The Russ Brockmiller Antique Toy Collection ONLINE AUCTION Buddy "L" Tonka Keystone Smith Miller
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Freeland, MI 48623
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Bidding Starts: Tuesday Dec 28, 11:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Sunday Jan 16, 7:00 PM
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 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
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Freeland Auction Services, LLC

Contact: Barry Huckeby
Phone: 9898783308
Website: ID#: 7789
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ONLINE ONLY Auction. Must register with We accept CASH, CHECK or CC (with a 4% fee) for payments. Bidding will begin on Tuesday, December 28 and end Sunday, January 16 beginning at 5pm. Bidders are welcome to be present during the actual live online portion of the auction at the Freeland Antique Mall, 5868 Midland Rd, Freeland, MI 48623 on Sunday afternoon, January 16th. Winning bidders may pickup their purchases the same day or subsequent days. We do ship using FedEx ground or USPS. Please email or call us with any questions. (989) 878-3308
Listing Information

Russ Brockmiller

Antique Toy Museum


Buddy “L”, Tonka, Steelcraft, Metalcraft, Wyandotte, Keystone, Smith Miller, Turner

Tuesday, December 28th through Sunday, January 16th closing at 5:00pm.




Russ was an avid toy collector.  He traveled the country looking for his early pressed steel childhood toys of which he amassed an incredible collection.  Some of the Buddy “L” pressed steel toys came from the private collection of Richard Keats who was the former owner of the Buddy “L” Toy Company.  Many of his toys were purchased at high end auction houses across the country during the 1980s and 1990s.  Russ also enjoyed traveling to swap meets such as Hershey, PA to add items to his collections. His toy museum has been on display at the Freeland Antique Mall in Freeland, MI for 2 years and the family has decided it is time for it to be auctioned off. 

The auction will begin on Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 and ends Sunday, January 16th, 2022 beginning at 5:00pm. It is ONLINE ONLY on, however bidders are welcome to attend the online auction onsite at the Freeland Antique Mall and buyers will save on shipping by picking up their toy purchases on Sunday, January 16th.  We do ship toys via FedEx ground and USPS. The toys are currently on display for preview at the Freeland Antique Mall, 5868 Midland Rd, Freeland, MI.  Please give us a call with any questions or to schedule a preview.  We are able to accept absentee bids as well if you are not able to bid online. 




Freeland Auction Services                           

5868 Midland Rd.

Freeland, MI  48623


Sunday, January 16th at the conclusion of the auction.

Monday, January 17th from 9am-4pm

Tuesday, January 18th from 9am-4pm


Please give us a call at (989) 878-3308 if you have any questions.

Please visit for more information. Contact us with any questions.  

This is an ABSOLUTE online auction with bids starting at $0.00!


BIDDING begins December 28th and ends Sunday, January 16th at 5:00pm!



