, is all wood,weight add
eyes painted over. Wood head also, found some loose weights and added

Decoy, Late 1800s, now with weight
molded plastic head head. appears hollow. Found some loose weights and added one.

Decoy, Late 1800s,
plastic head, broken off

Decoy, Late 1800s,plastic head
molded plastic head, repairs to all over the many years they have been around!

Ash Trays,Penn Reels, one is 1939
Promotional Ash Trays,Fishing Reels, Penn


Painting, 12 x 15", Fox,Beautiful, Wildlife
same artist as lot 280, M.L. Lon________,Framed and matted

Art. Painting, 9x11Squirrel
Same artist as 280 and 282

Norman Rockwell, Print, old style paper
24 x 24, " The street was never the same",The advent of the automobile,

Mirror & 2 Prints
Mirror is 15 x 20

High Chair, By Christopher Columbus Stottlemeyer
33" T x 17" Wide, This chair was bought by my client from a previous Auction- Here is the Narrative. I had all the history at that time. I have newspaper articles about the Stottlemyer chairs/ rockers taken from the Frederick Post of Frederick MD on...

Civil War Era,Slab Bottom Chair, Issues
Some spindle damage,highly carved

Cozzia Massage Chair, 12-16,As New,EG326G
12-16 Purchase. Original Price #1998.00, 30% discount Several folks at open house took a test drive, Works great, deep massage action! Nice

Art, 1939, Ship,MacGregor, 21 x 25 Lithograph
Is very old, nice real painting.

Icebox, Home Crafted, very Primitive
34" Tall x 40" Wide, 26 front to back, Great Fish Storage, Zinc Lined, no racks found. Yellow Pine, BRING YOUR Help

Button, Civil War,VA 11th Infantry, Lynchburg
See link symbol under lot number. Nice. Horstman

Button,Civil War, dug,Charlotte Court House
Found near Robinson's Store, Drakes Branch Area. Appears Crossed Cannons symbol

Lure,Vintage,South Bend,Box
Luminus Woodpecker, South Bend, Fine box

Ammo, 7.62 x 39. 99 rounds
5 boxes, one rd missing, 5 X $

Letters and or Envelopes, US WWI, or
Envelope, Gaines, to Mossingford Va. in Charlotte Co Envelope, Major Gaines, 1886, from Drakes Branch Officers Letter, H.C.Williams, to Capt. Jno Guthrie, other, Add note Mossingford post office disappeared years ago

Saddle Makers Tools, Civil War Era
Roinson's Store operated during the civil war. These came from that store. Later Became Smith's Store, Drakes Branch area. Tools for making saddles, shoes, other! Interesting! Extra Shoe stand

Vintage Soil Testing Kit,Lamotte
Awesome group, box is 14 x 7.5 x 10.5" . From Baltimore Md.


Robertson's Works,Books,1850, Discovery of America
Overall good, some foxing but very readable! Interesting Found Volumes II & III, 2 is 1848,3 is 1848 also. Great Set

Book,Tates Forms, Legal Forms, 1854
Spines, loose, readable, No nonsense legal forms. Virginia. For the Code of Virginia

Parsons, Laws of Business,Book,1876
Cool, bad spine, very readable

Books,1&2,Turner's Anglo Saxons, 1841
Owned by Gaines, Charlotte CH Virginia Very good read of history! Not a whitewashed account!

Tackle,New Fly Fishin Pole,Penn 9', IMS 6590
4 Sections, 9' #5 Line, Graphite, USA

Vintage Fishin, Akron Reel on cast iron
Iron rod, Fiberglass, both 55" Long

Book, Thomas Hart Benton "Thirty years in the
Senate" Owned by Richard V. Gaines, Charlotte Co. 1854, Foxing, very readable History of Congress from 1820-1850. He was aide de camp to Andrew Jackson in War of 1812

Bidding is a Contract- NO Buyer Remorse Allowed
We ask all to understand! Some do not. We are agents for the Seller / Client . DO NOT BID, This is not a shopping experience. NO Returns, NO Chargebacks.


Primitive Sharpening Stone.
Improvised knife hone, very fine!

