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Humboldt, AZ 86329
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Saturday Jun 22, 2024 Completed
Monday Jun 24, 2024 Completed
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Reata Pass Auctions

Website: www.reatapassauctions.com/

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Listing Terms and Conditions
1. All items are offered for sale as is, where is and with no special guarantee is made or implied as to condition, authenticity or era of any described items. All items are offered for sale to the highest bidder and the bidders must establish to their own satisfaction the authenticity and condition before bidding. All sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions, NO CHARGE BACKS.Special clause for California buyers please check with your state laws. There are several guns in this auction that are legal or illegal in CA however sometimes the magazines or stocks are not. Also please check the CA DOJ website for the roster of handguns certified for sale and the Curio and Relics list. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE BUYER. The auctioneer or auction house assumes no liability for breakage or damage after the fall of the gavel. The acceptance of a bid by the auctioneer constitutes a legal and binding contract with the buyer and acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale under Arizona state law. If you sign up to bid you are accepting the terms and conditions. 2. All items offered for sale in this auction will be offered for sale by auction only and there are no pre-sales or sales after the said auction what so ever. If you accidentally bid you own the item/items. 3. Arizona State Sales Tax is payable by all buyers liable to tax. It is 8.356% is charged after the buyers premium is added. All Dealers must provide a valid resale number in the actual Proxibid system upon registration prior to bidding for Tax Exempt Status. We are unable to change it afterwards. 4. All bids are per number in the catalog and all items will be sold in numerical order only. The auction house reserves right to withdraw any item or lot prior to sale. Absolutely no lots will be broken apart. 5. The highest bidder will prevail. The Auctioneer will regulate the bidding and reserves the right to refuse any bid not believed to be in good faith. Should any disputes arise between bidders, it is the decision of the Auctioneer in the exercise of judgement as to the successful bidder will be final. Additionally, the Auctioneer may re-offer or sell any lot in dispute. 6. Auction sales are strictly for Visa and Mastercard only. All Sales are final at the fall of the Auctioneers gavel. A 20% Buyers Premium will be charged on all sales. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS from online customers. 7. The Auctioneer or Auction House assumes no responsibility for errors in the catalog, advertising or on the part of the bidder. 8. All items purchased by the successful bidder must be paid for on the day of the sales unless previous arrangements are made prior to the sale. Purchases not paid for immediately will be BLACK LISTED and never allowed to bid again. Storage will be provided at no charge for 30 days following the sale date on items PAID FOR ONLY and after that you will be charged storage fees at a rate of $10.00 per item per day per item, unless prior arrangements have been made. Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Buyer must make all Shipping or Delivery arrangements on large items.( This includes items over 50 pounds, delicate items, large mounts etc...) Items will be packed and shipped by us at the Buyer's expense we use FEDEX ONLY and charge a 5.00 dollar box fee per box plus insurance is a dollar per hundred dollars and then you will pay exact FEDEX rates in addition to that. 9. All items for sale at auction are offered 'AS IS' and the AUCTIONEER FOR The AUCTION HOUSE ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR BREAKAGE OR DAMAGE AFTER THE FALL OF THE GAVEL. THE ACCEPTANCE OF A BID BY THE AUCTIONEER CONSTITUTES A LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT WITH THE BUYER AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE UNDER ARIZONA STATE LAW. 10. All Post 1898 firearms are required to be registered in compliance with both State and Federal laws. Buyers of Post 1898 firearms must complete all necessary registration forms at Reata Pass Auctions. 3525 South Hwy 69 Humboldt, Arizona. Phone 928-632-8000. Arizona Dealers must have in their possession on day of sale, signed copies of their Federal Firearms License in order to accept same day delivery of modern weapons. Shipping for Out-of-State Buyers must be done through the Auction Company and must be shipped to a valid holder of a Federal Firearms License on all modern weapons. Cost of shipping and packing will be at the expense of the buyer. Please have your FFL email info@reatapassauctions.com or fax 928-632-0107 us a copy of their licence with the following information NAME AND PADDLE NUMBER. Without this information the item will not ship. The copy must be clear and legible and emailed as a PDF only. 11. No Guarantee as to the operation or firing condition of any weapon offered for sale is made by the Auctioneer, The Auction Company, or affiliates thereof . It is recommended that all weapons bought at auction be checked out by a competent gunsmith prior to attempting to fire them. 12. Consignors are not allowed to bid on their own merchandise nor have any agent bid on their behalf. If the Auctioneer recognizes such bidding or is advised of the same, he may withdraw any or all lots consigned by the offender and will publicly recognize that consignor. 13. Auctioneer/Auction House is 'NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS'. 