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Ottawa, IL 61350
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Bidding Starts: Saturday Aug 31, 9:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Sunday Sep 15, 6:00pm
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Matthew Bullock Auctioneers LLC

Contact: Matt Bullock
Phone: 815-220-5005
Website: ID#: 2828
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421 E Stevenson Rd Ottawa IL


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Bidding is open now and will start closing
Sunday September 15th 10:00am – 7:30 pm.




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Over 1000 lots!!!! Spanning many centuries

A fantastic fun eclectic auction with something for everyone

Native American & Pre-Columbian Artifacts, Antiques, Primitives, Toys, Dolls, Advertising, Pottery, Glassware, Artwork, Furniture, and much much more!


Terms: Cash, Check, & Credit Cards
No out of state checks, no business checks and no checks over $500 from new buyers.
20% Online Buyers Premium

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Lot Number   Lot Title
1   Vintage Van Briggle Vase with Flower Frog
2   Vintage Roseville Pottery Freesia Blue 19-6 Ewer
3   Vintage Roseville Pottery Clematis Blue 103-6 Vase
4   Vintage Weller Pottery Vase
5   Vintage Roseville Pottery Bittersweet Yellow Windowbox 868-8
6   Vintage Blue Pottery Bowl
7   Vintage Pottery Vase
8   Group of 2 Vintage Roseville Pottery Freesia Blue 197-6 Cornucopia Vases
9   Vintage 3 Footed Teco Vase
10   Group of 2 Hall Pottery Pitcher and Covered Dish
11   Group of 3 Bing and Grondahl Copenhagen Porcelain Children Figurines
12   Vintage Carnical Glass Purple Bowl
13   Vintage Carnival Glass Green Vase
14   Vintage Pottery Vase
15   Vintage Satin-Cased Glass Floral Design Vase
16   Group of 2 Vintage Japanese Handpainted Dragonware
17   Higgins Floral Design Art Glass Bowl
18   Vintage Hull Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar
19   Shawnee Pottery Winnie Cookie Jar
20   Group of 8 Marigold Iridescent Carnival Glass Vases
21   Group of 4 Marigold Iridescent Carnival Glass Dishes
22   Group of 5 Iridescent Butterfly Dishes
23   Group of 3 Carnival Glass Dishes
24   Vintage Pottery Vase
25   Goebel Co-boy Well 507 Gnome Figurine
26   Group of 2 Hummel Goebel Girl and a Boy Figurines
27   Group of 2 Hummel Goebel Girl Figurines
28   Goebel Co-boy Well 515 Gnome Figurine
29   Hummel Goebel Praying Virgin Mary Figurine
30   Group of 2 Hull Little Red Riding Hood Salt and Pepper Shakers
31   Group of 2 Porcelain Deer Figurines
32   Abraham Lincoln Bust with Base
33   Abraham Lincoln Head Bust with Base
34   Abraham Lincoln Bust
35   Abraham Lincoln Life Mask
36   Teddy Roosevelt Bust
37   George Washington Bust
38   Robert E. Lee Bust
39   Beethoven Bust
40   Vintage Priest Statue
41   Darwin Ape with Skull Statue
42   Egyptian Mummy Statue
43   Group of 2 Religious Statue
44   Group of 2 Antique Sarcleuse and Laboureur Metal Statues
45   Antique Cast-Iron Dog Doorstop
46   Vintage Pottery Monkey Statue
47   Group of 5 Handcarved Wooden Spanish Saints Statues
48   Group of 4 Handcarved Wooden Spanish Saints Statues
49   Vintage Mexican Candelabra
50   Vintage Pottery Angel with 2 Birds Candle Holder
51   Vintage Wood and Plaster of Paris Pig Face Mirror
52   Handcarved Concrete Jesus Head
53   Antique Santa Chocolate Molds
54   Antique Santa Chocolate Molds
55   1967 Red Owl Inn Metal Sign
56   Group of 2 Wooden Advertising Taylor Hose Co. Signs
57   Vintage Wood and String Mouse
58   Vintage Cast Iron Black Americana Man and Alligator Paperweight
59   Group of 3 Black Americana Figurines
60   Metal Gargoyle Finial
61   Group of 2 Vintage Scales
62   Group of 2 Vintage Advertising Hanging Scales
63   Vintage Griswold Cast-Iron Molded Lamb
64   Colonial Coffee Grinder
65   Vintage Sexton Metal Pledge of Allegiance Wall Plaque
66   Vintage Midwest Metal Eagle with Patriotic Shield Wall Decor
67   Vintage Washington Brass Eagle Door Knocker
68   Antique Brass Lion Head Door Knocker
69   Group of 2 Vintage Pottery Pitchers
70   Group of 2 Vintage Spirit Blue and White Spongeware Pitchers
71   Group of 2 Skull Decor
72   Vintage Chicago Worlds Fair Souvenir Globe Paperweight
73   Vintage Wolverine Childs Toy Glass Washing Machine
74   Pair of Dutch Wooden Clogs/shoes
75   Antique Edison Standard Phonograph
76   Bronze US American Legion Grave Marker
77   Group of 4 Vintage Cast-Iron Frog Door Stoppers
78   Vintage Paper Mache Face
79   Group of 4 Vintage Chalk Sheep Statues
80   Group of 2 Vintage Statues of Liberty
81   Group of 4 Vintage Metal Statues
82   Group of 3 Cowboys and a Horse Statue
83   Antique Primitive Horn Pincushion
84   Double sided Metal Chipmunk Crossing Sign
85   Vintage Handmade Wooden Black Americana Puppet
86   Group of 4 Brass Crabs and Turtles
87   Group of 3 vintage Disney figurines
88   Crazy Horse Statue Atop a Rock
89   Group of 4 Mortar and Pestle Bowls
90   Group of 3 African Decor
91   1960 Handmade Pottery Vase
92   Van Briggle Small Vase
93   Antique Mother with Child Statue
94   Blue Stain Glass Turtle Nightlight
95   Group of 5 Bust Heads
96   Gerber 600 Magnum L.S.T. Serrated Knife In Original Box
97   Group of 5 Vintage Pocket Knives
98   Group of 7 Vintage Pocket Knives
99   Group of 4 Vintage Coca-Cola Pocket Knives
100   Group of 2 Vintage Gillette and Schick Razors In Original Boxes
101   Vintage Women  Curvfit Razor
102   Group of 3 Vintage Drafting Tool Sets
103   Group of 4 Vintage Drafting Tools and more
104   Illinois State Geological Rocks and Minerals of Illinois
105   Group of 3 Vintage Paper No Smoking Signs
106   Group of 5 Metal Signs
107   Group of 5 Metal Advertising Signs
108   Vintage Coca-Cola Advertising Metal Button Sign
109   Vintage Coca-Cola Advertising Metal Bottle Thermometer
110   Group of 9 I & M Canal Rendezvous License Plates and more
111   Group of 3 Vintage Illinois Plates
112   Group of Small State Souvenir License Plates
113   Group of 2 Vintage Childrens Texaco Fire Chief Hats
