Head Towards Spring Estate Auction
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Otisville, NY 10963
Auction Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Friday Feb 7, 9:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Saturday Mar 7, 5:00 PM
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 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
Company Information
Orange County Estate Liquidators

Contact: Jerri Dodd
Phone: 845-386-5035
Email: jerri@thedoddreport.com
Website: orangecountyestateliquidators.com

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Listing Information


Orange County Estate Liquidators

Auctioneers ~ Appraisers ~ Estate Sales ~ Private Sales ~ Collection Development & Sales


Our Annual Here Come Spring Auction
The LARGEST Auction on Live Auctioneers
Over 1,100 Estate Lots
March 7th - 11 AM

Starts Live 11 am On-Line
 *Contents from Numerous Estates & Farms including Hill House
Early 19th Century American Views &  much more
Visit the Dodd Report
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Austrian/German Secessionist Bronze Mother & Child
Black Bird Under Willow Tree - Japanese 19th Cent
City of Newport Rhode Island - Brotherhead
The Warrior and His Son
Miram Halpern Folk Art Pottery Man
Rockport Mass - Lyn Lopes (American 20th Century)
Jack Dempsey Goes the Limit  - Poster 1920
Love and Psyche - Lionel Royer
Map of Montgomery & Fulton Counties New York
Hosiery Mill & Residence of John Maxwell
Kellogg & Miller's Linseed Oil Works
Nellis House, Canajoharie, NY
Hodge & Stafford Store Plus Others Canajoharie NY
Carriage Spring Factory, Amsterdam, NY
Satellite Science Fiction August 1958
The Lady and the Unicorn - Touch
The House is Haunted - Ziegfeld Follies 1934
Peter Pan - Sheet Music 1924
O  Katharina - 1924 Balieff's Chauve Souris.
Cross Your Heart from Queen High
Summertime - Gershwin - Porgy and Bess
Little Sister Susie - 1916 - Two watercolors
Man Overboard - 1916
The Feline Instinet  - 1909
English Lady Riding Horse
English Lady Hugging Horse
Nude Woman on Rock
Susanna - Nude Woman on Pedestal
Brown Barn - H. Goldberg 1942
Upton Sinclair - Biographical & Critical Opinions
The Last of the Charruas 1855
Native of the Papua Islands 1855
A Malay 1855
A Native of  Anaiteum 1855
Australians of King Georges Sound  1855
Tomboua Nakoro a Fui  1855
Native of Solomon Island 1855
Araucanan Native of Chilie 1855
Native of Balad & Native of Anaiteum 1855
Juri and Botocudos 1855
Woman of the Marian Islands 1855
Louis Pierre Ledoux Expedition Papers 1936
American Illustrators Including Remington
The Derby Winner 1915  Regret
Prospect Hill - Fultonville, NY
Pelham Pond, New Hampshire 1944
Residence of John A Zoller Ft Plain Montgomery Co
Residence of John Mc Clumpia -  Amsterdam NY
Woman & Child of the Bushman Race 1855
Female of the Bushman Race 1855
Woman of the Samoan Islands 1855
Man of the Samoan Islands 1855
Natives of the Tikopia 1855
Ahetas or Negritos of Luzon
Sculptors Guild First  Exhibition 1938
Early AB Bookman Yearbook
Two David Hockney Books Plus Promotional Cards
Portrait of S. Weir Mitchell
Portrait of Queen Louisa of Prussa
Portrait of Edmund Clarence Stedman
Portrait of Edvard Grieg
Portrait of Edwin Booth
Portrait of Hermann Von Helmholtz
Portrait of Mark Twain
Portrait of Hans Von Bulow
Portrait of Andrew Lang
Lady In Black - Frederick Warren Freer 1849–1908
Book of Kells
Black Lady In Hoop Skirt & Bonnet - Needlepoint
Boy In Straw Hat with Dog - Needlepoint
Shower of Pearls - Music 1858
Early Map of Africa
Early Map Russia In Europe
Early Map Turkey In Europe
Early Map South America
Early Map Germany Divided In Circles
The World of George Washington
Christmas In America
Womans March in New York City 2018
National Geographic 1913 Full Year Bound Rare
Towns of New England
Early Natural History Book with Woodcuts
Rope - James Stewart - Alfred Hitchcock
Dante in Florence
A Basket of Loves - Cupid
The Leopard Hunter
The Cumaean Sibyl
Titians Model
On The Mountain - Honoré-Louis Umbricht
The Virgin Enthroned - Abbott Handerson Thayer
Calling The Worshippers - Laurenz Alma-Tadema
Luncheon on the Grass - Realier Dumas
Going To Join The Procession - Jules Breton
Mother and Child - George De Forest Brush
The Last Load - Jules J. Veyrassat. 1828-1893
Love's Captives - Jean Aubert
Mother and Sleeping Child - Frank Hector Tompkins
View of the Grand Basin - Columbian Exposition
Glassware of the 40s 50s and 60s
Hounds & Dogs - Their Care Training & Working
The Eight Circle Cross - Book of Kells
The Opening Words of St. John - Book of Kells
The Evangelical Symbols - Book of Kells
The Woodpecker Song - 1939
Feather Your Nest - 1920
Dada And Surrealism
Presbyterian Church Westfield NJ Plate
Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual
The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook
Chinese Reflection - Samuel Needleman
Dutch Painting - The Golden Age
Battle of Big Bethel - Civil War
Centennial 1876 Colorado & Kansas Building
Centennial 1876 Agricultural Building
Centennial 1876 Machinery Hall Building
Centennial 1876 English Government Building
Centennial 1876 Arkansa State Building
Centennial 1876 German Government Building
Centennial 1876 Spanish Building
Centennial 1876 New Hampshire Building
Centennial 1876 Illinois State Building
Centennial 1876 Indina State Building
Centennial 1876 New York State Building
Craft Manual of North American Indian Footware
Down River People - Lenni Lenape Indians
League of Frightened Philistines - James Farrell
