LIVE GALLERY AUCTION-Firearms and Military Auction
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Ottawa, IL 61350
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Friday Nov 26, 2021 Completed
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 Live Auction with Online Bidding  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
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Matthew Bullock Auctioneers LLC

Contact: Matt Bullock
Phone: 815-220-5005
Website: ID#: 2828
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Listing Information

Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery

421 E Stevenson Rd Ottawa IL


LIVE GALLERY AUCTION-Firearms and Military Auction

Friday, November 26th, 2021 starting at 9:00am Central.



Highlights include Over 150 Firearms, Smith and Wesson, Colt, Heckler and Koch, High Standard, WW1 and WW2 Firearms, Enfield Jungle Carbine, M1 Garand, Japanese Arisaka, Nambu, Mausers, US Springfield Trap Door Rifle, Mosin Nagant, Chinese SKS, Hungarian AK47, Nagant Revolver, Civil War Colt Revolvers, Winchester, Walther, Ruger, Browning, Remington, Stevens Arms, J.C. Higgins, Colt Python, 1911A1, Percussion, Commemoratives, and More. One of a Kind 1947 Roosevelt Motorized Veterans Wheelchair, Giant Military Collection spanning various wars and eras, Bicorn Hats and Shoulder Boards, Civil War Era Items, WW2 USMC, WW1/WW2 Army, Campaign Hats, Tunics, Uniforms, Flight Suits, Tanker Helmets, Us Helmets, WW2 German Helmets, Wire Camouflage Helmetsm WW1 German Transitional Helmets, Flags, Canteens, uniforms, SA Daggers, Luftwaffe Daggers, Belt Buckles, Hitler youth, Luftwafffe, Kriegsmarine, Soviet Era Items, Mig Fighter Pilots Suit, KGB Items, Military Swords, Medal, Ribbons, Antique Ammo, Combat Knives, an Amazing Collection of Military Helmets spanning many different Countries, Wars, and Eras, and Much Much More.


Terms: Cash, Check, & Credit Cards

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Lot Number Lot Title
1 WW2 Lee Enfield No. 5 MK1 .303 British Cal. Jungle Carbine
2 Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54r Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet
3 Mosin Nagant M44 7.62x54r Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet
4 WW2 Japanese Arisaka 7.7x58mm Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet
5 U.S. Springfield Model 1884 Trap Door Rifle
6 WW2 British Enfield No1 Mk3 Lithgow .303 Bolt Action Rifle
7 WW2 British Enfield No1 Mk5 .303 Jungle Carbine
8 WW1 Russian Mosin Nagant M1938 7.62x54 Bolt Action Carbine
9 WW2 Japanese Type 38 Arisaka 6.5x50mm Bolt Action Rifle
10 WW2 Russian Mosin Nagant M1891/30 7.62x54 Bolt Action Rifle
11 WW2 Japanese Arisaka Type 99 6.5x50mm Bolt Action Rifle
12 WW2 US Springfield M1 Garand 30-06 Semi Automatic Rifle
13 WW2 Swedish Mauser Model 94 6.5x55mm Bolt Action Carbine
14 WW2 Japanese Arisaka Type 99 6.5x50mm Bolt Action Rifle
15 WW2 Japanese Arisaka Type 99 6.5x50mm Bolt Action Rifle
16 Chinese SKS Type 56 7.62x39 Semi Automatic Rifle
17 Hungarian AK47 AMD65 7.62x39 Semi Automatic Rifle
18 WW2 Russian Nagant Model 1895 7.62 Revolver
19 German Style BBM 8mm Blank Firing Pistol
20 Civil War Colt Model 1851 .36 cal Navy Revolver
21 Civil War Colt Model 1849 .31 cal Pocket Revolver
22 18th Century Jean Gosuin Flintlock Pistol
23 WW2 Walther Model 9 .25 cal Automatic Pistol
24 Bayard Model 1908 7.65mm Automatic Pocket Pistol
25 Spanish Vilar 7.65 Semi Automatic Pistol
26 Cimmarron 1866 Yellowboy .44 special cal Lever Action Rifle
27 Winchester Model 94AE .45LC cal Barrel Hoop Lever Action Rifle