114   Vintage Clear Glass Sanitary Cheese Preserver
115   Vintage Planters Peanuts Advertiisng Glass Jar with Lid
116   Vintage 5 Cent Gumball Machine
117   Vintage Gum and Toy Gumball Machine
118   Vintage Gum and Toy Gumball Machine
119   Vintage Wood 10 Pipe Holder with Glass Tobacco Jar and 10 Pipes
120   Group of 2 Vintage Wooden Pipe Holders
121   Group of 2 Vintage Wooden Pipe Holders
122   Vintage Wooden Pipe Holder Stand
123   Group of 2 Metal Knights Pipe Rests
124   Vintage Briggs Smoking Tobacco Wooden Barrel with Tin
125   Group of 6 Vintage Tobacco Pipes
126   Group of 4 Vintage Clay Tavern Pipes
127   Vintage Meerschaum Tobacco Pipe in Satin Lined Case
128   Vintage Ruhla Deer Scene Tobacco Pipe
129   Group of 5 Vintage Plow Boy Chewing and Smoking Tobacco
130   Vintage White Rock Advertising Tin
131   Group of 52 Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments and more
132   Group of Vintage Banner Glass Christmas Ornaments
133   Group of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments
134   Group of 14 Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Toppers and Ornaments
135   Vintage Mercury Christmas Tree Topper
136   Group of Vintage Glass Garland Mercury Christmas Beads
137   Group of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments
138   Group of Vintage Christmas Ornaments
139   Group of Vintage Barclay Cast Metal Lead Christmas/ Winter Miniature Figurines
140   Vintage Paper Mache Santa Claus Head
141   Vintage Battery Operated Bell Ringing Santa
142   Vintage Styrofoam Ball with Santa
143   Vintage Celluloid Christmas Tree Decor
144   Group of 6 Vintage Plastic/Celluloid Christmas Decor
145   Group of Vintage Plastic/Celluloid Christmas Reindeer
146   Group of 11 Vintage Metal Reindeer
147   Group of 3 Vintage Christmas Decor
148   Group of Vintage Plastic/Celluloid Christmas Decor
149   1927 Noma Decorative Lighting Outfit Box ONLY
150   Vintage Santa Claus and his Reindeer Decor
151   Vintage The Santa Clipper In Original Box
152   Vintage Carnival Plastic Glow in the Dark Ornaments In Original Box
153   Group of Vintage Christmas Decorations and Decor
154   Group of 3 Nutcrackers
155   Group of 6 Vintage Santa Clauses
156   Group of Vintage Putz Christmas Decorations
157   Group of Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
158   Group of Vintage Christmas Ornaments
159   Group of 4 Vintage Santas
160   Group of 12 Vintage Santa Claus and more
161   Group of Vintage Christmas Decorations
162   Group of Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
163   Group of Hallmark Ornaments
164   Group of Christmas Cards in boxes
165   Group of Vintage Christmas Decorations
166   Vintage Motorized Color Wheel In Original Box
167   Group of 3 Vintage Motorized Color Wheels
168   Group of Vintage Christmas Stocking and more
169   Group of Christmas Ornaments, Statues and more
170   Clothtique Limited Edition Santas Checklist
171   Group of 4 Vintage Santas
172   Group of Wooden Christmas Rocking Horse Ornaments
173   Enesco Thomas Nast Santa Claus Music and Action Collectible
174   Group of Christmas Cream and Sugar and more
175   Group of Hallmark Christmas Keepsake Ornaments and more
176   Group of Porcelain Doll Ornaments
177   Group of Porcelain Doll Ornaments
178   Group of Hallmark Ornaments In Original Boxes
179   Group of Christmas Carolers Ornaments
180   Group of Porcelain Mr and Mrs Santa Claus Ornaments
181   Large Group of Christmas Decorations
182   Large Group Of Christmas Lights
183   Group of Santa Plush Dolls
184   Group of 2 Royal Daulton Christmas Miniature Vase and Pitcher
185   Vintage Ben Cooper Fred Flintstone Costume and Mask
186   Group of 6 Vintage Halloween Noisemakers and more
187   Group of 3 Peanuts Halloween Schroeder Playing Piano In Original Boxes
188   Group of Vintage Halloween Decorations and Masks
189   Group of 9 Vintage Plastic Pumpkin Buckets and more
190   Group of 6 Vintage Lamp Shades
191   Group of 3 Vintage Glass Candy Containers
192   Group of 3 Vintage Basketweave Green Canister Set
193   Group of 13 Vintage Epiag Aich Canisters
194   Group of 4 Vintage Stoneware Pottery Bowls
195   Group of 8 Vintage Cased Glass Bowls
196   Group of Vintage Marigold Carnival Glass Dishes and more
197   Group of 8 Vintage Pottery Bowls and more
198   Group of 9 Vintage Pottery Vases and more
199   Group of 12 Vintage Carnival Glass Indian Head Toothpick Holders
200   Group of 3 Vintage Stacking Striped Pyrex Nesting Bowls
201   Group of 8 Vintage Salt and Pepper Jars and more
202   Group of 3 Vintage Shirley Temple Clear Blue Glass Creamers
203   Group of 3 Vintage Pink Depression Glass Dishes
204   Large Group of Vintage Green Depression Glass and more
205   Group of 10 Vintage A&W Rootbeer Glass Mugs and more
206   Group of 15 Vintage Steins
207   Group of 11 Vintage Steins
208   Group of 3 2000-ML Pyrex Test Tubes
209   Group of 2 Pyrex Beakers No. 1010 and 1000
210   Group of Pyrex Beakers, Test tubes, Pyrex Covers and more
211   Vintage Gilbert Microscope and Lab Set
212   Vintage Convex Glass Magnifying Paperweight
213   Group of 6 Vintage Clear Glass Juicers
214   Group of Cut, Clear and Frosted Glass
215   Group of Vintage Ceramic Vegetables
216   Group of 6 Vintage Oil Lamps
217   Group of 5 Vintage Electric Lamps
218   Group of 5 Vintage Childrens Lamps
219   Group of 8 Vintage Glass Lamp Shades
220   Group of 10 Vintage Miscellaneous Glass Lamp Shades
221   Shiro Kiboto Acoustic Guitar with Hard Carrying Case
222   Yamaha G-231 II Acoustic Guitar with Hard Carrying Case
223   Hernandis Vintage Acoustic Guitar with Hard Carrying Case
224   Yamaha FG-75 Acoustic Guitar with Hard Carrying Case
225   Dorado by Gretsch Acoustic Guitar with Hard Carrying Case
226   Eterna EF-18 Acoustic Guitar
227   Kingston Acoustic Guitar with Soft Case
228   K-326 Violin With Carrying Case
229   Universal Favorite Violin with Carrying Case
230   Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Violin with Hard Carrying Case
231   Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Violin with Hard Carrying Case