14. Class III designated firearms must be registered in compliance with the NFA registry. A $200 dollar federal tax payment is required each time a functional NFA firearm or suppressor to or from us. The fee as well as the payment is due at the time of purchase in order to process paperwork. The new owner will be required to complete 3 forms; (1) ATF Form 4, (2) fingerprint card , (3) ATF form 533.20 certificate of compliance. These forms will be provided to you by the auction house. The Chief law enforcement of purchasers municipality signature is required on a form 4. If state of local law requires a permit or licence to purchase that also must go with the application. The buyer than mails the paperwork into the ATF. The auction house will then receive one copy of the form 4 back with the tax stamp attached to it. This is then given to the new owner when he or she picks it up. The following states do not allow individuals to own machine guns California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New York, and Rhode Island. Also all funds will be kept by the auction house until the final approval has been received. All payments are due at the fall of the hammer unless otherwise specified. Please be aware of this, most likely the card used during auction registration will be charged for purchases, buyer premium and any other applicable fees. Late payments are subject to fees and penalties at the discretion of the Auction House. Be aware that invoice delinquency WILL lead to disabling of a bidder account and making all bidding unavailable on Proxibid. Payments unpaid or late will result in the account being sent to a collections agency. This can affect your overall credit scores for up to 7 years. Your bidder registration has been researched before approval for bidding at auction. The card provided on file was verified for identity purposes prior to approval. Lastly, chargeback will be not accepted for any reason or on any purchase through Proxibid. No exceptions. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.No exceptions. NO CHARGE BACKS. It is the Bidder responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determination factor. The Reata Pass Auctions may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall The Reata Pass Auctions be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Bidders who bid from off site and are not present at the live auction or preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidders responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. The Auction Productions Inc. shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. The Reata Pass Auctions will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. Reata Pass Auctions is providing Internet bidding as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Reata Pass Auctions . or anyone else if the Internet service fails to work correctly before or during the auction. Reata Pass Auctions will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bids are acknowledged should use the proxi-bidding feature and leave their maximum bid before the auction begins. Reata Pass Auctions reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction. We move very fast and do not re auction items you might have missed we do not favor in house or online bidders the highest bidder prevails. In order to insure your bid is received we recommend using the pre-bid feature as our internet is slow. Any questions about a item email us prior to the said auction. Pre-ban ivory antiques can not be shipped. Also some animal mounts also can not shipped due to some state laws so your research prior to submitting a bid. Reata Pass Auctions recognizes the NRA standard of conditions.NRA MODERN GUN CONDITION STANDARDS: NEW: Not previously sold at retail, in same condition as current factory production. PERFECT: In New condition in every respect. (Jim's note - in my experience, many collectors & dealers use 'As New' to describe this condition). EXCELLENT: New condition, used but little, no noticeable marring of wood or metal, bluing perfect, (except at muzzle or sharp edges). VERY GOOD: In perfect working condition, no appreciable wear on working surfaces, no corrosion or pitting, only minor surface dents or scratches. GOOD: In safe working condition, minor wear on working surfaces, no broken parts, no corrosion or pitting that will interfere with proper functioning. FAIR: In safe working condition but well worn, perhaps requiring replacement of minor parts or adjustments which should be indicated in advertisement, no rust, but may have corrosion pits which do not render article unsafe or inoperable. NRA ANTIQUE FIREARM CONDITIONS STANDARDS: FACTORY NEW: All original parts; 100% original finish; in perfect condition in every respect, inside and out. EXCELLENT: All original parts; over 80% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals and design on metal and wood; unmarred wood; fine bore. FINE: All original parts; over 30% original finish; sharp lettering, numerals and design on metal and wood; minor marks in wood; good bore. VERY GOOD: All original parts; none to 30% original finish; original metal surfaces smooth with all edges sharp; clear lettering, numerals and design on metal; wood slightly scratched or bruised; bore disregarded for collectors firearms. GOOD: Some minor replacement parts; metal smoothly rusted or lightly pitted in places, cleaned or re-blued; principal letters, numerals and design on metal legible; wood refinished, scratched bruised or minor cracks repaired; in good working order. FAIR: Some major parts replaced; minor replacement parts may be required; metal rusted, may be lightly pitted all over, vigorously cleaned or re-blued; rounded edges of metal and wood; principal lettering, numerals and design on metal partly obliterated; wood scratched, bruised, cracked or repaired where broken; in fair working order or can be easily repaired and placed in working order. POOR: Major and minor parts replaced; major replacement parts required and extensive restoration needed; metal deeply pitted; principal lettering, numerals and design obliterated, wood badly scratched, bruised, cracked or broken; mechanically inoperative; generally undesirable as a collector's firearm.
Listing Information
Premier Summer Auction Ft. Part II of The Joe Musso Estate 800+ Firearms Fine Jewelry Including Six Rolex Watches Ammo Militaria Art Native American& More

Colt Cowboy 45 Colt SN: TF05048
Single action revolver features blued finish, case color frame, 5.5" barrel, fixed sights, smooth polymer faux ivory grips. Overall condition is like new with few signs of handling. Includes factory blue plastic box with paperwork. Condition is NRA E...