28 Winchester Model 94AE .44 Magnum/Spl. cal Lever Action Rifle
29 Winchester Model 9422 .22 cal Lever Action Rifle
30 Winchester Model 94-30-30 Illinois Sesquicentennial Lever Action Rifle
31 Ruger M77 MarkII .300 win mag Bolt Action Rifle w Scope
32 Browning Model 1885 45-70 Black Powder Falling Block Rifle
33 Zavala Richland Arms Model 232 20 Ga Double Barreled Shotgun
34 Browning Classic A5 12 Ga Semi Automatic Shotgun
35 Charles Daly 536 S/S 36 Ga Double Barreled Shotgun
36 Mossberg 715T AR Shell .22 Semi Automatic Rifle
37 Marlin Slugmaster 12 Ga Bolt Action Rifle
38 Marlin Model 795 .22 LR Semi Auto Rifle
39 Pointer 1000 12Ga Over Under Shotgun
40 Henry Model H001L .22LR Carbine Lever Action Rifle
41 Henry Model .17HMR Lever Action Rifle
42 Winchester Model 94 30-30 Commemorative Lever Action Rifle
43 Ruger Model 10/22 .22LR Semi Auto Rifle
44 Ruger 10/22 .22LR Carbine Semi Auto
45 Mossberg Model 835 12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
46 Remington Model 1100 12 Ga Semi Auto Shotgun
47 Remington Wingmaster Model 870 12 Ga Pump Action Shotgun
47B Remington Model 700 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle with Original Box
47C Winchester Model 70 30-06 SPRG Bolt Action Rifle
47D Stevens Arms Whippet Model C .22 sl or lr cal. Bolt Action Rifle
47E Reck .22 Magnum Deringer Pistol
47F Smith and Wesson Model 645 45 cal. Semi Auto Pistol
48 CVA Optima V2 .50 cal Black Powder Pistol
49 Smith and Wesson Model 27-3 .357 Magnum Double Action Revolver
50 Smith and Wesson Model 66-2 .357 Magnum Double Action Revolver
51 Smith and Wesson Model 15-3 .38 spl Double Action Revolver
52 Smith and Wesson Model 29-3 .44 Magnum Double Action Revolver
53 Smith and Wesson Model 629-4 Mountain Gun .44 Magnum Double Action Revolver
54 Smith and Wesson Model 66-1 .357 Magnum Double Action Revolver
55 Smith and Wesson Model 14-2 Masterpiece .38 spl Double Action Revolver
56 Smith and Wesson Model 6906 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
57 Smith and Wesson Model 3913 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
58 Smith and Wesson Model 64-5 .38 spl Double Action Revolver
59 Ruger Model SR1911 Commander .45 cal Semi Auto Pistol
60 Smith and Wesson Model 60-3 Chiefs Special .38 spl Double Action Revolver.
61 Uberti/Stoeger SAA Model 4313 .45LC cal Single Action Revolver
62 AMT Backup .22LR Semi Auto Pistol
63 Smith and Wesson Model 37 Airweight.38 spl Double Action Revolver
64 Beretta 92FS 9mm Stainless Steel Semi Auto Pistol
65 WW2 Japanese Nambu Tupe 14 7.9mm Semi Auto Pistol
66 Walther PK380 .380 Semi Auto Pistol
67 WW2 German Model 34 26.6mm Flare Pistol
68 WW2 US Remington 1911A1 .45 cal Semi Auto Pistol
69 Colt Python .357 Magnum Double Action Revolver
70 Colt .36 cal Single Action Black Powder Pistol
71 Antique Percussion Lock Pocket Pistol
72 Harrington and Richardson .38 cal Pocket Revolver
73 Over Johnson Model 1900 .38 cal Double Action Revolver
74 Group of 4 Vintage Air Pistols Crossman, Benjamin, Daisy
75 Ruger 22 Charger .22LR Semi Auto Pistol
76 Chiappa SAA 1873 .22 Single Action Revolver
77 Walther PPX 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
78 Smith and Wesson Model 422 .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol
79 Intercontinental Arms Dakota .357 Magnum Single Action Revolver
80 Smith and Wesson Model 61-3 .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol
81 Smith and Wesson Model 39-2 9mm Nickel Plated Semi Auto Pistol
82 Iver Johnson Target Sealed 8 .22LR Double Action Revolver
83 Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 Magnum Single Action Revolver