Remington - On the Southern Plains in 1860
Remington - The Dead Men 1909
Remington - The Sentinel 1909
Arias Bernal - 1945 - Tragedy of Europe Poster
Arias Bernal - 1945 - At the Victory Table Poster
Period photograph of Ship William J. Riddle
Large Glass Candy Bowl
British Design
Leonard Everett Fisher (1924 - ) The Glass Blowers
Pictorial History of American Labor
Charge On Fort Donelson [Civil War]
The Battle of Pittsburg Landing  [Civil War]
Capture of Forts Jackson & St Phillip  [Civil War]
Bombardment of Forts Walker & Beauregard
Death of Colonel Baker [Civil War]
Bliss Gardeners Almanac 1869
Catalog 35th International Motor Exhibition
The Masters of the World  1932
Dragonend I - Randal Spangler
Dragonend II - Randal Spangler
Helping Her Honey Hurry Home Sheet Music
Siena Florence & Padua
Nelly O'Brien - Sir Joshua Reynolds
Self Portrait with others  - Sir Joshua Reynolds
Miss Frances Crewe  - Sir Joshua Reynolds
Kitty Fisher  - Sir Joshua Reynolds
Portrait of  Sir Joshua Reynolds by Artist
Lady Sarah Bunbury -  Sir Joshua Reynolds
Hope Nursing Love -  Sir Joshua Reynolds
2 Nelson Eddy  Metro Goldwin Mayer Photographs
Robert Young Metro Goldwin Mayer Photograph
2 Allan Jones  Metro Goldwin Mayer Photographs
Dennis Morgan Warner Brothers Photograph
James Dunn Warner Brothers Photograph
John Arledge RKO Studios Photograph
Walter Abel RKO Studios Photograph
Noel Berry Jr Universal City  Photograph
Ralph Bellamy - Columbia Studios  Photograph
Phillip Reed Hollywood California  Photograph
Bobby Jordan Universal City Photograph
Richard Arlen Hollywood California Photograph
John Beal  RKO Studios Photographs
John Boles Fox Film Studios Photograph
Lanny Ross 1930's Actor Photograph
Landing Troops Roanoke Island [Civil War]
Oklahombres - Western Americana
Judaica - Sotheby 2011
Arts & Crafts - Mid Century Modern Key  Auction
Arthuro Toscanini Memorabilia Letters etc
Family Encyclopedia of American History
The Hard Coal Carriers - Trains
Arizona Photographers - Snell & Wilmer Collections
Western Americana - The Jenkins Company 131
Biosphere II - Arizona Desert
Folk Art Ceramic Pig Piggy Bank
British Colonial Indian Chased Silvered Cup
The Consecration of Genius
Spy Ring - The Naval Secrets Case
We Called Ourselves Rocketboatmen
Bridges - Art Science and Evolution
Federal Portrait of Agnes Treat
Outstanding Mid Century Modern Ashtray
French Kid Gloves
Oliver Goldsmith
Soldiers Quarreling At Dice - Old Master 1769
The Young Gipsy - Morelli 1768 Old Master
Phryne Tempting Xenocrates - 1770 - Old Master
The Holy Family - 1764 - Old Master
Eneas Carrying His Father Anchyses 1767
Modona and Child  1769 Old Master
Van Dyck's Wife - 1770 Old Master
Philip Baptizing The Eunuch - 1772 Old Master
The Virgin Mary and The Infant Jesus - 1765
Democritus and Protagoras 1773 Old Master
Pyramus and Thisby 1768 Old Master Etching
John the Baptist's Head - 1767 - Old Master
Two Books on Antique Furniture
Hannah More
Edward Gibbon
Marie Antoinette
David Garrick
Opera Annual Number 4
George Washington
Francis Wheatley (English, 1747-1801) New Mackrel
The Blind Leading The Blind - Old Master 1767
Unusual Girl - Bird Syrup 19th Century
American Indians - Declaration de Guerre
American Indians - Luto y Suplicacion
American Indians - Early Engraving
Indians of Florida 1563
Indians of Florida 1563 Mujerea
American Indians - Trofeos
Indian Council House - Genesee Flats
Genealogy of the Monell Family
Artillery Ammunition - TM9-1901
The Story of Railroad "Y"
Europe's Emblems of Valor
Great Seal Province New York
Railroad Suspension Bridge Currier Ives
The Village Blacksmith - Currier Ives
Early Engraving of General Lincoln & D'Estaing
Early Engraving of Washington Crossing Delaware
Early Engraving of Battle of Princeton
Modernist Gray Cased Glass Vase
Two Floral Prints - One by Sarah Malin
Ruffed Grouse - Tetrao Umbellus
Cavern Cascade - Watkins Glen
Music In London - George Bernard Shaw 3 Volumes
19th Century Redware Pitcher
Beautiful Japanese Enamel Vase
Jeremias Wolff 1663 - 1724
Reservations - Valentin Iremonger  1950
4 Four Vampire Books 1st Editions by Anne Rice
Green Mansions - William Henry Hudson
Discovering Antiques - 20 Volumes
Twin Oaks - Whitfield G. Howell - 1899
Two Antique Glass Books
Country House - 1930's California American School
Manual of Franklin New Jersey Minerals
Egypt - Entrance Passage Kouyunjik 1852
Egypt - Archive Chamber Kouyunjik 1852
Egypt - Fish God  Kouyunjik 1852
Egypt - Excavations At Kouyunjik 1852
Egypt - Encampment on the Khabour 1852
Egypt - Mound of Arbanon the Khabour 1852
Facade & Entrance to Sennacherib's Palace
Miram Halpern Folk Art Lady w/ Flower Hat
Miram Halpern Small Jar
Japanese Black Birds in a Cherry Tree
Paul Henry 1877 - 1958 - Irish
Normah Louise Alcott Knight 1910 - 2005 Texas
Mount Hood From the Columbia
Caldwell - Lake George in 1839 Hand Colored
The City of Saint Louis
Eaton Hall - England
1920 - 1930 Pottery Vase - Signed Washington DC
American Furniture
Summer Skies - Cape Cod Massachusetts Watercolor
East Rock New Haven Connecticut 1873
Niagara Falls  1873
The Catskills Sunrise From South Mountain  1873
The Upper Yellowstone Falls 1873
Connecticut Valley From Mount Tom 1874
Rock Leigh Mist - Willris Struch
Old Oak Tree - T. W. Graham [American School]
Toulouse Lautrec - May Belfort
Complete Book of Dolls
Pictorial Price Guid to American Antiques
Who's Who of American Women
Christian Rohlfs
Lot of 3 References on Clocks & Watches
German Renaissance
Alexander Sydney Reed (British) 19th - 20th Cent.
