Steve Howell Antique Telephone MUSEUM QUALITY Collection ONLINE AUCTION w/2004 Jaguar Convertible
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Freeland, MI 48623
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Bidding Starts: Wednesday Nov 16, 9:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Sunday Nov 27, 6:00 PM
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 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
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Freeland Auction Services, LLC

Contact: Barry Huckeby
Phone: 9898783308
Website: ID#: 7789
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Listing Information

The Steve Howell Antique Telephone Collection

Historical Online Telephone Collection Auction

Begins Friday November 11, 2022 & Ends Sunday, November 27, 2022


Freeland Auction Services has been entrusted to bring to market the Steve Howell HISTORICAL Museum Quality antique telephone collection.  This will be the 2nd absolute online auction for the HOWELL Telephone Collection and features 150 lots of telephone and parts.

Mr. Howell was a long-time member of the Antique Telephone Collectors Association becoming a member in the early 1970s.  He rarely sold items and had hundreds of what he called “projects” that he completed over several decades.  He specialized in Sumter telephones as well as maintaining the largest collection of extension bell boxes known.    

Now is your chance to own these rare pieces and add them to your collection. Every item described to a 'T" with dozens of photos so there will be no doubt that you will have value in the years to come.  You now have the opportunity to add one or more of his vanities, candlesticks, tandems, wall telephones, coin collectors, or group of parts for your own restoration projects to your collection. 

Have a field day and revel in some of the most treasured items in the telephony field brought to you by Freeland Auction Services, a “Premier Auction House” connecting collectors with collections!  Good Luck in your bidding, check back often, and feel confident that you will have a great piece of history.  So, please bid confidently, and enjoy this liquidation of a wonderful ATCA member’s collection.  Shipping is available, as well as local pickup in Freeland, MI. Have fun and please contact Barry with Freeland Auction Services if you have any questions!

Steve Howell Auction #2 brief listings below

·         Lambert Schmidt Telephone Co. CHERRY WOOD unusual compact telephone

·         The Gray Telephone Pay Station Co 3 slot coin collector

·         Federal "HOUSE TELEPHONE" compact metal wall telephone

·         Holtzer-Cabot telephone extension bell set with Garland Bells

·         Sumter Telephone MFG Co. Walnut picture frame wall telephone

·         North Electric Telephone Co. metal compact wall telephone

·         Oak Western Electric extension bell box with nickel over brass bells

·         Oak Western Electric extension bell box in excellent condition

·         Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co. unusual oak telephone apparatus

·         Western Electric OAK mini-tandem wall telephone 35" with Bell Long Pole

·         Swedish American Telephone Co. oak extension bell box

·         Early 1890s Telephone plug switchboard unit

·         Western Electric  OAK telephone extension bell box model 38-B unit

·         OAK Farr Telephone Co. extension ringer bell box

·         Western Electric threads RED Telephone Mouthpiece with Star in middle

·         Western Electric nickel 20B Candlestick telephone w/Gray 3Slot paystation

·         early 1900s Oak Telephone extension bell box

·         Oak early 1900s Western Electric extension bell box

·         FOUR antique telephone receivers, 1 possibly Sterling Electric, Swedish American

·         Museum Quality WESTERN ELECTRIC Co. Walnut Model 301 Fiddleback telephone

·         early 1900s Oak Telephone extension bell box with key

·         early 1900s Oak Stromberg Carlson telephone extension bell box

·         Long Distance Telephone SANITARY RED CROSS Mouthpiece advertising attachment

·         NINE antique telephone receivers in used condition, various models and makes

·         Early 1900s Oak Sumter Telephone Mfg IMPERIAL 2-Box telephone

·         Early 1900s Oak Western Electric type 212-A telephone subset ringer box

·         rare Vought-Berger Company La Crosse WI round telephone extension ringer

·         rare WALNUT Wesco Telephone extension bell box with unusual tiered gongs

·         The DEAN Electric Telephone Apparatus Elria, OH metal hotel style wall telephone

·         American Electric 1899 Oak Double Box telephone with swing-a-way transmitter arm

·         The Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co metal wall hotel type phone

·         Western Electric OAK telephone extension bell box

·         Pair of No. 4 LACLEDE TELEPHONE BATTERY glass jars with inserts Kokomo, Indiana