Colt Single Action Army .45 LC SN: 96659SA
Single action revolver manufactured circa 1978 (3rd year of production for the Third Generation SAA). Features 7.5" barrel, blued & case hardened finish, stag grips. Bore is very good condition. Retains 98% blue with minor handling marks, slight loss...

Smith & Wesson 500 500 S&W Mag SN: DNR4178
Very Large Framed double action revolver in 500 S&W Magnum. Features stainless steel construction, pebble texture black rubber finger groove grips, adjustable sights, 8-3/8" barrel with integral muzzle brake, S&W lock system. Bore is excellent condit...

Colt Super 38 .38 Super SN: 194951
1911A1 pattern single action semi-automatic pistol manufactured circa 1968. Features a matte black finish with high polish blue sides, 5" barrel, serrated ramp front sight, notch rear sight in dovetail, grooved trigger, checkered spur hammer with pol...

Colt Gov't Model .45 ACP SN: SS28019E
1911A1 pattern semi-automatic pistol. Features matte stainless, bright polished flats on slide, 5" barrel, dovetailed serrated ramp front, and square notch rear sights, serrated trigger, adjustable for overtravel, skeletonized serrated hammer spur, ...

L.C. Smith No. 2 12 Ga SN: 93040
High quality American made side-by-side double barrel sidelock shotgun chambered for 12 gauge shells, Grade II manufactured pre-1899.The barrel extension was stamped HUNTER ARMS CO., MAKERS, FULTON N.Y. in a single line. Features 30" blued barrels w...

Winchester Model 1892 .38 WCF SN: 613946
'Saddle Ring Carbine' Vintage lever action rifle manufactured circa 1911. Chambered for 38-40. Features 20" barrel, full length magazine tube, pinned blade front sight, folding ladder rear sight, smooth walnut forend & straight wristed buttstock, ca...

Springfield XDM Elite 10mm SN: BB369069
Full size striker fired semi-automatic pistol chambered in 10mm Auto, manufactured in Croatia by HS Produkt and imported/marketed by Springfield Inc. of Geneseo, IL. Features a matte black Melonite finished slide with fore & aft cocking serrations, 4...

Colt 1903 Pocket .32 Cal. SN: 541741
Vintage pre war 1903 Pocket hammerless semiautomatic pistol manufactured circa 1940. Features, checkered wood grips with silver Rampant Colt logos, 3.75" barrel, fixed sights, manual safety, grip safety, heel magazine release. Bore is very good condi...

Zoli/E.C.C. Verona LX980 12 Ga SN: V00161
Verona LX980 Trap, 12 ga. over/under competition shotgun. Serial #V00045, mfg. by Zoli in Italy. Imported by E.C.C.. 29 1/2" ported vent rib barrels. twin beads, . 2 �� chambers with installed extended choke tubes, Full & Modified. Single...

Colt 1908 Pocket .380 Cal. SN: 40382
Vintage Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless single action semi-automatic compact pistol chambered in .380 Auto, manufactured circa 1921. Features a blued finish, 3 3/4" barrel, low-profile round blade front sight, dovetailed rear sight with 'u' notch, two-l...

Colt National Match .45 ACP SN: 36807-NM
This custom 1911 platform National Match pistol in high polish blue finish. The Colt serial number puts it at 1970. Has a NM trigger, barrel marked " Colt .45 Auto N.M. MK. Vi, Series 70", correct checkered double diamond wood grips, Elliason adjust...

Walther PPQ 9mm SN: FDB7967
Semi-automatic striker fired pistol chambered in 9x19mm. Manufactured in Germany, imported by Walther Arms of Fort Smith, AR. Features a black Tenifer finished slide with fore & aft cocking serrations, 4.75� threaded barrel with knurled thread p...

Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm SN: 224-358948
German semiautomatic pistol imported by HKI, Columbus GA. Features matte black finish, 4" barrel, fixed three dot XS brand nite sights in dovetails, striker fired with striker status indication, ambi mag release levers at rear of trigger guard, manua...

Ruger New Model Blackhawk 41 Mag #47-05956
'Bisley' Single action revolver manufactured circa 1985. Features blued finish, smooth wood grips with Ruger medallions, 7.5" barrel, adjustable sights, fluted 6 shot cylinder, Bisley shaped grip, Bisley shaped hammer. Bore & charge holes are in pris...