Gloria Vanderbilt
Life and Death in a Spanish Town
The Long Lost Sun
Kidnapping - Punch Engraving
Pet of the Manchester School- Punch Engraving
Not So Very Unreasonable Eh?- Punch Engraving
Redware Sewer Tile of Lady
Georges Plasse (1878-1948)
Lot of Three Original Music Compositions
Lot of Three Original Music Compositions
Lot of 18th 19th Century French English Hardware
Electron Optics In Television  1938
Peter Carter 1825 - 1900
Roger Tait Blackburn - Stoneham Massachusetts
Evening Peace - Hand Colored Photograph by Gibson
Landscape - McCubbin
Mexican Colima Dog
Alessandro Nastasio (1934 - )  Untitled 1
Alessandro Nastasio (1934 - )  Untitled 2
Lot of Sheet Music
The City of Detroit From Canada Shore
American Country Life - Currier & Ives
Untitled - Aubrey Beardsley Pen & Ink
Life & Writings of Sidney Lanier
Dawn Embers
Dictionnaire Raisonne de L'architecture 10 Vols
Japanese Prints - Lois V. Ledoux Collection
Boxed Set of Hydrometers
Southern Folk Art Carved Brahman Cow
100 Years of Art In Israel
Early American Wood Engraving Norwalk Connecticut
Richard Brzozowski - Connecticut Fishing Trawler
Large Bronze Tankard of Sea Captain
Jasper Cropsey Seneca Lake
The Castle of Wartburg Germany
Great Malvern Priory
Malvern From Foley Terrace
Gray's Atlas Hand Colored Map of Iowa
3 Hand Colored Maps - Philadelphia Baltimore Penn.
Gray's Hand Colored Map of Ohio
2 Hand Colored Maps - Michigan
Hand colored Map of Chicago & St. Louis
Hand colored Map of Pittsburgh & Cincinnati
Hand colored Map Germany
Amber Enameled Decanter
Aquarium of Dream
Les Animaux S'Amusent
Important Mourning Handbag
1986 Cadillac Public Relations Announcements
Entomology Beetles  Natural History Hand Colored
Salamanders Natural History Hand Colored Engraving
Manatee - Natural History Hand Colored Engraving
Reindeer & Giraffe - Hand Colored Engraving
Rhinoceros - Hand Colored Engraving
Monkeys - Hand Colored Engraving
Elk or Moose Deer - Hand Colored Engraving
Polar Bear - Seal - Hand Colored Engraving
Gorilla - Monkey -  Orangutan Engraving
Sammy Kaye Signed Photo from Meadowbrook
Jimmy Dorsey Plus Signed Photo from Meadowbrook
Mrs. Tommy Dorsey Signed Photo from Meadowbrook
Frank Dailey Signed Photo from Meadowbrook
Cab Calloway Photo from Meadowbrook
Gene Krupa Photo from Meadowbrook
Jan Savitt Photo from Meadowbrook
Bobby Byrne  Photo from Meadowbrook
Glengarry Folks - Drawing
Hunters Black with Skunk - Comical
San Francisco Trolley - William E. Reister
Pacific Coast - William E. Reister
Rogge - A Chinese Yellow Boy
Grey & White Parrot - L. Cody - American
Guide to the Appalachian Trail In Pennsylvania
African Adventures
Golden Gate Bridge, California
Statue of Liberty, New York
Frederick Weber (American 1883 - 1956)
Big Ben, London
The War Myth in United States History
Where is Civilization Going?