84 Harrington & Richardson .32 cal Double Action Revolver
85 Colt Maine Sesquicentennial Frontier Scout .22 LR Single Action Revolver
86 Smith and Wesson Super Redhawk .44 Magnum Double Action Revolver.
87 F LLI Pietta 1860 Army .44cal Single Action Black Powder Revolver
88 Essex Arms Model 1911 .45 cal Semi Auto Pistol
89 Ruger Mark 3 .22 LR Hunter Semi Auto Pistol
90 Ruger New Model.17 HMR Single Six Single Action Revolver
91 Taurus Spectrum.380 Semi Auto Pistol
92 High Standard Supermatic Citation .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol
93 Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
94 Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
95 Springfield Armory XDS-9 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
96 Colt Blackpowder series 1st Dragoon .44 cal Single Action Revolver
97 Colt Blackpowder series 1st Dragoon.44 cal Single Action Revolver
98 Colt Blackpowder series 1st Dragoon .44 cal Single Action Revolver
99 L W Seecamp .25ACP cal Stainless Steel Semi Auto Pistol
100 Ruger Wrangler .22 LR Single Action Revolver
101 Smith and Wesson Model 41 .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol
102 Bond Ranger .45 cal Double Barreled Derringer
103 Smith and Wesson Model 32-1 .38 cal Double Action Revolver
104 Glock 22 .40 cal Semi Auto Pistol
105 Ruger Vaquero.357 Magnum Double Action Revolver
106 Browning Belgium Hi Power 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
107 High Standard Olympic .22 short Semi Auto Pistol
107B AMT Back Up 9mm Semi Auto Pistol
108 Mauser Patroness .22 LR Bolt Action Rifle
109 J C Higgins Sears Model 31 .22 Semi Automatic Rifle
110 Savage Model 64 FVXP .22 LR Semi Auto Rifle
111 Heckler and Koch SL8-1 .223 cal Semi Auto Rifle
112 DPMS A-15 .223 Semi Auto Rifle.
113 Charles Daly Field 12Ga Pistol Grip Pump Shotgun
114 Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12Ga Pump Shotgun
115 Marlin Model 60 Glenfield.22LR Semi Auto Rifle
116 Savage Model 9478 Stevens .410Ga Single Barrel Shotgun
117 Browning Auto 5 12Ga Semi Auto Shotgun
118 Rock Island Arsenal 1903 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle
119 Marlin Model 60 Glenfield .22 LR SEMI AUTO RIFLE
120 Marlin Model 39A .22cal Lever Action Rifle
121 Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12Ga Pump Shotgun
122 Ruger Precision.22LR Bolt Action Rifle
123 Montgomery Model M72 .30-30 Lever Action Rifle
124 Marlin Golden 39A .22LR Lever Action Rifle
125 Martin Golden 39-A Mountie .22Lr Lever Action Rifle
126 Marlin Model 30A .30-30 Lever Action Rifle
127 Winchester Model 1897 12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
128 Remington Model 870 Magnum .12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
129 Winchester Model 12 12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
130 Winchester Model 1893 .12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
131 New England Firearms.12Ga Single Barrel Shotgun
132 Marlin Model 99 M1 .22 LR Semi Auto Rifle
133 J Stevens .22LR Falling Block Rifle
134 J Stevens .22LR Falling Block Rifle
135 J Stevens Springfield .12Ga Double Barrel Shotgun
136 BPI Kodiak Magnum.50cal Black Powder Rifle
137 Remington Model 700 .243Win Bolt Action Rifle
138 Remington Sportsman 12 Auto 12Ga Automatic Shotgun
139 Thomas .50cal Black Powder Rifle
140 Winchester Model 06 .22lR Pump Action Rifle
141 Stevens Model 311 .20Ga Double Barreled Shotgun
142 Harrington & Richardson Model 88 20ga Topper Single Barrel Shotgun
143 Stevens Model 311A 16Ga Double Barreled Shotgun
144 Stoeger Uplander .410ga Double Barreled Shotgun
145 Remington Model 510 Targetmaster .22cal Smoothbore Bolt Action Rifle
146 Winchester Model 67 .22 cal Bolt Action Rifle
147 Marlin Model 80 .22cal Bolt Action Rifle
148 New England 20Ga Single Barrel Shotgun
149 JL Higgins .22cal Bolt Action Rifle
150 HSB&Co Cruse 12Ga Single Barrel Shotgun
151 Winchester Model 1873 .45 Cal Lever Action Rifle
152 Winchester Model 70 30-06 Super Grade Lever Action Rifle
153 HSB&Co Cruso 16Ga Single Barrel Shotgun
154 Savage BMag 17 Win Super Mag Bolt Action Rifle
155 Jonathan Browning Black Powder .50 cal Mountain Rifle
156 Stevens .410ga Break Action Single Shot Shotgun
157 Heckler and Koch Ducks Unlimited 12Ga Semi Auto Shotgun
158 Winchester Model 12 .12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
159 Winchester Model 1897 12Ga Custom Ordered Pump Action Shotgun
160 Browning Citori 410ga Double Barrel Over Under Shotgun
161 1832 45-70 cal Falling Block Rifle
162 TriStar Cobra II 410ga Pump Action Shotgun
163 Stevens 25.20 cal Falling Block Rifle
164 Stevens .22 LR Falling Block Rifle
165 J C Higgins Model 583.10 .12Ga Bolt Action Shotgun
166 Stevens Ranger 12Ga Double Barrel Shotgun
167 Mossberg Model 342KC .22LR Bolt Action Rifle
168 Stevens Model 87A .22LR Bolt Action Rifle
169 JC Higgins Model 20 .12Ga Pump Action Shotgun
170 Crack saman Power Master 760 .177 Airgun
171 Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket No2 Engraved Revolver
172 Filbert .32cal Rimfire Breechblock Rifle Octagon Barrel
173 Mossberg Model 341 .22LR Bolt Action Rifle
173B Antique Percussion Boot Pistol
173C A.S.M. Navy Model .44 cal. Black Powder Revolver
173D Dikar .45 cal. Black Powder Percussion Pistol
173E WW2 Era French G.G. & Cie Brass Flare Gun
173F Antique Black Powder Percussion Pistol
173G Flint Lock Enlayed Black Powder Pistol
174 Lyman 2500 pro Magnum Shell Tumbler
175 Large Group of Empty Shell Casings
176 Group of Boxes of Ammunition
177 Group of 45-70 Ammunition and Empty Casings
178 Group of 12Ga and 20ga Shotgun Shells
179 Group of 22 Vintage Boxes of .22 cal Ammunition
179B Group of 3 Magazines and Nylon Pistol Case.