·         Unusual small OAK 1890s telephone extension bell box with key

·         Sumter Telephone MFG Co. OAK wall telephone with Sumter receiver

·         Western Electric 127F Oak telephone extension bell box

·         late 1880s MANHATTAN Oak telephone extension bell box with key

·         1890s Holtzer-Cabot Oak telephone extension bell box unusual size

·         Kellogg Switchboard Telephone Co. OAK Magneto wall telephone with fancy handset

·         Western Electric walnut TANDEM "CUMBERLAND TELEPHONE" 1890s with Long Pole receiver

·         FEDERAL oak early 1900s extension telephone bell box

·         late 1890s CENTURY TELEPHONE Co. Oak Extension Bell Box

·         Hard to find CENTURY TELEPHON Co. Oak extension bell box

·         Deveau Telephone Co. model #1172 Oak wall telephone intercom

·         1898 Standard Telephone Co. Madison CHERRY 2-box wall phone

·         Western Electric 295A OAK wall telephone subset for candlestick phone

·         1890s WESTERN TELEPHONE CONSTRUCTION Chicago IL extension bell box

·         Kellogg Telephone Co. metal HOTEL Wall phone 1910 era

·         The SAMSON ELECTRIC Co. Canton MASS glass telephone battery jar

·         1901 Kellogg OAK Wall Tandem telephone with fancy backboard

·         1890s H. C. TAFEL Electrical Supplies OAK Telephone extension bell box

·         early Mt. Eltrich Telephone Co. oak extension bell box

·         Western Electric OAK model 295A telephone subset ringer box

·         early 1900s oak telephone extension bell box

·         Museum Quality Western Electric Co. WALNUT Type 21 double box wall telephone

·         Kellogg Metal HOTEL TELEPHONE Set early 1920s excellent condition

·         American Electric 1890s Walnut telephone extension bell box

·         Public Telephone PAY STATION The Emblem of Good Service aluminum sign

·         early 1900s Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co. 24 station OAK telephone item

·         42" SUMTER Oak wall tandem telephone with fancy cast iron arm

·         late 1890s STANDARD TELEPHONE Co. walnut extension bell box

·         unusual OAK Telephone extension bell ringer box with key

·         rare small extension telephone bell box stamped P. Hauser & Cie

·         Oak telephone extension bell box for Candlestick telephone

·         Oak KELLOGG Telephone 1918 wall phone "STEVE'S FIRST BOUGHT PHONE" in 1971

·         unique museum quality Telephone intercom very unusual

·         Stromberg Carlson early 1900s Oak telephone extension bell box

·         rare VICTOR Telephone MFG Co. Chicago IL Oak extension telephone ringer box

·         unusual small OAK 1890s telephone extension bell box

·         1903 WALNUT Kellogg Telephone Co. wooden wall phone Picture Frame front

·         1894 WALNUT Western Telephone Construction Chicago extension bell box

·         Chicago Telephone Co. OAK extension bell ringer box from early 1900s

·         Western Electric 1903 OAK model 293-A compact wall telephone

·         unusual S. H. Couch Co. BOSTON/CHICAGO wooden wall compact telephone

·         1897 Stromberg Carlson Oak 2 Box wall telephone with early Triplet arm

·         Group of 10 original Western Electric antique telephone mouthpieces

·         Stromberg Carlson early 1898 Bulletin No. 2 Telephone Catalog

·         C & P Telephone Company & Associated Companies BELL SYSTEM Cobalt Blue bell

·         The Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co. nickel candlestick telephone

·         The Sumter Telephone Co. Oak Wooden wall magneto phone EXCELLENT!

·         The Southwestern Bell Telephone Company COBALT BLUE Bell System paperweight

·         The VICTOR Telephone MFG Co. CHICAGO IL Oak top box for restoration

·         American Electric OAK wood wall telephone with RARE Cast Iron Transmitter arm

·         Julius Andrae & Sons Milwaukee WI 1902 nickel unusual candlestick telephone

·         Kellogg Telephone Co. OAK Wall phone with nickel beveled edge transmitter

·         1898 McLean Electric Co. Greencastle IND Oak 2 box wall telephone

·         American Electric pair of glass telephone battery jars Laclede Co. Mfg

·         Oak 2 Box Western Electric wall telephone Historical Museum 3 Cell Dry Cell

·         Mountain States Telephone COBALT Blue Bell paperweight DENVER CO

·         1901 Walnut SUMTER TELEPHONE Co. Imperial wood wall telephone

·         Kellogg Candlestick Telephone with nickel transmitter faceplate

·         Group of 8 antique telephone receiver parts

·         The Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co. magneto telephone