A Sketch of Sam Bass The Bandit
Rare Clambroth Opaline Shaving Mug
The Nigerian Butterflies
The Elocutionist's Annual No. 9
Frontier Boys In The South Seas
Finely Carved Serving Tray -  Intricate Design
Mount Hood from the Columbia
Connecticut Retreat for the Insane
Niagara Falls
City of St. Louis Missouri
City of Cleveland Ohio
City of Providence From Prospect Hill Rhode Island
City of Louisville Kentucky
City of Milwaukee Wisconsin
City of Buffalo, New York
City of Buffalo, New York
City of Providence From Prospect Hill Rhode Island
The Adirondack Woods
Magnificent Jewels - Sotheby's 1989
Golden Gate From Telegraph Hill  - California
Golden Gate From Telegraph Hill  - California
Lakeshore (American School)
The Chickahominy - Virginia
The Terrace - Central Park New York City
Original Watercolor Design Stained Glass Window
Mouth of the Moodna on the Hudson
The Rocky Mountains
Delaware Water Gap
The Highlands of the Neversink
City of Baltimore From Druid Hill Park
Philadelphia From Belmont [West Park]
Indian Rock - Narragansett
On The Rocky Coast - Massachusetts
Shenandoah National Park & Caverns
Domenikos Theotokopoulos - El Greco
Arias Bernal - 1945 - France Gives Up Poster
Arias Bernal - 1945 - Hitler's Sword Poster
Arias Bernal - McArthur I Shall Be Back Poster
Arias Bernal - 1941 - Roosevelt Dec. 7th Poster
Arias Bernal - Japan Ravages China & Pacific
Arias Bernal - Montgomery Stops Rommel
Arias Bernal - Hitler's War Machine Poster
Arias Bernal - Neville Chamberlain Poster
Arias Bernal - Hitler & Mussolini Poster
Arias Bernal - Japan Joins Hitler Poster
Arias Bernal - Nazism is Born In A Beer Saloon
Arias Bernal Hitler Carried Away by Marx - Poster
Quakers - Friends Review 1857
Johann Ludwig Eberhardt - Salem Clocks
Yourself & Your House Wonderful
King Tutankhamun Bronze on Marble Base
Large Bronzed Bust of a Woman
Japanese Blue & White Egg Cup
Blue Swan
Satsuma Cabinet Vase
Timor Cabinet Plate
Orwell Angel with Harp
Woman At Fence (Dutch School)
Early Graphite Sketch of English Cottage
Ruins in Westmoreland
Fine English Pen & Ink Castle in Landscape
Edward Loomis Davenport As Sir Giles Overreach
Madame Janauschek As Marie Antoinette
Sailing Ship with Knight of Templar Cross Plus
John Brougham As Sir Lucius O'Trigger
Lotta As The Marchioness
The Old Farm - Endsleigh College
Rural Farm
Waterfalls Pen & Ink
Schooner In The Moonlight
The Encyclopedia of Air Warfare
Goin To Town - Mae West Poster
Farm Barn Scene Watercolor
The Hollow Hohlefels In The Swabian Achthale
A Pile Dwelling of Western Switzerland
Perdita - A Winter's Tale
Lady Anne
Queen Katherine
Camile Pissarro's Les Quatre Saisons
Picturesque America
Epilogue 1943 - Middletown High School NY
Penrice Castle - Glamorganshire
2 Hand Colored Maps - Florida & Alabama
Wanda - Countess Von Szalras
Japanese Dictionary - Greek Dictionary
The Lords Anointed - Hawaii
Lady Jackson's Works - Fine Bindings
New Tracks In North America 1st
Opossum  - Hand Colored Engraving
Skunk - Martin - Otter  - Hand Colored Engraving
St. Hubert's  Beaker
Dormouse - Beaver - Rat - Hand Colored Engraving
Scarlet Maccaw  - Hand Colored Engraving
Owls -  Hand Colored Engraving
Swallow - House - Martin -  Hand Colored Engraving
Wolverine - Raccoon  -  Hand Colored Engraving
Ibis - Umbre -  Hand Colored Engraving
Parrots - Cockatoo-  Hand Colored Engraving
Trogon - Kingfisher -  Hand Colored Engraving
Falcon - Martial Eagle -  Hand Colored Engraving
Jacamar - Hoopoe -  Hand Colored Engraving
Stork - Spoonbill -  Hand Colored Engraving
Pheasants-  Hand Colored Engraving
Whip-poor Will - Oriole  Hand Colored Engraving
Tiger - Lion  - Jackal  Hand Colored Engraving
Wolf - Fennec - Common Fox  Hand Colored Engraving
Squirrel - Jerboa   Hand Colored Engraving
Portrait of Daniel Webster
Sun Fish - Hedgehog Fish  Hand Colored Engraving
Portrait of John Ruskin
Nanga - Gizan Izuno 1885 - 1957
Catalogue of Library of Works on Printing 1919
1938 Cliffside Park Poster Carrelle Ballroom
Portrait of Pope Leo XIII
Portrait of Otto Eduard Leopold - Bismark
Portrait of Jean -Baptiste-Camille Corot
Portrait of Julia Ward Howe
Portrait of George Sand
Portrait of Walter Savage Landor
Urquhart Clan - Scottish Highlands
Satsuma Mantel Vase
Mac Lennan Clan - Scottish Highlands
Mac Intire Clan - Scottish Highlands
Mac Coll Clan - Scottish Highlands
Cartridge Headstamp Guide
The Pinfire System
Massachusetts Military Shoulder Arms
30-06 We Have Seen
Ballard - The Great American Single Shot Rifle
The Belgian Browning Pistols
Bibliography of New York State Communities
Perfumes - The Guide
Uncle Dan Lefever - Master Gunmaker
Mannlicher Military Rifles
Confederate Revolvers
Art of the Embroiderer
The Revolver 1865 - 1888
Early Gunpowder Artillery 1300 to 1600
Japanese Noh Mask
Cartridges for Breech Loading Rifles
Complete Encyclopedia of Automatic Army Rifles
Pompeii - Archaeology
Guide New York Ontario & Western Railway
Guide New York Ontario & Western Railway
Martin Chuzzlewit - Charles Dickens 1887
W. C. Bayles - Women Beating  1913
Art of the Medieval World
Arms Heritage Magazine - Volume Four
Mathematical Crystallograpy
Group of Fishing Books
Port Richardson Seaport Pennsylvania
Tom Moore's Cottage - Pennsylvania
Major General George B. McClellan
John Jacob Astor  (1763 - 1848)
Portrait of Aubrey Beardsley - Frederick Evans
Persian Muslim Portrait Pen & Ink
Racing Sailing Boat 1 - L. Balmont
Racing Sailing Boats 3 & 5 - L. Balmont