179C Unopposed Case of 7.62x39mm Ammunition
179D Full case of 2 Spam Cans of Russian 7.62x38 ammunition
179E Group of 2 empty 7.62mm Ammunition Cans
179F Americase Premium Fitted Breakdown Shotgun Case
179G Group of 2 Allen Rifle Soft Cases
179H Vintage J Unertl Model 9204 Rifle Scope
179I Aluminum Pistol Hard Case
179J Hoppes 9 Gun Cleaning Kit in Hard Case
179K Simmons Laser Bore Sighter
179L Large Group of Ammunition
179M Group of 3 AK-47 Bayonets
179N Group of 3 AK-47 Bayonets
179O AK-47 Bayonet
179P Large elk shoulder mount
179Q Mounted Pair of Pronghorn Antelope
179R Mule Deer Mount
179S Large wood carved deer with real antlers
179T Massive lot of Vintage and Modern Baseball Cards
180 Center Point .22 Rimfire Riflescope
181 Truglo Air Rifle and Rimfire Scope
182 Caldwell XLA Bipod
183 Group of 2 Scope and Ring Mounts
184 Tasco Quality Optics Rifles Scope
185 Tapco 3E207 Fusion SKS Stock
186 Remington Synthetic Stock and Forend
187 Group of Pistol Receivers, barrel, Grips, and Screws
188 Barska Zoom Power Spotting Scope
189 Leather Rifle Case
190 Smith and Wesson Hunters Utility Pack
191 Group of Gun Accessories
192 Group of Ammunition Loading Accessories
193 Group of 3 Pistol Holsters and Cartridge Belts
194 Group of 3 Cartridge Belts with Holsters
195 Group 60 WW2 US 30-06 Ammunition
196 Vietnam War Era Box of FN Herstal 7mm Mauser Ammunition
197 Group of 4 WW2 US Boxes of .30 M2 Ammunition
198 Remington 12 GA. Barrel
199 Remington 12 GA. Barrel
200 Group of Holsters and Magazine
201 Group of Ammunition
202 Group of 14 WW2 US M1 Garand Clips and Ammo
203 Group of 8 .410 Guage Shotgun Shells
204 Group of 6 Boxes of .20 Guage Shotgun Shells
205 Group of.10 Full boxes of 22 Cal Ammunition
206 Group 6 Boxes of 30-30 Winchester Ammunition
207 Group of 10 Boxes of 243 Winchester Ammunition
208 Plastic Ammunition Storage Box w 13 Rounds of Ammo
209 Large Group US Mil M200 5.56mm Blank Ammunition
210 Large Group of Ammunition, Shells, Clips, and Bullets
211 Group of 21 Boxes of Shotgun Slug Ammunition
212 Group of 18 Boxes of .12 Guage Rifled Slug Ammunition
213 Group of 16 Boxes of .12 Guage Rifled Slug Ammunition
214 Group of 12 Gun Locks
215 Group of Muzzleloading Ammunition and Accessories
216 Remington Hi-Speed 22s Store Display
217 Remington Hi-Speed 22s Store Display
218 Group of 6 boxes of Shotgun Shells
219 Group of Shotgun Shells
220 Group of 6 Boxes of Pistol Ammunition
221 Group of 6 Boxes of 17 Magnum Rimfire Ammunition
222 Large Group of Pistol Ammunition
226 Group of gun Cleaning Kits
227 3 Boxes of Winchester Pistol Ammunition
228 6 Boxes of 12 Guage Shotgun Shells
229 Group of 4 Boxes of 22 Mini Mag Long Rifle Bullets
230 Group of 9 Boxes of 22 Cal Ammunition
231 Group of 2 books, Winchester rifles, Mauser Pistol
232 Group of 2 WW2 Hardcover Books
233 Group of 2 Rattlers brand Gaiters
234 Swift Spotting Scope Stand and Bushnell Yardage Pro
235 Crosman Center Point rifle scope
236 Group of assorted shotgun shells
237 Group of 59 rounds 223 bullets
238 Group of 30-30 ammunition
239 Hornady XTP 38 Cal ammunition
240 Hornady 17 WSM rimfire ammunition
241 Group of assorted ammunition
242 Group of rifle primers
243 Group of shotgun shells
244 Group of assorted vintage ammunition
245 Group of vintage ammunition