·         Buddy L Express Line pressed steel truck

·         Steelcraft City Delivery Box Truck original pressed steel

·         Buddy L Pressed steel Baggage Line Truck

·         Cor-Cor 1920s pressed steel dump truck

·         1920s Buddy L pressed steel dump truck with Chain drive

·         1940s Buddy L pressed steel CURTISS CANDIES semi truck

·         Buddy L 1920s STEAM SHOVEL original condition

·         Structo Cattle Farms 1950s toy semi in excellent condition

·         Buddy L Sand Loader & Dump pressed steel truck

·         Green Giant Brands TONKA TRUCK semi 1950s

·         Ford NYLINT Hy-Way Emergency Service Truck

·         Steelcraft U.S. Mail Airplane 1930s pressed steel

·         1920s MARX pressed steel Army Truck with Canvas Top

·         Girard Fire Chief Siren Coupe made in New York

·         1960s Buddy L yellow Coca-Cola truck with accessories

·         1960s Buddy L RIDING ACADEMY Truck with Horse

·         Girard Red Gate Pressed Steel Truck with battery

·         Marx Package Service blue pressed steel truck

·         Buddy L 1940s Hi-Lift Scoop-N-Dump pressed steel truck

·         1920s BUDDY L Blue/Grey pressed steel dump truck

·         Marx 1950s Gate farm truck excellent condition

·         Structo Toys TOYLAND GARAGE 24 Hour Towing Service Truck

·         1920s Steelcraft GREEN Gate Truck pressed steel with lights

·         Buddy L 1950s HYDRAULICALLY Operated pressed steel dump truck

·         1950s TONKA FARMS Gate truck with animals

·         Buddy L Double-Action HYDRAULIC DUMP Truck with trailer

·         1920s BUDDY L Deluxe Rider Delivery Truck

·         1930s Buddy L FARM SUPPLIES pressed steel truck

·         Buddy L REPAIR- Unit 1950s Pressed Steel truck

·         Buddy "L" No. 3413 Van Freight Carriers Trailer in original box

·         Buddy "L" Farm Machinery Hauler 1950s

·         1950s TONKA Thunderbird Express Semi Truck & Trailer

·         early 1920s Steelcraft ORANGE Semi Pressed Steel Truck & Car hauler

·         early 1960s WESTERN AUTO TONKA Red Truck & Trailer

·         Buddy "L" quality toys Pressed Steel truck excellent condition

·         Green BUDDY "L" Hydraulic DUMPER Pressed Steel Truck

·         Buddy L Freight Loading Conveyor

·         1920s pressed steel truck and several trailers

·         Buddy "L" Railway Express Agency GREEN Pressed Steel Truck

·         Buddy "L" Heavy Machinery Service Truck with Anvil

·         1931 Metalcraft COCA-COLA Bottling Company Delivery Truck

·         1920s BUDDY L pressed steel FLIVVER Doctors Coupe vehicle

·         1940s BUDDY L No. 918 Allied Van Lines Semi pressed steel

·         1925 Steelcraft Moving Van GMC low cab and green box body

·         1940s Buddy L Railway Express Agency CURTIS CANDY Delivery Truck

·         1960s International Harvester ERTL pressed steel semi truck and trailer

