HUGE Chicago area WWII US, German Military & COIN 210 ITEM ESTATE ONLINE AUCTION Museum Quality
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Freeland, MI 48623
Auction Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Sunday Nov 29, 9:00 PM
Bidding Ends: Sunday Dec 13, 5:00 PM
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 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
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Freeland Auction Services, LLC

Contact: Shawn Hawkins
Phone: 9898782487
Website: ID#: 7789
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Listing Terms and Conditions
Must register with PROXIBID.COM to bid in this online only auction. Please email or call us if you have any questions. PREVIEW appointments are available...please just contact Shawn or Barry to schedule a preview. PICKUP DATES are Monday, December 14 and Tuesday, December 15. SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE. You may pay the invoice online, pay in person on pickup with Cash, Check or CC. We use USPS or FedEx ground for shipping.
Listing Information

HUGE Chicago area WWII US, German Military & COIN 210 ITEM ESTATE


  From a Chicago former museum ESTATE

Auction runs Saturday, November 28th through Sunday, December 13th



We have been commissioned to have an absolute online auction of this fabulous military and coin artifact collection from the Estate of a long-time collector who had a museum. We will continue to have more auctions from this estate. This is DEFINITELY an auction you will want to participate in as a collector or dealer.  This is an ABSOLUTE online auction with bids starting at $0.00!  There are 210 total lots and the timed online auction will last 3.5 hours.  You can begin bidding now!

The auction will begin on Saturday, November 28th and ends Sunday, December 13th. It is ONLINE ONLY.  If you would like more pictures of the items, please contact us. Shipping will be the preferred method of delivery of items however we do allow pickup in Freeland, MI.  We will schedule a time to pick up items.  Please call or email us with any questions!

Please visit for more information and to check out all our current auctions!  Below is a list of items in this auction.

·         WW2 KA-BAR Olean, NY USMC Military Knive and Sheath

·         1942 Mid-States Press WW2 Post Card (Bums Away)

·         1942 WW2 Army War Show Soldier Field Ticket (AER)

·         1941-1942 WW2 German Metal

·         WW2 German NAZI Wound Badge 1939 Silver HMKD

·         WW2 German NAZI Wound Badge 1939 Black

·         Four Original 1930's Salem Cigarettenfabrik Cards

·         WW2 German NAZI SS Cap Skull RZM

·         German WW1 Belt Buckle (IN TREUE FEST)

·         WW2 German SS Belt Buckle (GOTT MIT UNS)

·         1853 SILVER US Seated Half Dime (Fine Condition)

·         (5) 1940's US SILVER Dimes

·         (4) Barber Nickels 1908, 1911(2x), 1912

·         (7) 1940's Mercury SILVER Dimes

·         (17) Liberty Head V Nickels from 1900 to 1911

·         (9) 1964 Kennedy 90% SILVER Half Dollars

·         (10) 1968 Kennedy 40% Silver Half Dollars

·         (6) 1964 Kennedy 90% SILVER Half Dollars

·         (9) MERCURY Dimes SILVER 1923-1941

·         (7) Washington SILVER quarters 1936-1963

·         rare German Anti-Partisan Badge

·         German Assault Badge Panzer Silver HMKD

·         German Cap Skull SS

·         German EIGENTUM Badge NSFK

·         German Nazi Hat Frontlet BRONZE Hollow Center

·         Army Services Medal 4 year

·         German Badge Tank Battle SILVER "50 Engagements"

·         German Badge SS Proficiency Sports Badge

·         Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge HMKD

·         German Assault Badge Infrantry Silver HMKD

·         (6) Silver Coins 4 Dimes, 2 Quarters

·         1922 Peace Silver Dollar with Mint Mark

·         1876 Morgan Silver Dollar (Fine Condition)

·         1922 Peace Silver Dollar

·         1922 Peace Silver Dollar

·         1963 Franklin Silver Half Dollar (Very Good Condition)

·         (10) 1964 90% SILVER Kennedy Half Dollars

·         (4) Vintage Coins 2 Silver Half Dollars

·         1999 American Eagle "Painted" Silver Dollar (Mint Condition)

·         1914-D Barber Silver Dime

·         German Assault Badge Panzer Silver

·         WW1 German Bayonet Crown W, 18 (MFG Herder)