246 Group of assorted ammunition items
247 Group of Vintage Ammunition
248 Red Dot smokeless gun powder empty tin
249 Pacific metallic cartridge reloading tool
250 Resetting shooting practice target
250B 1947 Roosevelt Motorized Wheelchair
251 Pre WW2 US Naval Officer Bicorn hat, sword belt, and epaulets in Case
252 Pre WW2 US Navy Ensign Bicorn Hat and Epaulets in Case
253 Pre WW2 US Navy Ensign Bicorn Hat and Epaulets in Case
254 Pre WW2 US Navy Lieutenant Bicorn Hat, Epaulets, Sword Belt in Case
255 Pre WW2 US Naval Academy Lieutenant Commander Dress Uniform Set
256 Masonic Bicorn Hat with Fethers and Cross
257 WW1 US Buffalo Soldier 24th regiment campaign hat
258 Group of 4 Civil War military uniform shoulder boards
259 WW2 US Marine Corps Campaign Hat
260 WW2 US Marine Corps Campaign Hat
261 WW2 US Campaign Hat with Army Hat Badge
262 WWI US Helmet with Liner and Chinstrap
263 WW1 US Helmet with Liner and Chinstrap
264 WW1 US 1st Army Engineers Uniform
265 Pre WW2 US 1924 Lieutenants Calvary uniform
266 WW1 US Cavalry Officers boots and gaiters
267 WW2 US Model 1945 Army Boots
268 Vietnam War US Paratrooper Jump Boots
269 Vietnam War US Jungle Boots
270 US Air Force Flight Coveralls and US navy Gentex Flight Helmet
271 US Navy G-1 flight jacket
272 US Army Gentex Tanker Helmet
273 US Army Gentex Tanker Helmet
274 US Army Gentex Tanker Helmet
275 Vietnam War US CVC Helmet
276 US Military M1 Army helmet
277 US Military M1 Army helmet
278 WW2 US M1 Army helmet
279 Israeli M-1 Kasda 3 Bail helmet
280 Israeli M-1 Kasda Helmet with Stencil
281 Post Vietnam War US M1 Helmet with Camouflage and Goggles
282 Veietnam War US M1 Helmet
283 WW2 US M1 Helmet with Liner
284 Desert Storm US Kevlar Helmet
285 Vietnam War US M1 Helmet with Cover and Liner
286 Post Vietnam M1 Helmet with liner and cover
287 Desert Storm US Kevlar Helmet with cover
288 Post WW2 Dutch MK2 Helmet
289 Group of 3 Post WW2 US Helmet with 2 Liners
290 US Grey Military issue helmet liner
291 Group of 2 WW2 US Enlisted Peaked Visor Caps
292 US Marine Corps Field Grade Dress Cap
293 WW2 US Marine Corps Officers Visor Cap
294 WW2 US Army Air Force Crusher Cap
295 Group of 2 WW2 US Army Peaked Visor Cap
296 Group of 9 US Garrison caps
297 Group of 8 WW2 US Garrison caps
298 Royal New Zealand Navy HMNZS Philomel Navy Cap
299 Group of 2 US Air Force Peaked Visor Caps
300 Group of 2 US Navy Peaked Visor Caps
301 Post WW2 US Marine Corps Peaked Visor Cap
302 Group of 3 US Air Force Visor Caps
303 Group of 4 US Air Force Officers Visor Caps
304 Group of 5 US Army Officers Visor Caps
305 Group of 2 Drivers Visor Caps
306 WW2 US Foot Locker
307 WW2 Swedish Army Overcoat
308 Group of Brigadier General Oscar Koch Military Items
309 50 Star American Flag
310 48 star American flag
311 48 Star Fringed American flag
312 Huge 38 star American flag
313 US Air Force US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Uniform
314 Group of US Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard Uniform
315 Korean War US K 2-A Flight Suit
316 US Army Majors Dress Uniform
317 US Army Armored Lieutenant Colonel Dress Blue Tunic
318 WW2 US 1st Cavalry Technical Sergeants Ike Jacket and Cap
319 WW2 US 2nd Service Command Signal Corps Lieutenants Uniform
320 WW2 US Navy Officers Aviators Uniform