Racing Sailing Boat 4 - L. Balmont
The Schuylkill From Laurel Hill Landing  PA
Scene in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Pennsylvania
Port Richmond Pennsylvania
Falls of Schuylkill Chemical Works Pennsylvania
Automotive Engines - Design Production Tests
The Kittating, Pennsylvania
Swatara Falls, Pennsylvania
Harper's Monthly 1884
Falling Spring - Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania
Ice Flood on the Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
Juniata, Pennsylvania
View of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Falling Timber, Pennsylvania
Wire Bridge Over the Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
Group of Mineral Geology Material
The Hansa - History and Culture
A Vanished People or The American Indian
Lot of Sheet Music
Franz Von Stuck - Die Kreuzigung Christi
Franz Von Stuck - Nekerei
Franz Von Stuck - Pieta
Sheet Music Bound Circa 1850's
The Modern Still Life - Objects of Desire
Geology of Susquehanna & Wayne County PA
Amherst College, Massachusetts  (Circa 1830)
Battle Monument, Baltimore Circa 1832
The New Exodus - A Study of Israel in Russia
Justice Levi Woodbury  - Brown & Kellogg
Capitol of The United States Washington Circa 1831
Curzon - The Last Phase  1919 - 1925
Cow By Tree - Johann Adam Von Bartsch
Man & His Dog - Johann Adam Von Bartsch
End of Day - Johann Adam Von Bartsch
Antoni Tapies - Untitled Lithograph
Tiger - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Chimpanzee - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Leopard - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Puma - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Sea Lion - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Gorilla - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Harvest Mouse - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Porcupine - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Chillingham Cattle - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Stag or Red Deer - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Rhinoceros - Louis Prang Chromolithograph
Kra or Dog Like Macaque - 19th Century
Striped Hyena - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Wolf - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Polar Bear - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Kangaroo - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Beaver - 19th Century Wood Engraving
English Furniture
Bison - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Chamois - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Koodoo - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Camel - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Wild Boar - 19th Century Wood Engraving
Abraham Cooper Esq. RA (1787 ~ 1868)
Salem Mass. 1901 Directory & Map
Gordon Parks - Half Past Autumn
The Stone of Heaven - Imperial Green Jade
English Weapons and Warfare 449 - 1660
Saint Georges Church - Dublin Ireland
At The Sign of the Quadrant
Wonderland 1904 - American Northwest
Wonderland 1903 - American Northwest
Memoir on Steamboats of  United States of America
The Bible
Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut
Totto-Chan - Little Girl At The Window
Modern Italy - War Postwar Reconstruction
Modern Italy - From Unification to the New Century
Geology of Susquehanna & Wayne Co Pennsylvania
Pinto Cowboy - California Advertising
Lion - California Advertising
Mustang  - California Advertising
Le Sacre A Notre Dame
Napoleon Chez Oberkampf
Le Passage Du Danube
Les Adieux De Fontainebleau
Le Dernier Carre
Le Retour De LaGrande Armee
Le Rocher De Ste Helene
La Voie Sacree
L'Ecole De Brienne
L'Entree Aux Tuileries
La Legion D'Honneur
Code Civil Des Francais
Le Triomphe De La Paix
Iris and Herons - Hoitsu
Trains - Railroads  - California Advertising
Sebastopol Queen Apples  - California Advertising
Alaska Yukon Pacific   - California Advertising
Caledonia Oranges - California Advertising
Beau Geste  - California Advertising
Hustler Newsboy  - California Advertising
Don't Worry  - Washington  Advertising
Ogna Indian Tomatoes  - New York Advertising
Wayne Telephone Peas  - New York Advertising
Cow By Tree - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Cow in Repose - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Mountain Sheep - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Longhorn Cattle - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Sheep & Cattle Herder - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Sheep Herder with Dog - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Dog with Dead Dog - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Cattle in Repose - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Herd of Sheep - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Portrait of a Horse - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Family of Sheep - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Sheep by Tree - Etching Boland/Bartsch
Farmers - Etching Boland/Bartsch
City Hall, New York City  Circa 1830
The Presidents House  Circa 1830
Head Waters of the Juniata Allegheny Mountains PA
Race Bridge Fair Mount Water Works Philadelphia
Battle of Bunker Hill Near Boston June 17, 1775
New York (Bay) Circa 1830
Custom House Boston Massachusetts
Ulysses S. Grant - William  Marshall  1837 - 1906
Ossipee Valley - New Hampshire
The Tomb of Washington - Mount Vernon
Cornwallis Resigning His Sword to Washington