Lamp, Miller, Brass Stick- must be rewired, 32" T
Would make a nice desk lamp. has new switch but cord has been cut. is signed. Art Deco

Skillet, Campfire or "Bonfire" Awesome
36 inches long. Pan is 17" Dia x 3 1/8th " Deep. Riveted strap, Very good. Breakfast for 20 ! Iron handle and pan! Way Cool,

Cutting Board, Red Oak, Awesome
17 1/2 x 32" w splash, old wood, planed, 3/4" Thick, Tiger Oak Variety

Luggage Carrier, new unopened, Universal Mount
New in sealed box, 125 CM X 15.5 cm x 9 cm in dimensions.

Fishing Reel, Pflueger, Capitol,Box,Papers
Awesome vintage Reel #1988, 1930s

Fishing Reel,Penn, #145,Squidder ,box
super nice, USA, appears unused

Fishing Reel, Orvis 100, Italy
Is stiff, needs clean & Oil

None of it is "Perfect"
If you are unsure? Do Not Bid Please.

Fishing Reel, Pen Squidder # 140
narrow spot Squidder Jr. has a $ 60 Tiburion upgraded frame and rod mount add linkalso has tiburian frame & rod mount

Fishing Reel, Penn Senator, # 1/0 USA with
no mounting included, 1/0 is a collectible discontinued Penn Senator

Fishing Reel, Penn Spinfisher # 716
penn ultra lite spinfisher 716

Fishing Reel, Penn Surfmaster # 100
collectible Penn Surfmaster from 1950s

Bausch & Lomb,US Navy, M7, 1940, 7 X 50
Signal Corps Binocular, M 24 Leather case, VGC. Navy Binoculars large pair for use on bridge

Book, 1909, UVA , Corks & Curls,Illustrated
Perspective on Edgar Allen Poe, by the fraternaties of UVA, 1909

Trenching Shovel, Similar to Bleckman-German
Is marked. Similar to German issue of WWI also used in WWII. Excellent but needs cleaning. Dine leather pouch. Hungarians also used similar one!

Binoculars, US Signal Corp, 6 power x 30MM
Prism Stereo, internal cross hairs, no strap. Not correct case! Bausch & Lomb Optical US

Geodes, Core Samples,little gold flecks
core drillings have some gold flecks! Other nice examples

Boat, Carolina Skiff, Evinrude-3 years old., 229 h
229 Hours on motor. Is #198, Older Trailer- adapted Caroilina Skiff 198, Engine & Hour meter replaced 3 years ago,Owner say A 300 hours, Includes emergency tools,prop,coupler, oil, boards,all jackets, 3 fuel Tanks, 3 batteries, Garmin, and many acces...

Kayak,Mirage, 12' 8",Tandem, 180 pedal power
Includes multiple Accessories. These now cost $3200 in 2017, Some use. All pads,paddle sets, pedal sets for 2 persons. Beautiful unscarred bottom, I see no damage, has been kept under a shed, Costs $2500 when new, Nice and fun. Currently the cost is ...

John Deere Yard Tractor
Set of Chains, Grille bar. Just serviced has 195.5 hours. Stored dry under a roof. Exceptional.

Johnn Deere,46" Snow Blade,complete
Clean blade, little if any use.

Old lumber, 2-12ft x 23.5 Boards
Huge oak boards would make many nice mantel pieces if sawed. top one has some rot in the middle, 23 1/2" WIDE X 12FT LONG

Historical Map, View All Images, of 1854
#HistoricalMaps#Virginia. Beaufort Harbor, NC, 24 x 30

Historical Map, View All Images, Hatteras to Mosq
Hatteras to Mosquito inlet, 1863, A 24 x 30


Historical Map, View All Images, 1856 US
Cape Henry to Maryland, Delaware, Seacoast Sketch C, 1856

Historical Map, View All Images , 1851 version of
Lot 405. Cape Henry, Section III , 2 slight tears

Historical Map, View All Images Virginia Coast
of 1854. 12 x 15 version for US Navy

Map, N&W Line service, 1893
only book no cover, no info

Cabinet / Foremans Desk, Walnut &
51" Tall x 48" Long, Lower section is fine grade plywood. Very nice, well made, Upper pigeon holes is walnut.


Green Metal Cabinet
63" T x 27 x 12" from the wall.