321 WW2 Alaska Defense Command Sergeant 1st Class Uniform
322 WW2 Army Air Force Sergeants Ike Jacket
323 WWII US Military Staff Support Sergeant Uniform
324 WW2 US Army Officers Trench Coat
325 WW2 US Army Air Force Sergeants Shirt with Photographs
326 WW2 US Army Shirts, Sweater, and Trousers
327 Post WW2 US Infantry 4 Pocket Tunic w Hat
328 WW2 US Army Air Force 2nd Air Force 4 Pocket Tunic
329 Post WW2 US Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel Mess Dress Uniform
330 WW2 British Paratrooper Tunic and Pants
331 Group of 3 WW2 US Navy Blues Uniform Sets
332 WW2 US Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Blues with 2 Hats
333 Group of 5 US Army Sweater, Jacket, and Beret
334 US Military Flight Jacket
335 Vintage US Navy Flight Lieutenant Tunic and Hat
336 Group of US Army uniforms
337 US Military flight jacket
338 Group of US Military Web Gear
339 Military Sword with Scabbard
340 Clauberg Presentation Sword with Scabbard
341 Knights Head Ceremonial Sword with Scabbard
342 Cavalry Sword with Scabbard
343 Reproduction CSA Sword
344 WKC Germany Sword with Scabbard
345 Civil War Era Sword with Scabbard
346 European Cavalry Sword
347 Civil War Musicians Emerson and Silver Sword
348 Group of 21 US Navy, Army, and Marine Corps Medals
349 Group of British and American Military Medals
350 Group of 12 US Military Ribbons, Bars, and Medals
351 Group of US Military Medals, Ribbons, and Insignia
352 Navy Day Tiny Brass Goblets
353 US Marine Corps Sterling Hat Badge and Ribbons
354 Vintage Belgian Flag
355 Group of 6 US Military Medals
356 US Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
357 WW1 US Army Dog Tags
358 WW2 US Army and Navy Medals, Ribbons, and Collar Insignia
359 US Air Force Commendation Medal
360 Group of 4 US Military Items
361 Group of US Military, Secular, and Religious Items
362 Group of WW2 US Wings and Collar Insignia
363 Group of 3 US WWII, Vietnam War Mens Rings
364 Group of US WW1, WW2 Ribbons and Pins
365 WW1 US Victory Medal
366 Large Group of US, and British Insignia and Medals
367 Group of 11 US Military Collar Insignia
368 Group of US Navy and Air Force Shoulder Boards
369 WW2 Locked Wooden Shipping Box
370 Group of 6 US Marksmanship Qualification Badges
371 Group of 14 US Navy Insignia
372 Large Group of WW2 Ribbons
373 Group of 17 US Army Distinctive Insignia Pins
374 Group of 31 US Officers Insignia
375 Group of 6 WW2 Medals
376 Group of 26 WW2 and Vietnam War Patches
377 Group of WW2 British Cap Badges, Buttons, and Ribbons
377B Grouping of 5 WW2 US Medals on a Bar
378 Group of WW1, WW2 German Medals and Insignia
378B Group of 3 WW2 German Medals and Pin
378C WW2 US Navy Mk 1 Fighting Knife with Shealth
378D AK-47 Bayonet
379 Group of Vintage US Military Memorabilia
380 Group of 4 US Campaign Hat Cords
381 WW2 US Training M1903 Springfield Rifle
382 Black Sheep Brand Leather Rifle Scabard
383 WW2 US M-1944 Goggles in Original Box
384 Group of 2 US Ammunition Cans.
385 Group of 3 WW2 and Post WW2 US Flashlights
386 Group of Hats, Goggles and Holster
387 Group of 7 US Aircraft Instruments
388 Antique G.B. Ocarina
389 Group of 2 British Military Spurs with Straps
390 US Military Style EntrenchingTool
391 Antique Pair of Leather Wrapped Binoculars