232   Violin Hard Carrying Case ONLY
233   Acoustic Guitar with Hard Carrying Case
234   Child  Wooden Acoustic Guitar
235   Vintage Epiphone Acoustic Guitar
236   Vintage Lafayette Trumpet with Carrying Case
237   Reynolds Contempora Coronet With Carrying Case
238   Pan American Coronet with Carrying Case
239   Vintage Olds Special Coronet with Carrying Case
240   Vintage Accordion With Case
241   Vintage TMC Accordion with Case
242   Congo Drum
243   Group of 2 Bongo Drums
243B   Group of 3 Drums
244   Pan American Flute With Carrying Case
245   Clark Tin Whistle Set In Original Box
246   Group of 3 Flutes
247   Vintage Thorens 10 Metal Music Box Disc Set In Original Box
248   Group of Vintage Miscellaneous Musical Items
249   Vintage Liberty Chimes
250   Group of 2 Vintage Fi-Cords 300A Recorders
251   Vintage 12 Inch Standard Globe Replogle
252   Vintage 10 Inch Replogle Precision Globe
253   Vintage Rand McNally World Portrait Globe
254   Vintage 12 Inch Replogle Comprehensive Globe
255   Group of 3 Globes and more
256   Group of 2 Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers In Original Boxes
257   Vintage World Map Globe Lamp
258   Group of 2 Vintage Wooden Crates
259   Vintage Wooden Shelf
260   Nova Home Planetarium
261   Vintage Metal Zodiac Calendar
262   Vintage Posh-M-Up Big 5 Game
263   Unisphere New York Worlds Fair Replica
264   Antique Primitive Wooden 5 Drawer Wall Decor
265   Group of 5 Jewelry Boxes and more
266   Primitive wooden barrel
267   primitive wooden barrel
268   Vintage Gray Enamelware Coffee Pot
269   Vintage Gray Enamelware Coffee Pot
270   Group of 2 Vintage Enamelware Strainers
271   Group of 3 Vintage Scales
272   Group of 4 Vintage Scales and more
273   Group of 2 Vintage Candy/Gumball Dispenser
274   Vintage La Pavoni Espresso Machine
275   Group of Vintage Letter Openers
276   Antique Acorn Wares UHL Pottery Crock
277   Vintage Horlicks Malted Milk Glass Jar
278   Group of 6 Vintage Bottles
279   Group of 4 Vintage Brown Wine Bottles
280   Rotating Hardware Organizer
281   Group of 4 Vintage Jars
282   Group of 8 Vintage Ashtrays
283   Vintage Victorian Cruet Set
284   Group of 7 Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers
285   Vintage Newspaper Grill In Original Box
286   Vintage Sears 18 inch Picnic Grill In Original Box
287   Vintage Superchef Hotplate Barbecue in Case
288   Group of 2 Chalet Fondue Sets
289   Group of 2 Vintage Sled Skates
290   Group of Vintage Advertising Tins and more
291   Group of 3 Vintage Spittoons
292   Group of 4 Masterware Canister Set
293   Group of 9 Wine Bottle Openers
294   Group of Goldtone Flatware
295   Group of 8 Vintage White Mountain Apple Parer/Corer and Slicer
296   Group of 8 Cast Iron Skillets
297   Vintage Wooden Tool Box
298   Group of 3 Vintage Metal Pots
299   Antique Thomas Edison Standard Cylinder Horn
300   Classic Games Collectors Series Chess Set
301   Inuit Eskimo Green Soapstone Carved Sea Otter
302   Inuit Eskimo Soapstone Carving Walrus
303   Inuit Eskimo Carving
304   Inuit Eskimo Figurine Soapstone Carving
305   Inuit Eskimo Soapstone Figurine
307   Inuit Eskimo Soapstone carving mother and baby
306   Inuit Eskimo figurine Soapstone carving
312   Inuit Eskimo Sea Lion Soapstone carving
308   Inuit Eskimo Soapstone carving sea lion
309   Inuit Eskimo figurine Soapstone carving
316   Group of Pre-Columbian Artifacts
310   Inuit Eskimo Soapstone Fish carving
313   Group of 8 Native American Baskets and lids
311   Inuit Eskimo Soapstone sea lion carving
314   Native American Woven Basket
315   Group of Pre-Columbian Artifacts
317   Group of Pre-Columbian Bowls/Artifacts
318   Group of Pre-Columbian Artifacts
321   Vintage Native American Busts
319   Vintage Molded Metal Native American Female in head dress
322   Native American Chief Molded Figurines
320   Vintage Native American cigar store chief in head dress
323   Vintage Native American Bust
324   Vintage Native American Bust
325   Group of 7 Native American Indian Arrowheads
327   Framed Vintage Native American mutual life insurance print
326   Group of Native American Indian Arrowheads
328   Ceramic Native American piece
329   Native American Chief in Head dress metal decor
330   Native American Tile/Paperweight with pressed copper
331   Native American Beaded Moccasins
333   Cedar Box with Clarence Mills Skahna Painted tile
332   Vintage painted foam Cigar Sign
334   Vintage Native American Hand Painted decor
335   Group of 3 hand painted Native American figurines
336   2 Vintage Native American Banks
337   Group of Native American decor, drums, beaded items
338   Group of Native American bags
339   Group of 5 carved wooden Native American figurines
340   Group of 7 Vintage Native American Dolls
341   Hand painted ceramic bear
342   Group of Ceramic Native American figurines
343   Iroquois Corn Husk Doll
344   2 souvenir Native American Head dresses
345   Metal Native American Bookends
346   Group of souvenir Boats made from tree bark
347   Souvenir WI Dells painted logs
348   Carved Stone Native American
349   Native American Rug
350   Group of Native American Rugs and pillow
351   Group of 7 Baskets
352   2 Native American Pottery pieces
353   Inuit Eskimo Carved Soapstone Duck
354   Carved Egyptian figurine
356   Aztec Clay Figures
355   Group of 3 pottery Whistles
357   Group of 3 Aztec Drum and woven and and leather mats
358   Group of 2 Easter Island statues
359   Group of 3 Head statues
360   Native American Souvenir Hot Springs Arkansas
362   Large seashell
361   Vintage Tin Horse decor
363   Large Clam Shell
365   Jar of small seashells and 3 larger shells
366   Group of Primitive Ancient Stone Tools
367   Group of Fish Fossils
364   Large Clam Shell
368   Group of 12 Fish Fossils
369   Group of Fossils and other stones
370   Group of Fossils and Fossilized Teeth