Colt LE6920 'AR-15' 5.56mm SN: LE045236
Gas operated semi-automatic AR platform modern sporting rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. Features a matte black finish, factory 16.25" chrome lined 1/7 twist M4 profile barrel, A2 flash hider, carbine length gas system, A2 front sight/gas block wit...

Colt Match Target .22 LR SN: 236342-S
Colt Woodsman Match Target semiautomatic rimfire pistol, 3rd series, manufactured circa 1969. Features blued finish, checkered wood grips with thumbrest on the left panel, 6" barrel, pinned Partridge front & adjustable rear sights, push button magazi...

wristwatch, Black two-tone, 18K gold and stainless steel. RED116713LN Serial number V302765 Oyster Perpetual. Pre-owned Rolex GMT Master II, will never go out of style. Rolex's iconic pilot's watch first hit the market in the 1950s and continues to m...

Smith & Wesson 629-6 44 Mag SN: DKY4612
Large frame stainless steel double-action revolver chambered in .44 Magnum. Features 6" barrel with serrated sighting rib, raised serrated ramp front sight with orange insert, adjustable micrometer click rear sight with white outline, fluted six-shot...

Winchester Model 1894 .38-55 SN: 76514
Antique lever action repeating rifle chambered in .38-55 Winchester, manufactured in New Haven, CT circa 1895. Features a blued finish, 26" round barrel, full-length tube magazine, dovetailed blade front sight, sporting rear sight, smooth trigger, kn...

Winchester Model 1892 .32 WCF SN: 5589
Antique lever action rifle manufactured circa 1892, first year of production. Chambered for 32-20. Features 24-1/4" octagon barrel, full length magazine tube, dovetailed two position (protected post or blade) front sight, adjustable folding rear tang...

Fine Art Bronze
of a Moose on a marble base measuring approximately 22" long x 26" high x 16" wide and weighs about 35 pounds. It is handsigned and numbered #8 of 26 by the artist Joseph Strausz who was born in 1936 in Hungary. He traveled to the United States in 1...

Barrett REC 7 6.8mm SN: B00213
Barrett REC7 6.8mm Semi-Auto Rifle chambered in the 6.8mm Remington SPC (6.8�43mm) cartridge. Piston system separates heat and powder residue from the bolt carrier and trigger assembly. The rifle runs cool and clean resulting in increased clea...

Slot Machine
1946 Pace 10 cent 46-Star slot machine, aluminum construction with painted stars on oak base. In overall good working condition.

Smith & Wesson 57-6 41 Mag SN: DRX6253
Large frame double action revolver chambered for 41 Remington Magnum cartridges. Features blued finish, 6" barrel with ejector rod shroud, Partridge type front sight with fiber optic insert, click adjustable rear sight with white outline, 6 shot flut...

Beretta APX 9mm SN: AXC090779
Modular striker fired semi-automatic compact pistol chambered in 9x19mm, manufactured in Gallatin TN. Features a black Nitron finished slide with fore & aft cocking serrations, 3.2� barrel, fixed blade white dot front sight, dovetailed square no...

Ruger Vaquero 45 Colt SN: 57-33130
Single action western styled revolver features blued & case hardened finish, 7.5" barrel, blade front sight, square notched rear sight, smooth trigger, serrated hammer spur, transfer bar safety, fluted six-shot cylinder, ejector rod with flat-faced b...

Beretta AL 391 Urika 2 12 Ga.
SN: AA413066. Semi-Automatic, Gas Operated, Tube Magazine Fed Shotgun. The left side of the barrel is marked �BERETTA � GARDONE V.T. � MADE IN ITALY / 20 GA OB 3�-76-30��. The left of the receiver is marked �BERETT...

Steyr MCA .30-06 SN: 60773
'Mannlicher Schoenauer' Austrian bolt action rifle manufactured circa 1970 Chamber marked.�MADE IN AUSTRIA / ORIGINAL / MANNLICHER / SCHOENAUER / MOD. MCA / KAL. 30-06�. The left side of the receiver is marked with 3 proofs that include ï...

Astra Model 900 7.63x25mm SN: 26425
The semiauto 900 was chambered for 7.63x25mm Mauser (like the C96), and about 21,000 were made from 1928 into the 1930s, the Astra Model 900 has a slightly different lock work, but in overall appearance and operation very closely resembles the Mauser...

Browning Citori 'Superlight' 20 Ga
SN: 14734PX123. 'Grade 1' over and under double barrel box lock shotgun made in Japan by Miroku. Blued finish, high gloss checkered walnut forend and "Prince of Wales" grip shoulder stock with Kick-Eez recoil pad. 26" vent rib barrels, steel sighting...