392 Flight Helmet with Goggles and Earphones
393 Russian Gas Mask with Bag
394 US Military Gas Mask with Microphone
395 Post Vietnam War US Gas Mask
396 WW2 US Civilian Gas Mask
397 WW2 German M35 Helmet
398 WW2 German Helmet with Wire Camouflage Net
399 WW2 German M35 Helmet with Wire Camouflage Net
400 WW1 German Transitional Helmet
401 WW2 German M35 Helmet
402 Post WW2 German Helmet with Splinter Camo Cover
403 WW2 German NSDAP Flag
404 WW2 German NSDAP Flag
405 WW2 German NSDAP Flag
406 Group of 12 WW2 German Shoulder Boards Collar Tabs
407 WW2 German Veterans Association Armband
408 WW2 German NSDAP Armband
409 Group of 8 1936 Berlin Olympics Photo Cards
410 Group of 2 WW2 German Canteens
411 WW2 German HV Administration Overcoat
412 WW2 US Soldier Take Home Box with German Items
413 WW2 German Army Officers Dagger
414 WW2 German Luftwaffe Officers Dagger
415 WW2 German Army Officers Dress Dagger
416 WW2 German Army Officers Dress Dagger
417 WW2 German Army Belt Buckle
418 WW2 German Hitler Youth Belt Buckle
419 WW2 German SS Belt Buckle
420 WW1 German Belt Buckle
421 WW1 Swedish Leather Ammunition Belt and Pouch
422 German Style Double Decal Helmet
423 German Style Helmet
424 German Style Helmet
425 German Style Helmet
426 German Style Helmet
427 German Style Helmet
428 German Style Helmet
429 German Style Knife
430 Group of Reproduction German Helmet Decals
431 Group of 4 German Style Military Hats
432 German Style Military Uniform
433 German Style Military Uniform Jacket and Hat
434 German Style Military Uniform
435 German Style Military Uniform Jacket and Hat
436 Group of 2 German Style Military Hats
437 Framed VII Corps Map
438 Group of 3 Civil War GeneralsEngravings
439 Group of Arrowheads
440 Group of Arrowheads
441 Civil War Fort Custer Artifacts
442 Civil War Soldier Tintype in Case
443 Group of Civil War Style Insignia
444 Civil War Lieutenant Colonel Shoulder Board
445 Group of 3 Civil War Reenactment Kepis
446 Group of 4 Civil War Reenactment Kepis
447 Civil War Reenactment Lieutenant Frock Coat and Gaiters
448 Civil War Reenactment Generals Frock Coat and Hat
449 Civil War Reenactment Irish Brigade Uniform
450 Civil War Reenactment Leather Belt and Shoulder Belt
451 Leather Bag and Gun Sheath
452 Group of 2 Model Airplane Wooden Propellers
453 Soviet Russian Mig 15 0-G Flight Suit
454 Soviet Russian KGB Uniform Jacket and Hat
455 Soviet Russian KGB Uniform Jacket Hat Belt
456 Soviet Russian Naval Officers Uniform Jacket and Hat
457 Soviet Russian Naval Officers Uniform Jacket and Hat
458 Soviet Russian Military Jacket, Hat, and Trousers
459 Russian Soviet naval Officers Military Jacket and Hat
460 Soviet Russian Officers Military Jacket, Hat, and Trousers
461 Group of 4 Soviet Russian Air Force Hats
462 Soviet Russian Naval Hat
463 Soviet Russian Military Insignia
464 Soviet Russian Military Belt and Cartridge Pouch
465 WW2 Russian Tanker Helmet
466 Post WW2 French Tanker Helmet
467 Russian Air Force Pilots Helmet w Goggles
468 Group of 2 Post WW2 Russian Helmets
469 Group of 2 Russian Helmets
470 British Canadian MK III REM Turtleshell Helmet
471 East German Helmet
472 Post WW2 West German Army Model M1958 Boden Helmet
473 Military Helmet with Goggles
474 Post WW2 French M1951 Tanker Helmet
475 Group of 2 WW2 M33 Italian Helmets