371   Group of Aztalan arrows and brick fragments
372   Group of Fossils
373   Ancient Bone Fragments
374   Group of Fossils and other stones
375   Group of Geological Stones and Rocks
376   Ancient Archaeological Pottery Pieces
377   Group of Ancient Archaeological artifact fragments
378   Group of Ancient Archaeological artifact fragments
380   Group of Ancient Archaeological artifact fragments
382   Group of Fossils
379   Group of Ancient Archaeological artifact fragments
381   Group of Ancient Archaeological artifact fragments
383   Group of Stones, minerals, Archaeological fragments
384   Group of Stone Tools and other stones
385   Group of Ancient Archaeological artifact fragments
386   Group of stones and bone fragments
387   Group of rocks, Fossils, Stone Tools and more
388   Group of stones, petrified wood, Fossils and more
389   Group of Pre-Columbian Artifacts
390   Group of Pre-Columbian Artifacts
391   Group of Pre-Columbian Artifacts
392   Black Ogre Kachina Doll
393   Vintage Kachina doll
395   Group of 20 Hand Painted kachina Dolls
394   Group of 4 vintage kachina dolls
396   Group of hand crafted Kachina Dolls
397   Hand crafted Pottery vase
399   Cast iron Vintage Native American chief Bookends
398   Hand carved vintage Totem
403   Group of 8 Primitive Clay Figure artifacts
400   Native American carved wood wall decor
401   Group of 3 Native American figurines
402   Group of 3 Painted Ceramic Native American wall decor
404   Group of 8 Vintage Bronze Figures and Animals
405   Genuine Childs Western Cowboy Boots
406   Vintage Pla-Master play suits Child Squaw Costume new in box
407   Antique Table Tennis Game In Original Wooden box
408   Vintage Mickey Mouse Slugaroo Toy In Original Box
409   Vintage astronaut snoopy action figure
410   Vintage Astronaut Astro Dog Space Toy
411   Vintage Wooden Pull Toy clown on tricycle
412   Group of 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures and toy
413   Vintage Tin Circus Shooting Gallery Game
414   Vintage Graf Zeppelin Cast Iron toy
415   Vintage Space walker Jumping Shoes In original box
416   Vintage G I Joe Deep Sea Diving Equipment
417   Group of Vintage Kenner Star Wars Figures
418   Vintage Star Wars Darth Vadar fun poncho in original packaging
419   Super Powers Wonder Woman action figure in original packaging
420   Nintendo Game Boy Pocket with Adapter and 2 games
421   Harry Potter magic powers action figure in original packaging
422   Dick Tracy Party Games In Original Packaging
423   Chief Cherokee by Marx Toys new old stock in original box
424   Group of 6 US Navy Blimp Model Kits
426   Group of 3 Vintage Fisher Price Toys In Original boxes
425   Group of 2 Vintage Cymbal banging monkeys
427   Group of Louis Marx Action Figures
429   Group of Vintage Toy Guns
430   Group of POGs
428   Group of Vintage Viewmasters and reels
431   Group of 2 Vintage Zeppelin wind up toys in original boxes
433   Group of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and carrying case
432   Group of 2 Vintage midgeToy train sets in original packaging
434   Group of micro action vehicle sets and more
435   Group of 14 Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids
436   Group of 12 Matchbox Diecast Toy Cars in Gift Pack Box
437   Group of 12 Matchbox Diecast Toy Cars in Gift Pack Box
438   Group of 12 Matchbox Toy Car Boxes, Gift Pack Box, and 1969 Collectors Catalog
439   Group of 5 Matchbox Diecast Toys
440   Group of 5 Matchbox Diecast Toys
441   Group of 3 Matchbox Diecast Toy Cars: Firetruck & Ambulance.
442   Group of 6 Matchbox Diecast Toy Cars, Heavy Equipment
443   Group of 8 Matchbox Diecast Toy Cars: Trucks, Trailers, Etc.
444   Vintage Diecast Structo Auto Transport Toy Truck
445   Buddy L Army Half-Track Mobile Artillery Unit
446   Structo Toyland Garage 24-Hour Towing Service Toy Tow Truck
447   Buddy L Coca Cola Yellow Diecast Toy Truck
448   Nylint Toys Vintage Fire Truck, NFD 6
450   Vintage Tonka Indian Winnebago Toy Camper
449   Vintage Buddy L Toy Dump Truck
451   Vintage Mighty-Tonka Road Grader Toy Truck
452   Lot of Two Vintage Buddy L and Tonka Toy Firetrucks
453   Group of 4 Vintage Metal Toys
454   Vintage Hardy Boys Mysteries Metal Lunchbox
455   Vintage Marvel Comics Super Heroes Metal Lunch Box and Thermos
456   Vintage GI Joe Metal Lunchbox and Thermos
457   Group of 7 Mattel Dolls
458   Adult building game and pull toy
459   Group of 6 Vintage Airplane and Balloon Toy Kits
460   Vintage Buddy L Coca Cola Toy Trucks Set with Original Box.
461   Vintage Model Kits: Cannons and Guns
462   Vintage Cardboard Toy Chest with Toys, Tonka, etc.
463   Large lot of Vintage Pull Toys
464   Vintage PlaySkool Richard Scarrys Build and Play World of Puzzletown: Dr Lions Medical Center
465   Disney Micky and Minnie Mouse Collectible Classics Woodsculpt Series Plush Dolls
466   Group of 5 Model Airplane Kits
467   Group of 7 Model Airplanes
468   Group of two Blimp Model Kits
469   Group of 3 Vintage Model Toy Cars
470   Group of 3 Vintage Model Toy Ships
471   Group of 3 Toy Model Kits: Blimp, Zeppelin, and Airplane.
472   Group of 9 Monogram and Cleveland Toy Plane Model Kits
473   Group of 6 Vintage Toys & Board Games
474   Group of 7 Vintage Board Games: Smurfs, Flintstones, Etc.
475   Group of 5 Space Shuttle & Rocket Ship Toy Models
476   Group of Vintage Disney puzzles and more
477   Group of Vintage Disney Toys, paper dolls and more
479   Group of 6 vintage model kits, power plant, dinos, and more
478   Group of Vintage Food Play Sets
480   Vintage wooden blocks
481   Vintage Tin Mousekartooner Mickey Mouse Club drawing toy
482   Group of vintage Peanuts items including puzzles, Thermos, coin bank and more
483   Peanuts dolls In original packaging
486   Vintage Peanuts Collector Plates
484   Group of Peanuts figures, vehicles and more