Large Storage box 2 X $
45 x 21"T x 19" Two of these, both good dry storage

Vintage Underwood Typewriter,
keys do stick and need lube, otherwise seems good- AS IS

Fishing Rod,Nice Vintage Wood,VF
Hex cut pole,Hand Made, End cap missing

Fishing Rod,Wright & McGill
w aluminum case, VGC,used, double cased.Wright McGill ultralight

Rod & Reel, Ted Williams, Kunnan
Great Vintage Sears Reel,Great Rig

Rod & Reel, Penn and hand made,Signed
Water Tournament for years. He signed thousands of VA fish citations. Rod has custom made by Bob Hutchinson inscribed on it. They were both known for Fish conservation and promoting fishing in the lower Chesapeake bay

Fishing Lure, Pflueger, Palomine
wood, is marked on bill

Fishing Lure, Globe,
paint over wood, 4" L, is marked,lure is a genuine Pflueger Globe

Fishing Lure, 4 Metal Lures,
Kastmaster, 2 likely hand made, BR Trade mark- Lucky Strike, wood roller eyes

Antique Fishing Spear Head 4 5/8"L
almost like bronze. hole for 5/16 shaft

Canada Ice Fishing Decoy, Carved,Signed RIC
#Canada,#icefishing#decoy.Carved,hand painted, 7.5" L

Antique Canadian Cod Jig, for the big ones!
several pounds, 8 1/2" L, paint losses

Fishing Lure, 3 unmarked Lures
one no painted,worn paint, Mother of Pearl


Fishing Lure, 2 Vintage Muskie Lures
7" L,wood, painted,plastic eyes

Lure,Plastic, 8.5"L Is marked
I cannot read it clearly.

AMT Turning Chisels, Thumb Plane,
2 extra smaller chisels, plane, bag, little if any us No lathe to be found

Rug,Bacova Guild, 63 x 90", 3 Alike, 3 X $$
Polypropylene, 3 Times the highest bid amount, 3

Civil War Camp Chair,Charlotte Courthouse
very rare AS IS ,Tapestry Style seat

Civil War Camp Chair,Charlotte Courthouse
Rare, folding for space saver on wagons, maybe maple? Very Compact

Metal Sculpture, Haiti, Coat Hook
13 x 7" Coat Hook, signed. Nice folky art

Metal Fish, Haiti
39 Inches Long

Metal Palm Tree, 36" T x 27"W
Metal Sculpture, Haiti, Nice for your beach loneliness!

Tackle Box, Ready for Fishing Trip
Lures, Split Shots, Leaders,

Case & Western Knives,old gig, hones
Nice matching Case Kitchen and scabbard, Western Hunter

Wrench Set,US & Bit Set, T Handle
few bits missing,all sockets there.

Rappala Electric Filet Knife,appears new
AC/DC , lighter adapter also

Vintage Part Jars, Standard Auto Parts
embossed jars for ignition parts, very rare to find. 6 in all 1940s?

Vintage Makita, Power tools, nice find, good vint.
2 chargers, 2 batteries! The few we tried worked fine! Great Group

Copper Clad Laundry Boiler
no holes seen, wood handles


Boat Props, Bronze & Aluminum
16" Bronze, 12" Aluminum is spline shaft. Bronze has 1" Keyed Shaft, Is Columbian P22

Assortment of Aquatic Photographs,Frames
all beauties, different sizes, few framed

EE8A,US Army,Signal Corp, Field Telephone,WWII
seller says these work,leather case. Strap Handle Broken

Large Toolkit,Porter Cable
could not find the battery,Have a charger, 18V, nice group

Wall Phone, Wall Mount,Ericson, #1? Pre 1903
May Not be correct generator. I believe this phone used a 3 magnet generator. See Link Symbol. I think the generator may be only thing missing. Handset is a marker, could be all the way to 1918?

Working Phone, Oak, Charlotte CH, Drakes Branch
Believed Kellog, Owner says it works, missing slat in the bottom-oak

Fine Art, Ship, OOC, Signed, 26 x 30
Very Nice, signed C Vali Vall, some crackle to paint, believe is 19th century, no other info. Is an old canvas

Lithograph, Grouse, Very Nice
21 x 25 Maynard Reece, Gallery Mark, G

Map,antique, 1852, Western Coast Of US
View is San Francisco to San Diego 28 x 28, Original Printed version. From an engraved original View of Coastline, Right after the gold rush.

Map,Antique,Sailing Directions,VA, York River
1857, 22 1/2 x 29, framed and matted, some age foxing,. From the entrance to Kings Creek, US Navy Map, awesome.