Men's Rolex
GMT/MASTER Oyster Perpetual chronometer wristwatch, "PEPSI", purchased at Artland Watch &Co Hong Kong on May 27th 1971, stainless steel, two tone dial red & blue. Pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II is a cult favorite among loyal Rolex fans because it boa...

Winchester Model 1894 .38-55 SN: 69577
Vintage lever action rifle manufactured circa 1899. Features 26" octagon barrel, full length magazine tube, dovetailed blade front sight, adjustable sporting rear sight, smooth walnut forend & straight wristed buttstock, carbine butt with curved stee...

Winchester Model 1894 .32-40 SN: 416969
Vintage lever action repeating rifle chambered in .32-40 Winchester manufactured in New Haven, CT circa 1906. Features a blued finish, 26" round barrel, full-length tube magazine, dovetailed blade front sight, elevation adjustable semi buckhorn rear ...

Winchester Model 70 pre-64 300 Win Mag
SN: 110652 'Controlled Round Feed' Vintage Classic American bolt action rifle manufactured circa 1949. Features blued finish, 24" slender profile barrel, no sights (rear sight dovetail filled and blended), single piece Redfield base & rings mount...

Slot Machine
(Herbert) Mills Manufacturing began making slot machines in 1907, called the "Liberty Bell", and by 1908 were call "the bells". This 'Operator Bell' has the Pace Conversion installed. This is a rare 25 cent slot machine, for the 1920's and 1930's. Th...

Rainier Arms RM15 458 SOCOM SN: RA6027
Deluxe Big Bore AR15 style rifle with premium components. Features 16.5" fluted stainless Wilson Combat barrel, Wilson Combat Bolt Carrier Group, muzzle brake with external threads for suppressor mounting (possibly by SilencerCo), Giessele Super Modu...

Vintage Zuni Turquoise Cluster Cuff
set in sterling, maker marked "FK".

Colt Custom Combat Commander .45 ACP.
SN: FC20105E. "Colt Custom" on left slide. Stainless steel single action semi-automatic 1911A1 pattern compact pistol chambered in .45 Auto. Features a matte stainless finish with polished flats, 4.25 barrel, 3 white dot dovetailed sights, wide serr...

Original Acrylic on Canvas
by Al Bahe (Born 1959) was active/lived in Arizona. Al Bahe is known for Navajo Yei Figures. This picture depicts mudhead Kachina, hand-signed lower right, Measures 15.5" x 19.5".

Factory Engraved Savage 99 .22 HP & .410 Ga
SN: 156368. Two Barrel set. Manufactured in 1914 with standard markings including the grade "A" type floral engraving on the receiver and barrel at the breech. 20" barrel fitted with pinned beaded brass blade front, adjustable sporting rear, and Lyma...

DWM 1920 Commercial .30 Luger SN: 9604i
Undated German toggle locked recoil operated semi-automatic pistol chambered in 7.65 (30 Luger), manufactured between World Wars. No import marks observed. Not stamped "Germany" Features blued finish, 3 3/4" barrel, dovetailed inverted 'V' front sigh...

Walther PPS 9mm SN: AV6014
Quality German made subcompact striker-fired semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9x19mm. Features a matte black finish, 3.2" barrel, three-dot sights, trigger safety, push button magazine release, cocked indicator, and black polymer frame. Pistol is l...

Stainless Steel with black face with red and black bezel . Style 16710, Serial Number R16710A30B7879 Serial number Z312368. Comes with original case and box and purchase paperwork. Pre-owned GMT Master II ref 16760 (1986) was the first reference in t...

Ruger New Model Blackhawk 45 Colt #47-06694
'Bisley' Single action revolver manufactured circa 1986. Features blued finish, smooth wood grips with Ruger medallions, 7.5" barrel, adjustable sights, un-fluted 6 shot cylinder with engraved "BISLEY MODEL" motif with images, Bisley shaped grip, Bis...

Heckler & Koch SL6 223 Rem SN: 09372
'Made in W Germany' semiautomatic rifle chambered in 223 Remington. Design is based on the HK-93/33 action, but with a straight line Euro sporter styled wood stock. Features approx 17.5 inch barrel, post front sight with circle protector ring, adjust...

Fabrique Nationale/Oyster Bay Ind Hi Power
9mm SN: 9890 'Pre War Tangent & Slotted' Belgian semiautomatic pistol, manufactured circa 1935-1938. Identified as a Chinese contract pistol by Anthony Vanderlinden, author of the two volume reference books on FN Browning pistols. Features blued fin...