485   Peanuts holiday decor, bicycle bell, snow cone maker and more
487   Group of 5 Talking Viewmaster Reels
488   Group of 5 Vintage Disney items including Thermos, puzzle and more
489   Original Lincoln Logs with illustrated design book
490   2 wooden Tinkertoy sets
491   Group of 6 building toys, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys
492   Group of building kits, Legos, plastic bricks
493   Group of 4 building toys, Stone, rubber and wood
494   Set of 4 3D Pre-Engineering D-Stix Design kits
495   Group of 9 building and creative play toys
496   2 vintage metal toys, train and lighthouse
497   Vintage metal moving carnival toy
498   Vintage Louis Marx pressed steel enameled ride-on Pioneer Express Locomotive toy
499   Vintage wind up toys
500   Group of 9 vintage metal planes and boats
501   Vintage metal wind up vehicles 10 pieces
502   8 vintage metal noisemakers and tops
503   Set of vintage metal household toys
504   Group of 12 vintage metal noisemakers
505   4 piece Chinese Checkers lot
506   Set of 5 educational games
507   11 vintage games
508   8 vintage board games
509   Group of 9 classic board games
510   Group of 8 logic and trivia board games and more
511   Group of 10 kazoos
512   Matchbox, HotWheels Vehicles, Storage and more
513   Group of various imaginative play toys
514   Group of MicroMachines sets and vehicles, Tootsie Toy vehicles
515   Group of 4 math/addition toys/abacus
516   Group of 24 plastic dinosaurs and reptiles
517   Berenstain Bears Happy Meal Toys, Playskool Richard Scarry sets
518   Lot of plastic animals
519   Group of 20 plastic animals
520   50 plastic toys
521   Kenner Star Wars action figurines, 1984 Ewok calendar
522   2 vintage View-Masters
523   13 inflatable animals, Barnum  Animals
524   Vintage Plush Gumby
525   Vintage Steiff 26 inch plush alligator
526   Sears brand Farm playset
527   Group of 25 cardboard Gulf Oil Lunar Module kits
528   Milton Bradley Torpedo Run board game
529   Mattel First Wheels train set
530   Vintage Pogot wind-up robot toy. USSR
531   2 vintage Fisher-Price Play Family School houses
532   Group of 15 plastic toys
533   Pull-along wooden circus train toy
534   Group of Fisher Price and Playskool furniture, vehicles and more
535   Group of multiple Fisher Price People, animals and more
536   Group of 3 Fisher Price toys
537   Group of 3 imaginative play buildings
538   4 piece Fisher Price toys
539   Vintage metal dollhouse
540   Group of 8 Fisher Price toys
541   Preschool puzzles and puzzle rack
542   Vintage musical instrument toys and more
543   Group of 11 Fisher Price wind up musical toys
544   Group of 3 carnival toys
545   Group of 4 Fisher Price and Playskool toys
546   Farm toys
547   Group of 4 toys
548   Group of 4 bridge pieces
549   Mixed group Pez, Baseball cards and more
550   Military/GI Joe toys
551   Multiple miscellaneous miniature toys
552   Group of 17 Vintage metal boat toys
553   Group of 4 vintage Wilesco steam engine toys
554   Vintage metal helicopter
555   Group of 8 sets Chess pieces
556   Group of 6 vintage metal farm machine toys
557   Group of 5 vintage toy tractors
558   5 pieces vintage farm implement toys
559   Group of 6 vintage farm vehicles
560   Set of 2 vintage battery powered monkeys
561   Group of 4 vintage toys and more
562   2 Vintage Zeppelins
563   2 vintage soda drinking animal toys
564   Vintage wooden cat educational toy
565   Vintage batter powered smoking bartender
566   Mixed lot of vintage toys
567   9 vintage masks
568   Box lot of miscellaneous vintage toys
569   Group of 14 vintage metal toys
570   Group of 5 Vintage toy shooters
571   Vintage collectible miniature wooden bats
572   Group of 5 vintage microscopes
573   Marbles, mixed
574   Marbles, mixed
575   Group of 3 vintage mannequin hands
576   Group of 34 patches
577   Set of 2 complete vintage toy tea sets, Sears
578   Group of 4 vintage child size sewing machines
579   Group of 5 miniature souvenir glasses
580   Miniature Czech trinket basket
581   6 Vintage Carnival Glass toothpick holders
582   Group of 3 Vintage Bausch and Lomb binoculars
583   Group of 5 Vintage Antique Stereoscopes
584   Group of 9 vision aids
585   Mixed lot of election memorabilia and more
586   Group of 8 incomplete coin collection books
587   Mixed group collector coins, commemorative coins and more
588   Group of 47 1934 Chicago Worlds Fair commemorative coins
589   Group of commemorative medallions
590   Group of Political Souvenirs
591   Vintage rotary telephone
592   Group of 4 vintage telescopes
593   Group of handmade puppets
594   Group of 2 vintage miniature cameras
595   Group of 4 zoom lenses
596   Group of 8 vintage cameras
597   Group of 12 vintage cameras
598   Group of 8 vintage cameras
599   Mixed lot Dinnerware
600   Genuine leather briefcase
601   Group of 2 Wooden Vintage Stools
602   Vintage Tree trunk carving
603   Vintage Industrial Floor lamp
604   Group of vintage wicker furniture and decor
605   Antique upholstered footrest/stool
606   Antique cast iron and wood wine/fruit press
607   Antique wooden roll front cabinet
608   Antique Wooden Bench
609   Antique wooden rocking chair
610   Antique wooden cabinet
611   4 Mid century chairs
612   Antique wooden school desk
613   Antique wooden school desk
614   Antique Wooden Side Table
616   Group of 3 antique wooden round back chairs
615   Group of 3 Mid Century stools
617   Antique Child rolltop desk
618   Antique Wooden claw foot round table
619   Antique Wooden side table
620   Antique marble and cast iron round table
621   Vintage Juke Box
622   Antique cast iron press
623   Antique Metal Clock Face Renouf Chartres
624   Group of 3 Antique child wooden chairs
625   Vintage child toy box
626   Antique gum ball machine with cast iron base
627   Antique gum ball machine
628   Vintage cedar chest
629   Vintage Cedar Chest