Ships Lantern, Electrified, Vintage, Tung Woo
C. B. Birmingham, England, Is Tung Woo, Hong Kong, Lense is C B Of England, 2 chips on lense. 9.5 " Tall

Tung Woo Hong Kong, 1902, Ships Lantern
16" Tall, Marked Tung Woo, 1902, few nics on glass. Originally ? Were Oil lamps, This one has oil fire residue ? AS IS, Unsure of origin and age!


Calendar Reproductions,The whole group, one bid
19 calendars in all. All are reproductions from 1994-2014. Great Wall Art All are basic sizes 30" X 14 + or - 2012-1928

Map, 1863, Bahamas,South Fla. Cuba
old vintage, not a copy

Map, 1854, Coast Survey, Sketch C
Showing coastal battle sites, 24 x 32", Includes Cheasapeake Bay in 1854

Map,Antique,1844,Olney,Shows Virginia with WVA
In what were then the central states. Before the war and Gold Rush. Colorized original. Note: Includes West Virginia when part of Virginia

Map,Antique, 1878,James River
14.5 x 22", by USN Assistant Commander, Schooner Palinurus

Magazine Articles, Cartoons of 1891,1901 &
a copy of Harpers article from 1857, another article,Saxon & Norman from 1891

Harpers 1853 Article,A Ride w Kit Carson &
article from Century Magazine, 1883, The Aboriginies and the Colonists- info on tribe locations in Yankee Land Harpers article of 1863 discussing Continental Money- !

Articles,3, Virginia Interest,Civil War &
The tobacco Plantation. one is 1863, during the war, The fall of Richmond

Articles,2, Operation Summary's of Civil War
1863, original pages of magazine.


Fishing Reel Sears *,Vintage Salt Water
Likely made by Penn, 311-41276. I believe has bakelite end covers and knob

Binoculars, M33 Us Navy 6 X 30
little salt scuffs. Bureau of Ships

Laptop, HP, 13" Serial, TW 13504285
Windows 200, Powers up, will not boot up. No system Support, AS IS

ASUS, Small Laptop, 10", F102B (2)
Notebook PC, Windows 8, powers up AS IS Asus, Eee PC 900, 9" no cord found. Two for the price of one.

Lenova Laptop, 15" ,XP
Windows XP, powers up, Type 4446-23U

Crosscut Saw, 70" Total Length
Crosscut Saw, Imagine pulling this all day! A few broken teeth


Generator, Powerhouse 7000,
420 cc engine, handles, on wheels, power cables included

Weber, Tabletop gas grille, tank,table too
nice cast metal grill. Back Deck, Includes nice table,grille, tank

Glider Deck Chairs, one wood, one plastic?
Green one like trex, Back Deck

Tall Pot, 6" Flat
strainer, fryer stand, stainless server 20 x 12 x 4

Treadlock, Gun Safe, Upright
63 x 24 x 17 " front to back, with key

US Navy 6V Light Box, 15" Tall x 8"
Unsure of Battery Type, portable

Microwave and cart, works, extras inside
GE, turntable. Includes steak & BBQ knife set. China

Audubon Bird Prints. 9 x 12 in envelope, 14
Lithograph plates, one has foxing, others frameable

NOS, Spools for Penn & Other Fishing Reels
A bill showing one of these was $34, Used & New ones, $$$$

Heart Pine Boards,planed
Random lengths for finish work, 6-7" Width. Small stack about 1.2" Thick. Beautiful

Old Oil Lamp, Lighting,Nice brass Student type
2 nice vintage lamps in this box

2 Amethyst Lamp Shades
some thumbprint showing, 9.5" Dia

Clock, WWII, Waltham, no winder,8 Day
From a WWII Training Aircraft 3.25 x 3.25, Luminous Dial

Railroad Lock, Stamped 11, & a 3
Is brass, no key, cannot finded any other marks. Heart Shape

Sword,US,Cavalry Sabre, 1860,Mansfield & Lamb??
I can see, the Ma field,Stamped on other side is US, Dug, Woodstock Area, Virginia. Guard not correct one but very similar. Fuller is the length of blade. Wrist Breaker, US Calvary dug Union

Large Group of Tackle, Line,Nice Equipment
great assortment, NSF Knive, 50# Scale

Groups of Men's Shirts,new, LG & X LG
Mostly cotton short sleeves, new in packages

Geography Book,1873, Maury's Manual
Illustrated great old book. Interesting and great illustrations

Gibson Girl Books, 2, 1902, Awesome,12 x 17,Rare
2 books of his iconic drawings,1897, 1902. Very rare find, The Gibson Girls, the oldest I have ever seen!