7th Cavalry M1881 Enlisted Dress Helmet.
Original era manufacture. A beautiful example of a fully rigged US Army enlisted dress helmet for the famed 7th Cavalry. Golden yellow M1881 chest cords which would attach the helmet to the soldier A very nice Horstmann contract wool felt body, W.H....

Fine Bronze Babies in Papooses
9"X3" mounted on barnwood

Walther Model PP "RFV" .32 Auto SN: 331084P
Rare "RFV" marked PP. Manufactured by Walther at Zella Mahlis, Th�ringen. Serial number dates this all matching piece to 1944. Non-import with wartime Eagle N commercial proofs.(1940-45) Back strap is marked "R.F.V. 24004 W," showing use by the ...

Chinese Type 56 'Vietnam Capture' 7.62x39mm
SN: 12342195. Vietnam War capture Gun. Patterned directly after the Russian SKS infantry rifle, the Chinese Type 56 was among the assortment of small arms fielded by the main line and irregular elements of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. This...

Browning Hi Power 9mm SN: 69C22664
Desirable single action semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9x19mm, manufactured in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale circa 1969. Features a blued finish, 4.75" barrel, internal extractor, round blade front sight, dovetailed rear sight with �u� ...

Fazakerley/CAI No 4 Mk 2 303 British
SN: A5300 'UF 55' British military bolt action rifle dated 1955, imported by CAI, St Albans VT. Features black finished metal, two piece straight gripped stock with full length handguards, brass buttplate, 25" barrel, bayonet lug, protected blade f...

Walther CCP 380 ACP SN: WM014773
German semiautomatic pistol imported by Walther Arms, Fort Smith AR. Features two tone finish (nickel plated slide over matte black polymer frame), accessory rail under dust cover, 3.5" barrel, sights in dovetails, single action striker fired, manual...

Men's Oyster Perpetual Rolex
GMT- Master II Wristwatch, SN V279884, Stainless Steel Case, with black face. Pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II ref V279884 tops many collectors' must-have lists. Part of its immense appeal lies in the pairing of Oyster steel with an all-black dial and ...

Pietta/KC 1873 SA 45 Colt SN: E114531
Italian made replica of an 1873 Single Action Army, imported by KC of Harrisburg PA. Features single action operation, blued & case color finish, two piece smooth walnut grips, 4-3/4" octagon barrel, fluted 6 shot cylinder. Bore & charge holes are ex...

Limited Edition Winchester Bronze
Signed and dated "P. W. MCCOBB '80" in the lower right corner, for artist Paul W. McCobb who was authorized by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. to produce 260 of these commemorative plaques before the company dissolved later that year. The artist es...

Indian Checkered Rug
in colors of gray and white with black ends. Measures 66x31. In overall excellent condition.

Original Framed Pen and Ink Drawing
Including the artist Harold E Wencks, published book of poems and drawings. Harold E Wencks was an early 20th century artist, active in Tombstone Arizona, during the late 1920's and early 1930's. The Hand signed drawing by the artist had evidently b...

Original Kentucky Rifle used by Fess Parker
in his role as Davy Crockett in the iconic television series and film by Disney. This rifle was made circa 1820-1830's in Reading, Pennsylvania area. It is signed with two fancy illegible makers initials at rear of barrel and shows a James Golcher lo...

Navajo Coral Cuff & Ring
Beautiful coral and sterling cuff with coral cuff ring size 8.

Ruger Blackhawk .357 Mag. SN: 113890
'Old Model, Three Screw' Vintage American made single action revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. Manufactured circa 1968. Features a blued finish, 4 1/2" barrel, raised serrated ramp front sight, Micro adjustable rear sight, smooth thin trigger, serra...

Striped Native American Rug
in gray, black, red and orange, measures 73x55.5". Two areas of red staining on gray, otherwise, very good condition.

Colt LW Commander .38 Super SN: CU05140E
Lightweight 1911A1 platform single action semi-automatic pistol. Features a nickel/stainless finish, stainless steel slide with dual serrations, 4.25" barrel, full-length steel guide rod, Blade front sight with single white dot, dovetailed two-dot re...

Underwood M1 Carbine 30 Carbine SN: 4010043
"Austrian Gendarmerie" marked US military semiautomatic rifle manufactured during WWII. Rebuilt / Refinished. Features parkerized finish on most parts, blued or acid dipped trigger guard, 18" barrel, protected blade front sight, adjustable rear peep ...

Springfield Hellcat Pro 9mm SN: BB139649
Croatian semiautomatic pistol imported by Springfield Armory, Geneseo IL. Features 3.7" barrel, big dot front night sight, white outline "U" shaped rear sight, striker fired, manual safety in trigger, loaded chamber indication, accessory rail on dust...