631   Antique Wooden Glass front cabinet
630   Vintage cedar chest
632   Antique wooden rocking chair
633   Wooden Baby High Chair
634   Antique painted wooden coat stand
635   Antique wooden shelving unit
637   Antique Lawyers Bookcase
636   Antique Quarter Sawn Oak dresser
638   Antique Lawyers bookcase stack
641   Antique Wooden Desk
639   Antique Wooden card catalog/file cabinet
640   Vintage Grandfather Clock
642   Antique wooden barometer
643   Antique Wall Waterbury Wall Clock
644   Robert E Lee Steam Paddleboat Model
645   Clipper Ship 1845 Rainbow wooden model
646   Group of 3 wooden model ships
648   Antique Dietzgen Transit Tripod
647   Group of wooden model ships
649   Vintage Baby Pram/Buggy
650   Antique Grandmother Wall Clock
651   2 Vintage Cuckoo Clocks
652   Vintage wooden wall clock
654   Antique Ansonia Marble Mantle Clock
653   Vintage Mantel Clock
655   Group of Vintage/Antique clocks for parts
656   Vintage framed landscape oil painting
657   Framed oil painting of landscape and village
658   Vintage framed oil painting of mill and river
659   Vintage framed oil painting of bridge and stream
661   Framed Pabst Blue Ribbon French Indian War Generals Advertising Print/litho
660   Vintage watercolor artwork
663   Framed oil painting of fall scene
662   Still life floral oil painting on canvas
664   Oil painting on canvas of Lions
665   Framed canvas of elephants
666   Framed print Cheetahs of Samburu
673   Framed oil painting of lake trees and trail
668   Framed Artwork Tom Tru Homage to the Square
669   Custers last fight Budweiser cardboard painting
670   Still life floral oil painting on canvas
667   Framed print of Eagle signed by artist Albert Earl Gilbert
672   Framed painting Quiet River by Jan Bauer
671   View of Antibes from the Plateau Notre Dame Monet reproduction
674   Thulstrup engraving A Relay on the old Boston Post Road framed
675   Framed print In The Brook by W Carlton
676   Framed painting A Royal Guest
677   Framed artwork Little Boy with Dog
678   Framed artwork boats on lake with mountains
679   Framed artwork painting of fall forest and stream
680   Framed Oil Painting of water crashing on rocks and seagulls
681   Oil painting on canvas of trees and lake
682   Framed panoramic antique photo of lake
683   Framed Print Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish
684   Framed reverse painted glass parrots
685   Framed Antique Art Engraving Print Native American hunting scene
686   Framed Artwork etching Don Quixote Salvador Dali
687   Framed artwork etching Salvador Dali Don Quixote
688   Framed artwork etching Salvador Dali Cervantes
689   Framed Print of Native American Woman
690   Framed Artwork Print End Of the Trail Native American
691   Framed End of the Trail Native American Print
692   Painting of Couple in fancy dress
693   Vintage framed Last Supper print
694   Framed artwork oil painting beach scene
699   Framed Signed artwork Natural Innocence
695   Framed hand colored print crucifixion scene
696   Framed rendering main elevation Field Museum Of Natural History
697   Framed Theodore Roosevelt sepia tomes Photo Print by Ian Pirie Macdonald photography
698   Framed water color artwork bombed buildings
700   Vintage Persian Rug
701   Vintage Handmade Quilt
702   Vintage Handmade Quilt Top
703   Group of 3 Vintage Quilt Tops
709   Vintage Zebra Skin Hide Rug
704   Vintage Handmade Quilt
711   Antique 5 Gallon Stoneware Jug
706   Vintage Handmade Quilt
708   Vintage Handmade Quilt
707   Vintage Handmade Quilt
710   Vintage Black Bear Taxidermy Rug
713   Antique No. 12 Indian Head Stoneware Crock With Handles
705   Vintage Handmade Quilt
712   Antique No. 3 Stoneware Pottery Crock Jug
714   Antique No. 8 Redwing Stoneware Water Cooler Crock
715   Vintage Handmade Quilt
716   Vintage Handmade Multi-colored Quilt
717   Vintage Handmade Quilt Top
718   Vintage Handmade Star Quilt
719   Vintage Handmade Crossstitch Quilt
720   Vintage Handmade Multi-Color Quilt
721   Vintage Handmade Flower Quilt
722   Vintage Handmade Butterfly Quilt
723   Vintage Conn Trumpet with Case
724   Vintage Cast-Iron Man on a Motorcycle
725   Vintage Hallicrafters World-Wide Radio Transmitter
726   Group of 3 Vintage Glass Doll Heads
727   Group of 3 Vintage Dolls
728   Vintage Pelham Woodenhead Girl Puppet In Original Box
729   Vintage Kewpie Porcelain Doll
730   Group of Vintage Frozen Charlottes China Dolls and more
731   Group of Vintage Frozen Charlottes China Dolls and more
732   Group of Vintage Kewpie, Frozen Charlotte Dolls and more
733   Group of Frozen Charlottes and more
734   Vintage Sawdust Body Doll
735   Vintage Doll
736   Vintage Teddie Bear
737   1973 Fisher Price Baby Beth
738   Group of Vintage Pocket Dolls and more
739   Group of 7 Vintage Black Americano Dolls
740   Group of Vintage Barbies and more
741   Group of 3 Vintage Sasha Dolls with Boxes
742   Group of 5 Vintage Zapf Creation Dolls
743   Group of 4 Vintage Madame Alexander Dolls
744   Group of 2 Vintage Ideal Shirley Temple Doll Collectiin
745   Group of 2 Vintage Amtoy Classmate Dolls
746   Group of 2 Vintage Vogue Ginny Dolls
747   Group of 2 Vintage Margaret Jones Designer Dolls In Original Boxes
748   Group of Vintage Ginny Dolls and more
749   Group of 5 Vintage Dolls in Original Boxes
750   Group of 9 Vintage Dolls
751   Group of Vintage Cloth Dolls
752   Group of 7 Vintage Steiff
753   Group of Vintage plush and toys
754   Group of Vintage Mexican paper mache, maracas, wooden toys
755   Group of 3 Vintage model fighter planes and graf Zeppelin
756   Group of Vintage glass, pottery, porcelain pieces
780   Group of 5 pairs of mens boots
781   Group of uniform shirts and jackets
782   Group of 17 pairs of jeans and corduroys new
783   Group of 6 tshirts Beatles, Epcot, Bengals and more
784   Group of 2 coats, one pea coat, police uniforms jacket