Emigrants Crossing the Plains - F. O. C. Darley
Hunting Buffalos - F. O. C. Darley
Bunker Hill Monument - First Engraving
Guns and Shooting - A Bibliography
US M1 Carbines - Wartime Production
Dog Tags - History of Am Military Identification
Pandora's Box - Greek Mythology
Major George Washington Shot at by Indian Guide
Abraham Lincoln Gold Silk Remembrance
Lives of Eminent Philadelphians 1859
Morgan's Rifleman The South American Revolution
Faneuil Hall - Boston Massachusetts 1776
The Great Eastern After Edwin Werdon
Railroad Blue & White Pottery -  Bottle 4 Book Lot
American Arts Quarterly - Ivan Mestrovic
Susan Lenox Portfolio by Howard Chandler Christy
Edouard Halouze (French) Gentleman & Lady
The Modern Shotgun
Editorials Letters Fredonia Censor 1842 - 1894
Winchester Slide Action Rifles
Trilby - George Du Mauier  - 1895
National Geographic  - Complete Volume 37  1920
Quicksilver - Robert Fulton
2 Larry McMurtry 1st Editions
British & American Artillery of World War Two
Great Fishing Tackle Catalogs of the Golden Age
Road to War - America 1914 - 1917
Sandwich Islands & California 1845 - 1850
Personal Recollections of John B. Gough
Robert Hartley Cameron (1909 - 1998)  Dogs
Robert Hartley Cameron (1909 - 1998)  The Bird
Robert Hartley Cameron (1909 - 1998)  Fat Lady
Amnesty for Vietnam Draft Dodgers - Ed Koch ALS
Robert Hartley Cameron (1909 - 1998)  Boy TV
2 Hand Colored Photographs Gibson & Bicknell
Robert Hartley Cameron (1909 - 1998)  Woman in Tub
S Spitzweg - Original Etching
Representation of Fire Engine Co. 38 NYC Fire Dept
View of Firemen's Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Dutch Marquetry Windmill
Long Beach Resort at Long Beach Massachusetts
Girard College and Its Founders
Below the Snow Line
New York Crystal Palace 1853 -  2 Engravings
American Essex & British Frigates in the Harbour
The Art of Philadelphia Medicine
American Early Folk  Art Decoy
Southern Mississippi 1930's Decoy
President and Plantagenet
Constitution, Cyane and Levant
Argus Burning - British Vessels
Constitution and Guerriere In Close Engagement
Hornet and Peacock -  War of 1812
Essex and Alert
United States and Macedonian
Barrett Library Wegelin Collection
Utica, New York  Circa 1830's
Silk Screen Techniques
Sixth Ave. - 55th & 57th St. New York City 1868
Manhattan / Henry Hudson - Elbert Hubbard
A Different Sun - Walter Brauer
Crude Black Molasses
Back To Early Cape Cod
Defalcations in Banks & Methods of Prevention
Apokeepsian - May 1912  Poughkeepsie High School
Miro - Just One Kiss - Art Deco Aquatint
The Grub Street Writer
Early History of the Erie Railway
Destruction of Tea in Boston Harbor
1st  Appearance Mark Twain Tom Sawyer Plus More
View of Boston From Dorchester Heights
Washington's Headquarters at Cambridge
Battle of Bunker Hill
Portrait of President  Andrew Jackson
Portrait of Uncas
Portrait of Miantonimoh
The Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment
Ordnance Tools Accessories M1 Rifle
Manual Common Council City of New York 1866
Camera Adventures In The African Wilds
The 5th Army Corps - Civil War
The Berkeley Review 1
Portrait of John Burroughs
Portrait of William H.-  Emperor of Germany
Portrait of Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin
Empress Josephine
Woman's Wear Daily
Encyclopedia of Pistols & Revolvers
Manhattan Firearms
Two Early Girard College Engravings
Artist's Fund Hall - Philadelphia
Western Americana & Celebrity Guns
22nd Exhibition - Franklin Institute
Lot Early/Vintage Postcards of Pennsylvania
Naive Watermill - American School
The Great Book of French Impressionism
In The Toils - Howard Chandler Christy 1908
Summer Burnt - American School
Consolidated Stock & Petroleum Exchange
1946 Brooklyn Public School 39 Photograph
Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Brooch
Egyptian Modernist Brooch
Sword Brooch
Bird on White Enamel Brooch
Terri Lee Dolls
American Pottery & Porcelain
La Frontera The Border - Art of the Mexican Border
The Old Oaken Bucket  Currier Ives
Life of a Fireman  Currier Ives
God Bless Our School Currier Ives
Haying Time - The First Load Currier Ives
The Designs of Tony Walton - Signed
Qing Shoushan Recumbent Creature Oval Seal
Ambrotype of Seated Gentleman
Ambrotype Portrait of a Gentleman
Ambrotype Portrait of a Gentleman
Ambrotype Portrait of a Gentleman
Neumarck in the Upper Pfaltz c1720
Eleanor Dragonette - New York City
Westinghouse Mazda Lamps George Washington
Original Photograph of HMS Duchess
The Ballerina - Charles J. Haight (American)
Floral Stem Vase
Longhorn Steer - Gentry (American 20th Century)
Caning The Lady -  Herman E. Bischoff
Caped Gentleman - Alphonse Legros 1837 - 1911
Ornithological - Paul Jerrard
General View From The Playing Fields
The Souza Home Osterville New York
Cloisonne Cardinal Vase
On Going To Church - Signed Hubbard - Roycroft
The Baptists Examined
A Selection of Hymns
Portrait of Benedict Arnold
View of Quebec from the Harbor
First View of the New World
Portrait of General Wolfe
Portrait of William Pitt - Earl of Chatham
Siege of Quebec Canada
While the Flames Raged - Fire Patrols & Salvage Co
Indian Legends of American Scenes
Life of General (President) Zachary Taylor
Curly Locks Tinted Photograph 1940's
Miss Saigon - Royal Drury Lane Theatre
WPA Pennsylvania Folk Art Serigraph
Winter At The Lake Homestead - M S Lord (American)
Portrait of Young Man  - Old Master Style
With A Tear In His Eye (American 20th Century)