M1874 McCellan Saddle 7th Cavalry.
Extremely Rare 1st Pattern M1874 McClellan Saddle, the "Custer" Saddle. The most sought after of all saddles from the Indian Wars period. It is also one of the scarcest by virtue of its being issued to cavalry units stationed in areas of the country ...

Ruger New Model Single-Six 22 LR/Mag
SN: 266-29371 American made stainless steel small frame western style single action revolver with both a .22 Long Rifle cylinder & a .22 Magnum cylinder (both numbered "371" on face). Features a satin finish, 5 1/2" barrel, black Partridge front si...

Custom Mauser 243 Rock Chucker NVSN
Single shot bench rest type bolt action rifle chambered for 243 Rock Chucker, also referred to as 6mm/257. This is an early vintage wildcat cartridge. Features blued finish, manual safety, single shot cartridge sled fitted to action, large oversized ...

Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Mag. SN: 11908L
Double-action revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. Manufactured circa 1970's. Features a blued finish, 4" barrel with solid top rib, shrouded ejector rod, raised & pinned ramp front sight, adjustable rear sight, fluted six-shot cylinder, smooth trigger...

Cased J. Purdey Hammer SXS 12 Ga. SN: 8347
This was the property of William H. Howard, a prominent who was born in San Francisco in 1850, schooled in England, cattle rancher, Dairy farmer, he owned "Rancho San Mateo" which is now a state landmark. He died in 1901 at the age of 51 of "Blights ...

Magnificent Sapphire & Diamond
Ring Set. Center oval cut sapphire, 2.68cttw flanked by two round cut diamonds .50cttw set in 14K white gold and weighs 4.46g. Size 6. Includes GIA appraisal with approximate retail replacement value 15,000.00. Total approx gemstone weight 3.18cttw.

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless 32 ACP #59676
Vintage single action semi-automatic compact pistol chambered in .32 Auto, manufactured circa 1907. Early gun with barrel bushing. Features a blued finish, 4" barrel, low-profile round blade front sight, dovetailed rear sight with 'u' notch, two-line...

Vintage Bar Bottle
Antique Paul Jones blown glass and enamel cut with fancy lettering "Paul Jones" . Measures approx 9.5" tall, with 3" base and 5" diameter at widest point.

Smith & Wesson 39-2 "Trapper" 9mm
SN: A635864. Trapper Gun Scorpion Conversion Smith & Wesson Model 39-2 Semi-Automatic Pistol. Built by Lin Alexiou of Fraser, Michigan, the Scorpion was a conversion package offered by Trapper Gun Inc. for the Smith & Wesson Model 39. Circa 1970's. I...

Colt Diamondback .38 Spl SN: D52274
Double/single action revolver manufactured circa 1972, in 38 Special. Features blued finish, checkered wood target style grips with silver colored Colt medallions, 4" barrel with full length underlug and vent rib, adjustable sights. Bore and charge h...

Winchester 9422 XTR .22 S/L/LR SN: F341062
Lever action rimfire rifle features blued finish, fancy figured walnut forend & stock with smooth wrist & forend, flat plastic factory buttplate, 20" barrel, full length magazine tube under barrel, hooded post/bead front & sporting rear sights. Bore ...

French Dragoon Helmet. C. 1845
Circa 1845. 1830�1848- Reign of Louis Philippe The helmet has brass skull and edging to the peaks and fur turban to the body. A brass top crest which is decorated to the sides with volutes and laurel leaves, the front with a medusa head above a...

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP #411971
'Type 3' Re-finished, re-barreled vintage semiautomatic pistol manufactured circa 1915. Features, checkered black hard rubber grips with embossed Colt banners and Rampant Colt logos, re-barreled with a 4" In Lead We Trust threaded barrel, fixed sight...

Colt Python .357 Mag SN: PY212345
Double action revolver features stainless steel construction, laminated wood grips with checkered panels & silver color Colt medallions, 4" vent rib barrel with full length underlug, adjustable sights, front blade has red insert, grooved wide trigge...

Smith & Wesson 617-6 .22 LR SN: DAN5875
The "K-22 Masterpiece". Stainless steel and color case-hardened double-action 6-shot revolver with a 4" full underlug ribbed barrel, adjustable rear sight, target front sight, matte topstrap/rib and Hogue Monogrip rubber grips. Metal finish shows a d...

J.B. Clabrough Hammer SXS 12 Ga. NVSN
1867 dated case Clabrough percussion shotgun with "J.P. Clabrough San Franscisco. Laminated Steel" on rib, no serial number. A renowned Birmingham gun-making firm, which was in operation both in England and in California. The Damascus barrels are 32"...

Handmade Gold Bracelet
14k Italy marked on the clasp of this gold bracelet measuring approx 7.25" from end to end and weighs nearly 20 grams.