785   Riverside Police Auxiliary Coat
786   2 child size authentic vintage Leiderhosen
787   10-X Sportsmen jacket with Patches and pin
788   Vintage striped wool womens coat
789   2 Vintage Eddie Bauer coats
790   Vintage Woolrich wool pullover size XL
791   Vintage The North Face US Fish and Wildlife Service Jacket
792   Full length fur coat and hood
793   Group of 4 Vintage Burberrys Trench Coats
794   Vintage Mobil Body Shop Coveralls child size
795   Vintage Scotty dog turtleneck sweater
796   Vintage striped sweater Freddy Krueger
797   Group of 3 Vintage genuine fur stole and other pieces
798   2 Vintage Genuine Alligator bags
799   Group of 4 Vintage beaded/sequin purses
800   Group of Vintage erector sets in metal cases
801   Group of 5 Vintage erector sets in cases
802   Vintage Erector Set in toolbox
803   2 vintage erector sets in metals cases
804   Vintage electric engine erector set in metal case
805   Vintage Ferris Wheel erector set in metal case
806   Vintage Ride-It Erector Set In Box
807   Vintage Erector Set Amusement Park In Metal Case
808   Vintage electric engine erector set in metal case
809   Vintage erector set wooden box
810   Vintage Lionel Construction Set In case
811   18 pkg Scotch Professional Magnetic Tape
812   Vintage Western Union Telegraph Signal Set
813   Vintage Stanley Thermos set
814   Hundreds of slides
815   Vintage Cronco Cold Taste cooler
816   Vintage B&J View Camera kit
817   Group of vintage Slides
818   Vintage Shell Film reels
819   Vintage Sony Stereocorder
820   Group of 2 14k gold rings
821   Vintage Standard Oil Advertising Thermometer
822   Vintage Miniature Cap Gun
823   Set of 2 vintage First Aid kits
824   Group of 9 Antique commemorative badges
825   Mixed lot, studs, cuff links, key holder, whistles, and more
826   Vintage Digital Watch
827   Group of 8 belt buckles
828   Mixed lot of souvenirs
829   Group of 4 vintage stopwatches
830   Group of 3 compasses
831   Group of 4 Jon-E Warmer personal hand warmer/cigarette lighters
832   Group of 4 character watches
833   Mixed lot of medals, memorabilia, tie clips and more
834   Large lot of costume jewelry
835   Group of costume jewelry with jewelry box
836   Group of 4 vintage Men  razors
837   Mixed lot of vintage lighters, keys and more
838   Vintage Buttons and thimbles
839   Group of 15 vintage and retro watches
840   Mixed jewelry
841   Group of costume jewelry
842   Vintage travel flatware
843   Vintage kitchen tools, collector spoons and more
844   Group of mixed flatware
845   Lot of silver plated flatware
846   Group of matchbooks, all one style
847   Group of 10 vintage Vilac toy cars
848   Group of 5 vintage clock, timer, radio
849   Group of 4 vintage work light/bicycle horn and light sets
850   Group of 6 fuel/oil cans and more
851   Group of miscellaneous vintage household needs
852   14 vintage tins
853   Group of safety lights
854   2 toy mowers
855   Vintage coffee grinder
856   Vintage desk fan
857   Tote full of Burger King memorabilia
858   Large tote of children  toys
859   Hanging coatrack
860   2 canes
861   Handmade double swing for dolls
862   Group of vintage wooden toys
863   Lot of 9 vintage desk lamps
864   Fly fishing wall hanging
865   Schmidt Saw Sharpening sign
866   Group of 4 wall sconces
867   Group of 9 vintage household items
868   Group of 6 vintage Dietz kerosene lanterns
869   Set of 2 vintage hat forms
870   Vintage copper broiler
871   Richard Daley Political sign
872   Primitive wooden shovel
873   Group of 3 vintage buck saws
874   Group of 5 vintage antique farm tools
875   Group of 26 candlesticks
876   Group of 8 sterling silver pieces
877   4 sets of silver plated candlesticks
878   Group of 3 bells
879   Group of 9 historical figure decor
880   Carlin  North American Indian Portfolio
881   The Franklin Mint Gold Medal Portfolio of Western Art
882   Vintage mailbox
883   Female torso manikin
884   Group of 4 Presidential profile wall plaques
885   Gauguin mask
886   Group of 4 historical figure busts
887   Large Bust of Benjamin Franklin
888   2 vintage Rubber Stamp Racks
889   Pair of vintage arts and crafts candlesticks
890   Moccasins
891   Native American Turtle rattle
892   Group of 4 decorative brass pieces
893   Native American style headdress
894   Toy sailboats
895   Vintage leather Doctor  Bag
896   Native American shaman bag, tools, fossils and more
897   Vintage Native American style decor pieces
898   Group of 14 Native American style decorative pieces
899   Group of 5 vintage milk crates
900   2 sets S.S. Pleasure Cruise candle holder sets and more
901   Cast iron fly ashtray
902   Enesco vintage pitcher and cups
903   Noah  Ark
904   Group of 7 vintage candle lanterns
905   Group of 10 miscellaneous small decorative pieces
906   Group of 7 coin banks
907   Group of 9 coin banks
908   Group of records and more
909   Group of 3 candle stick/stands
910   Vintage Tin Ambrosia Brewing Nectar Beer tray
911   Group of 3 Coca-Cola tin trays
912   Vintage Trick Dog coin bank
913   Vintage Chalkware carnival prize
914   Vintage glass Christmas ornaments
915   Group of 50+ Hallmark Keepsake ornaments and more
916   Group of 22 vintage glass ornaments
917   Group of vintage Christmas decor
918   Group of 3 Native American busts
919   Set of Native American Statues/Wall hangings
920   Group of 11 metal souvenirs
921   Group of 18 vintage turkey figurines
922   Group of 5 miniature Pabst Blue Ribbon souvenir bottles
923   Group of 3 vintage miniature Budweiser Lager Beer bottle salt shakers
924   Vintage tin Coca-Cola thermometer and mounted bottle opener
925   Vintage National Bronze and Ironworks frame
926   Group of 4 vintage corkscrews
927   Group of 5 Italian wooden wall hangings
928   Group of 17 carved wood pieces
929   Group of 7 taxidermy pieces
930   Vintage Popeye chalkboard