Spring Flowers (American School)
Victorian Flame Mahogany Side Chair
Victorian Side Chair
The Tea Riot (Boston Tea Party)
The Testaments of Francois Villon
Lord Chatham
Portrait of Patrick Henry
Battle of Concord Bridge
Battle of Bunker's Hill
Fort Ticonderoga (American Revolution)
George Washington (Early wood engraving)
Siege of Boston
Boston As Seen From Dorchester
General Montgomery
Quebec - American Revolution
Farm Cottage Camp & Canoe in Maritime Canada
Tests For Colour Blindness
Heinrich Zille
Manuscripts - Collecting Sets Fur Trappers Etc
Books On Coca Cola Bottles
When the Pyramids Were Built MMOA
Lot of 5 Antique Reference Books Inc. Civil War
Standard Catalog of World Coins - 1901 to Present
Standard Catalog of World Coins - 1601 - 1700
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Portrait of a Lady with Striped Gown
Winter Morning In A Barnyard - Charles C. Curran
Japanese Porcelain 1800 - 1950
View From Gowanus Heights, Brooklyn New York
The Tomb of Kosciusko - West Point
The Narrows From Fort Hamilton
Early Panoramic View of Washington (DC)
Early Panoramic View of Boston from Roxbury
Early Panoramic View of Albany New York Harbour
Early Panoramic View of  New York Harbour
Early Panoramic View of  Philadelphia
Christian Higher Eduction In India
Eugene Delacroix
The Little Chickweed Seller -  Fernaud Pelez
On The Banks of the Stream - Henri Lerolle
Blanche Baretta - Louise Abbema
Cattle of Seurette - M.  Barillot
Convent Scene In Venice - Eugene de Blaas
The Retriever - Philippe Rousseau
Waiting - Ulysse Butin  1838 - 1883
Morning Effect, Lake at Mortefontaine
Amacreon, Bacchus and Cupid
High Breeze - An American Family Farm
Excelsior Hose Company No. 1 Warwick, NY
Jimmy Moore of Bucktown [Michigan]
The Frontier - 1908
Group of Amish Figures including Rare Road Sign
Bala Ramayanam
Journey to Glory - Photography of Adam Bujak
This Baby - Anna Milo Upjohn Poster WW1
Collector's Encyclopedia of Antiques plus Another
Signed Sikorsky S-43 Postcard
Manual Del Culitivo Cafe Cacao Vanilla Caucho
Municipal Bonds Held Void
Litchfield County Sketches - Connecticut
Harper's Monthly Magazine Volume 1
Archy & Mehitabel
General Horatio Gouverneur Wright  - 1820 - 1899
General Edward Harland - Civil War
Major General Alfred H Terry
Major General John Sedgwick
Brig General Joseph King Fenno Mansfield
Two 1965 Buick Manuals
Litchfield County Sketches (Copy two)
A Taste For Violence - Zenas Hubbard
012 - Thomas Filpkowski
Untitled - Jennifer Chang
Haro - Jennifer Leigh Aschoff
Henry M. Stanley - Woodbury Photograph
Tuckahoe Marble
Meerschaum Pipe - Unusual  Squiggle Design
Architectural Design Gare de Milan
The Cupolas of East & West - Small Byzantine
Hotel Continental A Paris - Architectural Design
Hotel De Ville De Reims - Architectural Design
Amazing Stories - August 1966
Amazing Stories - December 1966
Amazing Stories - April 1963
Populism In The Old Dominion - Virginia Farms
McEwan's Easy Shorthand
San Francisco Earthquake Jefferson Square 1906
Uniforms of the Civil War PLUS Another
Amazing Stories - June 1947
Burn Killer Burn - 1st Edition
Turkish Rugs
Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya
Group of Road Maps & Brochures
French 20th Century Painters
Robert Abels Antique Firearms & Edged Weapons
Yale University - New Haven Connecticut
View Near Anthony's Nose - Hudson Highlands
Yale University - New Haven Connecticut
Amazing Stories - May 1947
Amazing Stories - May 1947
Amazing Stories - February 1947
Amazing Stories - January 1949
Amazing Stories - September 1950
Straw Horse on Table. - American School 1947
Ted Strong and The Last of the Herd
Worship of Priapus & Another
Group of Five Antique Reference Books
Group of 10 Early Vintage Paperbacks
Group of Five Antique Reference Books
Group of Five Antique Reference Books
Group of Six Vintage Popular Mechanics
Skunk & Baby Skunks
Mountain Landscape
Library of Congress Copyright 1874 Sealed
Hippolyte Lecomte 1781 - 1857  Costume Design
Early Map of North America
Mandeville's Used Book Price Guide
Geology of Scotland - Curved Gneiss in Lewis
Fossils in Old Red Sandstone
Fossils of the Carboniferous System
Staffa - Scottish Geology
Bulletin Including The Watch That Lincoln Gave
Daniel Pratt Jr. Reading Mass Clockmaker
Clockmakers of Concord, Massachusetts
George Graham's Classic Escapement
Asa Munger's Shelf Clock
Mr. Terry's Waterbury Competitors
Inside the Victorian Home
Mysteries of the Waltham 1882 Model
Simon Willard Astronomical Shelf Timekeeper
Waltham 14 Size Watches
Early Black Forest Clockmaking
The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Who's Who in the East
Group of Five Antique Reference Books
Early American Rocker Rocking Chair
19th Century Maple Side Chair
Early Pennsylvania German Painted Side Chair
Pierced Back Victorian Side Chair
Early Step Back Windsor Rocker
Printmaking In America
Group of Five Antique Reference Books
New York State Conservationists 1954 - 1956
President Abraham Lincoln 1862
Portrait of General Winfield Scott
View of Charleston South Carolina [Civil War]
The Basket Collectors Book
Portrait of Gideon  Welles
Massachusetts Militia in Baltimore
Birdseye View of Fortress Monroe and Vicinity
Portrait of General Lyon [Civil War]
Portrait of General Banks [Civil War]
Birdseye View of Richmond Virginia & Vicinity
Battle of Wilson's Creek, MO - Death of Lyon
Battle of Ball's Bluff [Civil War]
Portraits of Admirals Dupont et al.