J.P. Clabrough Boxlock 12 Ga SN: 10932
This is the second highest grade 12-gauge boxlock shotgun, which listed for $180.00 in the 1910-1913 J.P. Clabrough & Johnson catalog. 30" barrels. 2 3/4" chambers, choked Full, & Cyl. The rear of the file cut top rib has an engraved pigeon, rib marl...

Winchester Model 1894 25-35 WCF SN: 468081
'Saddle Ring Carbine' Vintage lever action rifle manufactured circa 1908. Features 20" barrel, full length magazine tube, dovetailed blade front sight on raised ramp, "D W King" sporting rear sight, smooth walnut forend & straight wristed buttstock, ...

Vintage Bar Bottle
Blown-cut glass and enamel, with "Corn Whiskey" in fancy lettering. Antique, likely made between 1860-1880.

Fred Harvey Style Rolling Log Cuff
Set In Sterling With Single Turquoise Stone.

Browning Superposed .410 Bore SN: 3511J70
Rare in this caliber. Manufactured 1970. Grade 1 Belgian made O/U 410 gauge, 2 1/2" chambers 28" vent rib barrels with two white sighting beads, fixed skeet/skeet chokes. Typical floral engraving on frame . Single selective trigger. Ejectors. Sliding...

Browning Citori 'Grade 6' 12 GA
SN: 16135NM953 Highly embellished Japanese made by Miroku under/over double barrel shotgun chambered for 2 3/4" & 3" shells. Features high polish blued 28" vent rib barrels, Invector choke system interchangeable choke tubes, selective ejectors, silv...

Winchester Model 1892 .38 WCF SN: 768396
Vintage lever action rifle manufactured circa 1915. Chambered in 38-40. Features 24-1/4" half- round half-octagon barrel, full length magazine tube, dovetailed blade front sight with set screw, adjustable sporting rear sight, Marble's folding adjusta...

Russia/CDI SKS 7.62x39mm SN: CCCP34597
Russian semiautomatic rifle imported by CDI, Swansea, VT. Appears arsenal reworked. Features 20" hard chrome lined barrel, protected post front and tangent rear sights, fixed 10 rd magazine with hinged floorplate, manual safety, hardwood stock with t...

Vintage Custom Estate Ring
with 7 opals with 4 accent diamonds and 10 garnets surrounding the opals set in 14k gold. Created in the 1950s or 1960s and is a one of a kind, handmade ring. Will appraise for $2,500-$5,000. Size 8.

Winchester Model 94 32 Win SPL SN: 1025297
'Pre-64 Eastern Carbine' Lever action repeating rifle manufactured in New Haven, CT circa 1954. Chambered for 32 Winchester Special. Features a blued finish, 20" tapered barrel, full-length tube magazine, hooded ramped blade/bead front sight, sportin...

Springfield 1903 30-06 SN: 1245520
US military bolt action rifle manufactured circa 1922. Reworked circa 1942 for use in WWII. Features parkerized finish, walnut shoulder stock with straight wrist and grasping grooves, walnut handguard, 24" barrel, blade front sight with clip-on prote...

Browning Superposed 'Pigeon Grade' 12 Ga
SN: 55000S6 'Pigeon Grade' double barrel over & under shotgun made in Belgium for Browning Arms circa 1966. Accepts 2-3/4" shells. Features blued barrels, coin finished engraved action, fancy figured walnut stock & forend, straight grip, 26.5" vent ...

Winchester 1907 S.L. 351 Cal SN: 30251
'British Proofed' Vintage semiautomatic rifle chambered in .351 SL, circa 1914. Some of these were purchased by allied nations early in WWI for special uses such as Flying Corps observers, among others. It has a 20" blued barrel with added bayonet lu...

George Leonard Target Rifle .45 Cal SN: 526
Half-Stock percussion target rifle. approx. 46" long. The heavy octagon barrel is approx. 29-1/4" long. Bore has excellent rifling. Includes a brass bullet starter. Barrel surface is turning a plumb brown throughout and is free of any pitting and sho...

Cased J. Purdey Pinfire SXS 12 Ga.
Property of Capt. Francis Hall. Exceptional James Purdey 12 gauge double barreled pinfire shotgun with rare grip safety, in its original wooden case with tools and loading equipment. Ebony handled tools includes makers G&J Hawksley, W. Bartram. Purd...

Winchester Model 1894 38-55 SN: 206917
Vintage lever action rifle manufactured circa 1901. Features 21.5" octagon barrel (appears shortened, no dovetail for mag tube bracket, no forward band), full length magazine tube, dovetailed blade front sight, buckhorn rear sight, smooth walnut fore...

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