·         German NAZI Puma Solinger Dragger with Leather Sheath

·         German Dress Bayonet (Puma) with Frog

·         German Bayonet 98K: "Elite Diamant" with Frog

·         German NAZI Armband: Hilter Youth

·         German 1936 Olympic Commemorative Stamps

·         German SS Field Cap (SSBW) Size 59

·         German Cigarette Case with NAZI Tax Stamp

·         German Air Force Visor Cap Luftwaffe Flight EM

·         White WW2 German Officers Cap with Makers Mark

·         German Parade Helmet: SS Allgemeine Double Decal

·         German Visor Hat with Skull Pin

·         German Army Office Dagger (WKC Solingen)

·         German SS Dagger (RZM M7/M14)

·         Luftwaffe German Air Force Dagger

·         WW2 Dagger Stampped 8805

·         WW2 Purple Heart with Case

·         German Belt Buckle Postghutz

·         Germna NAZI Armband

·         2002 Silver American Eagle (Uncirculated)

·         Uncirculated 1964 SILVER Washington Quarter

·         (3) Mercury Dimes 1942,1943,1944 (Good to Very Good Condition)

·         1919 Silver Mercury Dime

·         1925 Standing Liberty Quarter (Good Condition)

·         1936 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

·         1943-D Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

·         1945-D Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

·         1942-D Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

·         (4) Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars (1943, 1944, 2x1945)

·         1935 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

·         (3) Silver Quarters (1963, 2x1964)

·         2 Standing Liberty Quarters, 1 Mercury Silver Dime

·         Uncirculated 1964 SILVER Washington Quarter

·         US Bicentennial Silver Uncirculated Coin Set

·         (8) 1950's Franklin Silver Half Dollars

·         (4) 1960's Franklin Silver Half Dollars

·         1862 Indian Head Penny and 2 Steel Pennys

·         1984 US Olympic Silver Dollar Set

·         (3) Whitman Silver Dime Books with 70 Silver Dimes and Others

·         German December 1938 Metal

·         German Belt w/Buckle HITLER YOUTH MEMBER (RZM M4/39)

·         original French Army "Ordre Public Carde Nationale" Infrantry Sword

·         1000 WHEAT PENNIES unsorted May have good coins!

·         German War Merit Cross 1939

·         German Cap Device SS Skull with Knive

·         German Cross in Gold HMKD

·         Anti-Partisan Badge Gold

·         Germna Trench Crucifix (55x110 mm)

·         German Member Badge: Sturmtrupp

·         German WW2 Medal

·         German Pocket Mirror: "Der Furhrer in Nurnberg 1935"

·         German Campaign Shield Kuban

·         German Close Combat Clasp Bronze HMKD

·         German Medal: Distinguished Flying Cross with Case

·         British War Relief Society collection of medals

·         German Breast Eagle Luftwaffe Officer Summer Pin-on

·         Adolph Hitler 1943 Medallion with Swastika

·         Dr. Fritz Todt  Honor Badge Steel

·         WWII Cap Device pair from Australia RAAF & ACMF

·         pair of 1929-S Walking Liberty SILVER Half Dollars

·         1929-D Walking Liberty SILVER Half Dollar

·         pair of 1952 Franklin SILVER Half Dollars

·         1960 Franklin SILVER Half Dollar from old coin collection

·         1928 IRELAND Silver Scilling coin from collection

·         1816 silver Great Britain coin from collection

·         1826 silver Great Britain coin from collection

·         1731 English Half Penny coin very good condition

·         1722 English Half Penny coin very good condition

·         1887 IM of a SOVGN coin from early collection

·         1924 Buffalo nickel in good condition

·         1960 small date Silver Proof Set HARD TO FIND!