Bombardment of Port Royal, South Carolina
Map of the Atlantic Coast Southern States
Portrait of General Halleck
Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake
The Botany of Captain Beechey's Voyage
Responsibility in Mental Disease
Portrait of Sarah Siddons
Portrait of Phillips Brooks
Portrait of John Marshall
Portrait of Alfred Lord Tennyson
Portrait of Queen Victoria
The Art of East Asia
Unusual Mexican Vase
Shock Troops - History of Special Forces
American Folk Dolls
Nude 5  - Charles Stepule 1911 - 2006
Nude Standing  - Charles Stepule 1911 - 2006
Nude Reclining 10 -  Charles Stepule 1911 - 2006
Nude 5 Standing Sideway  Charles Stepule
Nude Sitting -   Charles Stepule  1911 - 2006
Nude Blonde -   Charles Stepule  1911 - 2006
Planet Stories March 1952
Planet Stories March 1952
Planet Stories January 1953
Planet Stories May 1951
Argosy - June 16, 1934
Argosy - November 10, 1934
Thrilling Wonder Stories December 1952
Dynamic Science Fiction January 1954
Startling Stories - March 1952
Thrilling Wonder Stories August 1949
Thrilling Wonder Stories June 1949
Thrilling Wonder Stories August 1953
You and I - Stevie Wonder Sheet Music
Lot of Vintage Sheet Music
Oklahoma Anthology of Poetry 1st 1937
The Master of Ballantrae - Stevenson & Lynd Ward
Storia dei Pittori Italiani dell'Ottocento
The Benedictional of St. Ethelwold
Art Deco Green Marble Clock
Lot of 10 Metropolitan Museum of Art Miniatures
Colonnade of Congress Hall - Saratoga Springs NY
Yale University - New Haven Connecticut
Negoes Leaving Their Home - April 1864 Civil War
Colored Troops Under General Wild
Escaping Union Officers Succored by Slaves
Red Admiral - White Admiral - Lizars Butterflies
Negroes Escaping Out of Slavery
A New England Homestead - Nathaniel Currier
Emancipated Slaves, White and Colored
The 20th United States Colored Troops
Les Coupoles D'Orient et D'Occident
Purple Emperior - Lizars Butterflies
Small Tortoise Shell - Lizars Butterflies
Phasianus Versicolor - Lizars Birds
Ptilinopus Monachus - Edward Lear
Freer - A  Legacy of Art
Banker's Bouquet - Cigar Box Label
Heraldry & Regalia of War
5 Borough Street Guide of New York
Lot of Photos & Prints Including Dessaur
The Art of Dating - 1st with Dust Jacket
A Church and A Village Grow Up
Centennial History of the Webb Horton Church
Harper's Monthly 1883 - 1884
Horton Family History Book
Zakopane Carved Wood Plaque
Honore Daumier
Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire
Patients For Inventions Small Arms 1855 to 1930
La Kermesse A. Middlebourg
Amsterdam - Le Denmark
Perry's Japan Expedition Fish Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Fish Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Fish Print 1852 - 1854
The Eastern & Western Hemisphere Maps
Map of North America Plus Canada
Map of the United States Plus Another
Map of Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut +
The Rivers of Darkness or Under Africa
New York Ontario & Western Railway
The World's Air Forces
Venise (Venice) Etching
Misc Book Lot
Planet Stories January 1953
Chalkware of Birds
Cat Lake Winnipeg River
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Warfare
Suggestions to Authors - McGraw Hill
Map of Maryland, Virginia Texas +
Map of Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota  +
Map of California, Oregon Utah Nevada +
Map of West Indies, Cuba & South America
Map of Great Britain, Ireland, Russia Plus
Map of Prussia, France, German States Plus
Map of Austria,Asia Turkey Switzerland Plus
Map of Turkey, Persia, Turkestan, India China Plus
Map of Africa Plus
Original American Flyer Instruction Book 1952
A Gentleman's Shooting Dog - Ryman Setters
Views of Bridgeport & Vicinity  Connecticut 1906
Map of Columbia Peru & Bolivia
Japanese Army Uniforms & Equipment 1939 - 1945
Map of Chili, Paraguay Uruguay Plus Europe
Perry's Japan Expedition Fish Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Bird Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Bird Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Bird Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Bird Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Bird Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Fish Print 1852 - 1854
Perry's Japan Expedition Shell Prints 1852 - 1854
Metal Uniform Insignia of the Frontier US Army
Catalogue of Ridabock & Co. Military Goods
National Museum of American Art
Theory & Practice of Bookbinding
The History of Glass
The Tower of Victory - Newburgh NY
Yale College & State House
Piazza of Congress Hall - Saratoga Springs
Military Helicopters
Early View of City Hall, New York City
Connecticut Railroads
AB Bookman's Yearbook 1980
Guide to Western Ghost Towns
How Justice Grew - Virginia Counties
Whitney's Farm Seed Guide Catalogue
Thomas Laughlin Marine Hardware
Group of 3 Elbert Hubbard Books
A Large Victorian Hardware & Tool Catalog
Important Sotheby's Jewelry Catalogues (4)
Perfume Presentations - Important Lalique
Books on Photography Lot
Lot of 6 Books on Art & Antiques
Introduction to Cartooning
I Can Count
A Child's Garden of Verses
Rare Music for the Zither
High Mountains  -  C. Helen
Maurice W. Oakes -  Prison Art
Austrian Christ Carving Signed AB
Hungarian Folk Music
City of Wilmington Delaware - Brotherhead
City of Baltimore Maryland - Brotherhead
Green JB Bottle 1807
Hail Mary - Aubrey Beardsley 1872 - 1898
To Kill An Eagle - Last Days of Crazy Horse
First Children of America  - Poster 1920
Re-Enlisted  - Poster 1920
Don't Cheat Yourself  - Poster 1920
The Simple Life - Governor Smith  - Poster 1920
Hadley Page Plane - 1st Aerial Express 1920
Leaders In War and Peace  - Poster 1920
The Portrait of a Champion - Poster 1920
New York Society On Parade
The Story of A Happy Witch
The Innocent Eve - Robert Nathan 1st
Perseus  & The Monster - Aubrey Beardsley
New York From Fort Columbus 1816
The Story of David Livingston
Reel to Reel Native American Indian Music
Alice Cary - American Poet  1820 - 1871
Fredika Bremer - Writer & Reformer
Elizabeth Barrett Browning-  1806 - 1861
Mid Century Modern Ashtray
Photo Gallery