·         Nebraska Telephone Company Local & Long Distance Blue Bell Paperweight

·         Kellogg Telephone Co. Central Office POLE CHANGER Oak Cabinet 1910

·         Chicago Telephone Co. OIL CAN Candlestick Telephone

·         Automatic Electric candlestick telephone with Mercedes dial

·         Monarch Telephone Co. Chicago IL candlestick telephone

·         Three Blue Bell Telephone paperweights FLORIDA Telephone Company

·         Western Construction Telephone Co. Chicago ILL OAK Vanity Telephone

·         Unusual 1896 OAK Telephone compact magneto telephone

·         FOUR antique telephone receivers, 2 Swedish American nickel bottom receivers

·         1930s Telephone Operator framed print

·         Missouri & Kansas Telephone Company BELL SYSTEM Blue Bell Paperweight

·         International Telephone OAK Wall telephone 1904 with early mount

·         Monarch Telephone Co. Chicago IL candlestick telephone

·         Western Electric dial Candlestick Telephone model 51AL

·         1894 Western Electric WALNUT 2 box antique telephone

·         Large group of 15 antique telephone mouthpiece assorted parts

·         Sumter OAK Telephone 1902 wall telephone VERY RARE VERSION

·         Western Electric early 1900s candlestick telephone

·         Stanley Patterson DeVeau unusual Candletick telephone

·         unusual Western Telephone Construction KEELYN Sytstem oak 2 box wall telephone

·         Gray Telephone Pay Station Co. Hartford CONN 3 slot coin payphone

·         The SUMTER Telephone Co. OAK Wooden Wall Magneto phone

·         Stromberg Carlson nickel and brass candlestick telephone

·         Stromberg Carlson nickel Candlestick telephone with Embossed faceplate

·         Chicago Telephone Co. oak wall magneto telephone

·         New York Telephone Co. Cobalt blue Bell System paperweight

·         Sterling Electric Telephone Co. oak large wall single box telephone

·         Western Electric 20B nickel candlestick telephone with Pony terminal top receiver

·         Western Electric 20B nickel candlestick telephone with knurl nut transmitter

·         Western Electric 317-N Plain Front OAK Wall Telephone

·         Pair of Western Electric brass thread original early 3 Slot Pay Station mouthpieces

·         Museum Quality BEAUTIFUL OAK Fiddleback Wall Telephone

·         The DEAN Electric Co. Elyria, OH Candlestick Telephone

·         The Connecticut Telephone & Electric Co. nickel candlestick telephone

·         Western Electric Telephone instruction booklet for No. 317 wooden wall sets

·         New York Telephone Co. Cobalt blue Bell System paperweight

·         ACME Telephone & MFG Co. Albia, Iowa BEAUTIFUL Oak wall phone

·         No. 4 Laclede Glass Telephone Battery made for American Electric

·         Interstate Electric Telephone MFG Co. OAK Wall telephone circa 1905

·         The VOTE-BERGER Co. Lacrosse, WI beautiful Oak wall telephone 1907

·         Automatic Electric candlestick telephone with dial

·         rare TRI-STATE Telephone & Telephone Co. Kellogg walnut wall telephone

·         Pair of Bell System Telephone Co. Cobalt & blue Bell Paperweights

·         Julius Andrae & Sons OAK SINGLEBOX Wall telephone with Folding Shelf 1908

·         unusual Western Telephone Construction single box wall telephone

·         The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania clear Bell 1940s paperweight

·         1907 CENTRAL TELEPHONE Co. OAK singlebox wall telephone

·         Group of two Bell System Telephone paperweights HARD TO FIND!

·         American Electric OAK wood wall telephone MUSEUM QUALITY

·         KEYSTONE Electric American Electric unusual candlestick telephone

·         Pair of antique telephone receivers

·         Western Electric Model 317AH Oak wall telephone with WE 143AW receiver

·         Group of NINE antique telephone mouthpieces mostly Kellogg

·         Sears Roebuck & Co. CHICAGO antique Oak wooden wall telephone

·         unusual Western Electric NICKEL 20-M candlestick telephone

·         Western Electric Telephone & Telegraph Apparatus & Supplies Blue Bell Paperweight

·         Central Telephone & Electric Oak Fiddleback St. Louis MO 1901 MUSEUM QUALITY

·         2004 Jaguar Convertible XKR Sports Car 4.2L Supercharged Engine

·         Suzuki GS 1100 GK motorcycle 58,000 miles


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