931   Vintage carved wood wall hanging
932   Wooden painter  palette
933   Circa 1910 AC Lohmann advertisment
934   Vintage Shirley Temple pic
935   Vintage Burlington Route RR route sign
936   Vintage thermometers
937   Petrified wood
938   Radio Rex vintage toy
939   Vintage hand carved wooden nutcracker
940   Group of 10 bear figurines
941   Vintage Deer/Elk bookends
942   Vintage Abraham Lincoln bookends
943   Vintage Bradley Hubbard bookends
944   Group of bookends, 5 pieces
945   4 pairs vintage bookends
946   Vintage bookends, pairs and singles, 14 pieces total
947   Vintage Abraham Lincoln wall hanging plaque
948   Group of 3 Vintage Abraham Lincoln wall hangings Plaques
949   4 pieces Human Body Educational tools
951   Group of 6 vintage toy cannons
950   Group of 10 dog figurines/decor
952   Set of 2 stone crane figurines
953   Vintage sheathed knife
954   Group of 6 vintage figurines
955   Miniature cars
962   Group of 15+ vintage Disney items
956   9 vintage Matchbox vehicles
958   Vintage Fisher Price Play Family Farm
957   Group of 7 vintage board games
963   Antique Holy Catholic Bible
959   Vintage toys
961   2 vintage Mail Box banks
960   Vintage She-Ra tin box containing Glamour Gals
964   Set of Vintage Lefton ceramic masks
967   Antique prayer cabinet, vintage crucifix
965   Vintage Statuette
966   1 1/2 bolts vintage fabric
970   Vintage sewing patterns in pattern box
971   Vintage 1968 Uneeda Plumpee doll
969   Vintage glass encased nativity
968   Vintage ANRI creche
972   Group of drafting, printing, lettering tools and more
973   Group of 8 ceramics and more
974   Group of 20+ vintage decor pieces and more
975   20+ vintage pins and more
976   Group of 4 vintage antique figural lightbulbs
977   Vintage battery powered moving near toy
978   Mixed lot of vintage items
979   Large group of vintage antique Valentine and Christmas cards
980   20+ patches, badges and more
981   Group of 12 vintage kitchen items and more
982   Desert Images: An American Landscape
983   Group of 15 vintage household items
984   Group of 4 Nintendo GameCube Legend of Zelda games
985   Vintage PC games and software
986   Rand McNally 12 inch Lunar Globe
987   Group of 11 Shakespeare illustrations
1000   Pair of matted Chromolithographs
1001   Framed artwork painting desert and mountains
1002   Framed oil painting of animals in barn
1005   Group of 5 framed art prints
1004   Group of 4 framed oil paintings
1003   Pair of framed oil paintings
1006   Chalk nude drawing
1007   Art contest entry for IL Bell Telephone Directory Cover art
1008   Group of 3 Framed Asian bird themed silk paintings
1009   Group of 3 vintage floral convex glass artwork
1010   Group of 3 vintage framed paintings scenery
1011   Framed artwork of man with gun
1012   Group of 3 framed artwork pieces
1013   Group of 4 Giclee on canvas ship paintings
1014   Framed artwork painting of a French Boulevard
1015   Framed Landscape by Silvan oil painting
1016   Group of 4 framed dog etchings
1018   Group of 6 framed Abraham Lincoln items
1017   Group of 8 framed artwork pieces
1019   Group of 3 framed paintings
1020   Framed Ansel Adams print Yosemite and The Range of Light
1022   Let  Rebuild America in the 80s framed print
1021   Framed Henri Matisse Jazz print
1023   Framed Russian Poster
1024   Group of 3 framed artwork pieces
1025   Vintage artwork on pressboard
1026   2 framed artwork beach/water scenes
1027   2 vintage Old West Cowboy/cowgirl prints
1028   Group of 4 Vintage framed artwork
1030   Vintage framed round artwork of house and stream
1029   Vintage framed oil painting mountain lake scene
1031   Vintage framed artwork Expanded Time
1032   Vintage framed hand colorized Native American Woman
1033   Vintage framed painting winter scene, cabin and stream
1034   Vintage framed painting of cattle in field
1035   Vintage Wallace Nutting framed hand tinted print
1036   Vintage framed print Aurora by Guido Reni
1037   Vintage framed painting Semper Fidelis
1038   Vintage oil painting still life flowers
1039   Vintage painting of lakeshore and mountain
1040   Framed oil painting of angel carrying woman by Alexandre Falguiere
1041   Group of 3 Antique framed Valentine, fruit, girl art
1042   Group of 7 Antique framed photographs
1043   Group of 3 framed dog artwork
1044   2 portrait paintings on canvas
1045   Architectural Abstractions portfolio by Phil Crain
1046   Group of 4 pieces of artwork, landscapes, boat
1047   Group of 4 Vintage framed paper cutout art, house blessing
1048   Group of Vintage framed poems and sayings
1049   Group of 7 black and white photos on board
1050   Group of 3 framed Abraham Lincoln prints
1051   Group of Vintage framed religious art
1052   Group of 10 paintings on canvas
1053   Group of 4 Vintage damaged paintings
1054   Group of 7 Vintage paintings
1056   Group of 8 framed pieces of artwork
1055   Group of Riverside artwork, Audubon folio and more
1057   Group of Vintage artwork
1058   Group of 11 pieces of framed artwork
1059   Vintage Tiffany style hanging lamp
1061   Antique Handel Bankers/Student lamp with glass shade
1060   Vintage hanging slag glass lamp
1065   Group of 2 Antique table lamp bases
1062   Vintage Slag glass lamp shade
1063   Vintage glass slag lamp shade
1066   Vintage lamp with red Dietz lantern and wood base
1068   Vintage metal lamp
1064   Antique Slag glass shade table lamp
1067   Vintage stained glass/slag glass lantern shade
1069   Group Of 3 Vintage Tiffany style hanging lamp shades
1070   Antique Gone with the Wind lamp with Floral Design
1071   Antique lamp base
1072   Group of 2 Antique table lamps
1073   Group of 2 Vintage desk lamps
1074   Group of antique lamp shades and slag glass inserts
1075   Vintage mid century lamp
1076   Group of Reproduction Railroad Train Car Lanterns

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