Books,Maunder, 1&2, US History, 1847
Owned by "Gaines" Family from Charlotte Co. 1849

Book, Stonewall Jackson, M. Cooke,Salesman S
3 different covers were available. I believe this is one of a kind, None available we can find. Owned by former Confederate Officer. Charlotte Courthouse. Took a lot of work to figure this out. This is Salesman Sample of 1866, Was for Canvassing age...

Books,Rare, 1892, 1902, History,
Of the tragedies of Reconstruction- a horrible period of our history.

Book, Early History of UVA, 1856
From the letter of Thos Jefferson & Cabell,Randolph is printer, Richmond

Book, Railroad Commissioner of Virginia,1898
Great Historical Text about RR History of the different lines

Books, Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant,set of 2
IS First edition, 1885-86, in Green, 3 color covers were used. See bidding link. Available for $1250 online.


Old Books, 19th & 20th Century,Religious
From 1817,1826 and up,1852 also

Book,Antique,1790, Book of Common Prayer,
London, owned by Ancestors who came to Drakes Branch in Virginia. Previously owned and signed in 1785,Final owner is signed 1820

Books about the "Civil War"
The disease of the public mind- What the press and gubment want us to believe!

Books, Pair,Big Game, Waterfowl
10.5 x 13.5, 1950s & 1961

Books, The Days of Bruce, Scottish History,1852
Vol 1&2 by Grace Aguilar, 1852, Still readable with some foxing. Is correct set, only two volumes of this edition!


books,3 About Virginia,
A Murder,signed by author, 2003, Colonel Carter's Christmas, Carter Plantation-1903, on New Found River 1906

Book, Gold & Silver production in 1887,Kimball
When Gold was the standard, United States agency book.

Wallace Punchbowl, H 22514, 2 Dippers
ladles are England, Montgomery Ward. Really Fine Group, with bag

Dept. 56, As Shown, See Description for All
Some sleeves have water issues, The house are all ok. no issues to see!


Camera, Underwater,Nikonis II,related equipment
Underwater photography equipment

Ocean Transceivers,
One Horizon HX 290,floating, the other 2 are awesome for talking between boats or cars

75" Tall, 56" Wide, 9.5" Deep


Specialized Camera Equipment- see images
telephoto,Weston emulsion meter for light, Ex wide macro,Tele converter

Rocks,Geodes,Minerals ?, see link,Uncle
Corundum, Albite from Amelia Co. Others, Formerly a geologist in the family who worked in Virginia and across the US, Out west also


Map,Copy, Virginia in 1823, Includes what is West
Includes what is now West Virginia, They left in the Civil War

Assortment of Yard Tools
Axes,Fire Axe, Post hole digger, shovel other and many are new

Hitachi,Portable Table Saw, Nice
legs fold up, handle and wheels to roll! Guide,book,rip fence,guard- complete

Large Hardware Organizer, hundreds of $$$$ worth
you will need a helper! Almost every drawer has mostly new items-You Name It!

Office Group, All you see in images
Desk, Print table. Copy paper, all manner of electronics, Nice 23" Monitor, Cables, Computer components- Please bring helpers to timely removal and some totes. Many $$$$ worth of usable office supplies and much more

Antique cash register drawers
lock has 1873 patent, w change drawer, other is wood also. Came from Robinson's store, Drakes Branch-was running during the civil war and later became Smith's Store.

Office Cabinet / Cupboard. 72 x 28"W x 21
Locking storage with keys. Two Piece

Parts,Nikon / Nikonis Underwater cameras
seals, gaskets other, Flat full

Go Camping, Hunting Blind, Camping equipment suppl
supplies. Large assortment. All kinds of goodies. To cook with, to store,organize, Ready for a camping trip ! Ready, Set, Go, Camping

Trouble Light, Heat gun
light is working, heat gun works

Contents of several shelves, paint,
Bring help, some are in boxes already. Large assortment of wood and metal finishing products. Special products also.

Large Assortment, Door & Other hardware
Lots of Dollars of new items

Large assortment of Woodworking polishes,
Treatments oils, all for woodworking

Photo Gallery