·         1971 Eisenhower United States SILVER DOLLAR Proof Set

·         1973 Eisenhower United States SILVER DOLLAR Proof Set

·         1974 Eisenhower United States SILVER DOLLAR Proof Set


·         1955 uncirculated SILVER Washington quarter coin

·         FIVE 1920s Standing Liberty SILVER Quarters Fine/Good

·         1911 Barber SILVER Half Dollar in very good condition

·         1956 uncirculated Franklin Silver Half Dollar

·         1914-S Barber SILVER Half Dollar FINE condition

·         1913 Barber SILVER Half Dollar good condition

·         1928-S and 1937-D walking Liberty SILVER Half Dollars

·         1920-D walking Liberty SILVER Half Dollar FINE

·         1927 Peace SILVER DOLLAR very good condition

·         1934 Peace SILVER Dollar very good condition

·         1922 Peace SILVER Dollar very good condition

·         1925 Peace SILVER Dollar very good condition

·         SILVER DOLLAR PROOF Bicentenneal Coin 1776-1976

·         1946 Booker T Washington memorial Silver Half Dollar

·         1931-S Mercury Dime in very good to fine condtion

·         1913 Barber Silver Dime in very good condition

·         1926-S Mercury SILVER Dime in good condition

·         1939 silver washington quarter in AU condition

·         1921-P silver mercury dime in very good condition

·         1959 Frankling Silver Half Dollar in AU condition

·         1937 Silver Washington quarter

·         1936 silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar

·         1929-S SILVER Walking Liberty Half Dollar

·         1947 silver mercury dime in good condition

·         rare 1914 SILVER Barber Dime in fine condition

·         pair of Canada SILVER Dollars 1950 & 1951

·         1935 Canada SILVER Dollar in very good condition

·         1936 Canada SILVER Dollar in very good condition

·         Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 1oz .999 SILVER coin

·         1909-VDB Penny in excellent condition

·         1911-S Penny in excellent condition

·         1929-P Penny in excellent condition

·         1951 SILVER Booker T Washington coin in AU condition

·         1930-S Penny BU

·         1930-D Penny in very good condition

·         1930-P Penny in ALMOST UNC

·         1938-S and 1939-S Penny in excellent condition

·         1939-D Penny excellent condition

·         1936S 1936D 1936P Pennies in Excellent condition

·         original 1860s CONFEDERATE States Richmond Virginia $20 bill

·         original $500 CONFEDERATE bill 1864 very good condition

·         original 1864 Tallahassee State of Florida $10 bill

·         original 1862 South Carolina $5 bill

·         original 1864 State of Georgia $50 bill

·         original 1855 Virginia Wheeling Merchants Mechanics Bank

·         original 1864 Confederate States of America $20 bill

·         1957 Franklin SILVER Half Dollar very fine condition

·         1948 Franklin SILVER Half Dollar FINE condition

·         1961 P.C Franklin Half Dollar Mint Coin Set

·         1951 & 1953 Franklin Half Dollars SILVER

·         1942 Walking Liberty SILVER half dollar

·         2018 $20 CANADA FINE SILVER COIN 1oz  .999 silver

·         1971 Eisenhower United States Uncirculated Silver Dollar

·         1974 Eisenhower United States Uncirculated SILVER DOLLAR

·         early unknown Bayonet marked WD /89

·         original German Luftwaffe sports patch

·         original German NAZI red cloth arm band

·         German artillery nazi medal

·         SIX very nice 1940s US War pins To Hell With Hitler

·         hard to find 1939 German double pin

·         unusual WWII silver pin

·         Three WWII allied forces needle point handkerchiefs

·         original WWII THE ALLIES pocket item

·         1940-45 German commemorative WWII medal

·         WWII German campaign shield Crimea

·         original WWII German Nazi 1939 Honor Clasp

·         original Swastika German sterling ring with makers mark

·         original SKULL German sterling ring WWII

·         German Eagle Order w/Swords (Wolfshanzf)

·         German WWII Hat Frontlet (POLICE) (HMKD)

·         German WWII Medal IRON CROSS 1939 2nd Class (1813)

·         Norwiegen Iron Cross Volunteer Ring

·         German Luftwaffe Pilot Pin (LN "90 900")

·         TINNIE Kurhessen Lager 1938 (HMKD)

·         TINNIE 1935 Tag Der Arbeit

·         German Hat Frontlet w/Bat (This is a fantasy piece!)

·         German PITH HELMET SIDE SHIELD (Eagle)

·         1938 Appell Der Feuerwehren Oberfrankens HOF/SAALE

·         unknown German Nazi medal pin with monument

·         German Member Badge Frauenschaft Type II HMKD

·         German DRASDAN BRIGADE APPELL 5.11.1933 medal

·         German TINNIE 1936 Gavtag Hessen Wassau Frankfurtam MainGerman TINNIE 1936 Gavtag Hessen Wassau Frankfurtam Main

·         German TINNIE "4 Reichsnahrstands Ausstellung Munchen 1937 HMKD

·         German TINNIE 1933 HJ Franken Ostmark Treffen Nurnberg

·         German MOTHERS CROSS in bronze marked on back

·         GERMAN Cap Eagle in good condition

·         GERMAN Close Combat Clasp SILVER HMKD

·         GERMAN Faithful Service Cross 25 year

·         German Wound Badge 1936 Black (HMKD)

·         1948 Washington SILVER quarter in good condition

·         NINE silver Mercury dimes from 1920s-40s

·         1964 Silver Mint COIN SET Uncirculated

·         1951 Franklin silver half dollar very good condition

·         1927 & 1936 SILVER Mercury Dimes


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