·         1960s TONKA Hertz Truck Rental Car Hauler with vehicles

·         GreyVan Lines WYANDOTTE Toys Pressed Steel Moving Semi

·         Doepke Model Toys RED FIRE ENGINE AERIAL LADDER Rossmoyne

·         Buddy "L" 1928 Transportation Coach Passenger Bus

·         1940s Buddy L woodie SKYVIEW CAB 18.5" long RARE

·         1940s Buddy L woodie Long Distance Moving Van Lines Semi

·         1960s NYLINT Ford U-Haul moving van box truck pressed steel

·         Doepke Model Toys Red Fire Engine Rossmoyne Truck

·         Buddy "L" Texaco Tanker gas delivery Semi

·         Smith Miller MACK semi Logging Truck w/Pup trailer

·         1930s pressed steel green and orange airplane

·         1920s STURDI TOYS American LaFrance Red Fire Engine truck

·         1920s Buddy "L" Tank Line restored truck

·         Original 1950s/60s Buddy "L" orange Department of Parks Tower

·         1920s Keystone PACKARD Fire Truck made in Boston Mass

·         Antique Pressed Steel 1920s Sand and Gravel crane

·         1920s Buddy L East Moline IL Sand Gravel Loader with chain drive

·         1955 TONKA Aerial Sand Loader Set with original instruction card

·         1929 Buddy "L" Aerial Fire Truck

·         1960s Pepsi NYLINT Pressed Steel delivery truck

·         1920s BUDDY "L" Wrecking Truck pressed steel

·         1930s Buddy "L" Motor Market Truck with advertising

·         1930s Buddy "L" pressed steel Ice delivery truck with canopy

·         1920s Buddy "L" pressed steel Baggage Line truck

·         1920s Buddy "L" Sand and Gravel Truck 26" long

·         1920s Buddy "L" Express Line THREE PIECE ANTIQUE TOY

·         1962 Nylint No. 4300 U-HAUL RENTAL FLEET Truck and Trailers

·         Pair of TONKA Bulk Storage tanks Number 1 and 2

·         1950s Structo Auto Transport Chrome cab and yellow car hauler

·         1940s pressed steel Red Dump Truck RICHMOND Scale Model Toy

·         1920s Wyandotte Orange Truck 12" long

·         1940s Buddy L Super Market Delivery with groceries

·         1920s Wyandotte Red and Orange pressed steel dump truck

·         1920s Wyandotte RED gate farm pressed steel truck

·         1920s Wyandotte Red and Black farm pressed steel truck

·         1920s WHITE Big Boy Kelmet Corp New York Truck

·         1920s Buddy "L" City Delivery Truck Orange and Black

·         1920s Buddy "L" Blue and Yellow pressed steel Dump Truck

·         1920s Buddy "L" Oil Truck pressed steel original condition

·         1920s Steelcraft PLAY BOY TRUCKING CO pressed steel wrecker

·         1930s Buddy "L" Motor Market Truck with Trailer and advertising

·         1940s Buddy "L" woodie wrecking truck

·         1940s Buddy "L" woodie PURE ICE truck

·         1940s Buddy "L" woodie VICTORY Toy ARMY vehicle

·         1940s Buddy "L" woodie long vehicle original condition

·         1940s Buddy "L" woodie STATION WAGON original condition

·         1920s Buddy "L" original Dump Truck in excellent condition

·         Keystone Service Center 1920s antique toy sign

·         1957 TONKA Highway Construction signs and orange barrels

·         Tru Scale RED Farm tractor

·         COMET'S amazing STRUCT-O-SPEED flying model in box

·         1920s Keystone U.S. Mail Truck built in Boston, MASS Pressed steel

·         Smith Miller MACK SEMI MOBILOIL and MOBILGAS Tanker Truck

·         1920s TURNER pressed steel tri motor CHAIN DRIVE airplane

·         Smith Miller Trans-Continental Freighter semi EXCELLENT

·         Smith Miller MACK TRUCK P*I*E* Pacific Intermountain Express

·         1950s Smith Miller TEXACO semi tanker truck

·         1950s Smith Miller GMC GREEN Logging delivery truck

·         1950s Smith Miller GMC RED crank Dump Truck

·         1950s Smith Miller GMC BLUE and silver delivery truck

·         1950s Smith Miller GMC Bank of America truck

·         1950s Smith Miller logging semi truck in excellent condition

·         1950s Dunwell certified pressed steel semi truck and trailer

·         1950s Smith Miller FRUEHAUF low boy semi tractor trailer

·         1950s Smith Miller BEKINS Vanliners Nation Wide Moving semi

·         1950s Smith Miller Smitty Toys California semi tractor trailer

·         1960 Tonka Farms beige stake pickup truck with white gates

·         1959 Tonka blue Service Truck with ladder

·         1960 Tonka Farms green stake truck with Horse Trailer

·         1965 Tonka Farms Horse Van

·         1957 TONKA Farms blue truck and straw bales

·         1961 TONKA 24 Hr. Service wrecker truck

·         1957 TONKA Steel Grain Hauler semi truck and trailer

·         1950s TONKA Lumber truck and stake truck bed

·         1959 TONKA Tanker transport truck and trailer

·         1955 Tonka Red and Green dump truck

·         1954 TONKA Livestock semi van

·         1956 TONKA State Hi-Way Department side dump orange truck

·         1950s TONKA State Hi-Way Department road excavator

·         1950s TONKA State Hi-Way Department HYDRAULIC DUMP Truck

·         1962 TONKA Serv I Car white and red

·         1961 TONKA State Hi-Way Dept MOBILE CLAM Crane truck

·         1961 TONKA Sportsman Pickup Truck with Boat

·         1961 TONKA RED Sportsman Pickup Truck

·         Smith Miller RED Auto Transport Semi and Trailer

·         Smith Miller FRED THOMPSON California Logging Company semi


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