476 Group of 3 WW2 Uniforms and Collectibles Books
477 Male Mannequin
478 Male Mannequin
479 Male Mannequin
480 Male Mannequin
481 Male Mannequin
482 Male Mannequin
483 Group of 2 Male Mannequin Torso Forms
484 Group of 2 Male Mannequin Torso Forms
484B Female Mannequin Torso
484C Group of 2 Hat stands
484D Group of 4 Mannequin Heads
484E Group of Male Mannequin Torso Forms
484F Group of Male Mannequin Torso Forms
484G Group of boxed and loose Shotgun shells
484H Box of mixed 7.65-54 and 7.65-53 cartridges
484I Group of 12 assorted stripper clips with cartridges
484J WW2 US mess kit
484K Military style Cammo Parka
484L Leather Saddle Smith-Worthington Co-Makers
484M WW1 US Cavalry Leather Saddle with Saddle pad
484N Military Canteen
484O Group of 6 boxes of assorted .45 cal cartridges
484P WW2 Japanese Bayonet with Sheath
484Q Marushin Model 1928A Submachine Cap Gun
484R German WW1/WW2 Cammo transitional helmet
484S Colt-Cromwell Brown Leather Equestrian boots
484T Catspaw Black Leather Riding Boots
484U Group of 6 leather belts/holster
485 Group of 5 WW1 Specialty Patches
486 Group of 6 WW1 specialty Patches
487 Group of 6 WW1 Specialty Patches
488 Group of 11 WW1 German Cap Cockades
489 WW1 German Silver Wound Badge
490 Group of 4 US Early Bullion Insignia
491 WW1 German Long Mauser Bayonet
492 Spanish American War Commisary Corps Hat
493 Cadet Shako Circa 1900
494 Group of 2 Pickelhaube Cockades
495 WW1 Kingdom of Saxony Sword Knot
496 1180s US Cavalry Spike Helmet
497 WW1 German Collar Tab and Cockades
498 WW1 US Trench Mortar Collar Disc
499 WW1 German Machine Gunners Badge
500 Group of 4 WW1 US 33rd Infantry Division Lot
501 Spanish American War US Canteen Strap
502 Spanish American War US Krag Bayonet Scabbard
503 Group of 2 WW1 US Puttees
504 Group of 2 WW2 Japanese Puttees
505 WW2 German Leather Case
506 WW1 French Mess Kit
507 WW1 German Medics Pouch
508 Group of 2 Spanish American War Bedroll Straps
509 Group of 2 WW2 Japanese Items
510 Group of 8 WW1 Specialty Patches and Chevrons
511 Group of 2 WW1 Cavalry Spurs
512 Flap Holster for Large Revolver
513 Pre WW1 US Holster
514 Group of 2 Spanish American War Canvas Leggings
515 Large Pinback Patriotic Pin
516 Spanish American War Leggings
517 WW2 US Navy Chief Petty Officer Tnic and Trousers
518 WW1 Belgian Commemorative medal
519 Tin of Alcan Percussion Caps
520 WW1 German Tottenkoph Hussar Cap Badge
521 WW1 German Iron Cross Watch Fob
522 Spanish American War US 45/70 Bainet Scabbard
523 WW2 US Purple Heart Medal
524 WW1 German Style Shrapnel Mask
525 WW1 German Pickelhaube Spike Base
526 Group of 7 Spanish American War Items
527 Group of 8 WW1 French Military Items
528 Spanish American War US Cartridge Belt
529 WW2 British Arden Pith Helmet
530 WW2 US Navy Officers Overcoat
531 Book American Civil War Southern Battlefields
532 Original Krag 98K Buttplate
533 Original Krag Rifle 98K Stock
534 Vintage Superintendent Suburban Patrol Badge
535 WW1 Williamson County Illinois Book
536 WW1 Livingston County Illinois Book
537 WW1 Stephenson County Illinois Book
538 Group of WW1 items
539 WW1 Dolly Dingle and Her Friends Paper Dolls
540 Group of WW1 5th Liberty Loan Ephemera
541 WW1 Liberty Loan Items
542 WW1 German Veterans Zeppelin Badge
543 Group of 6 WW1 Postcards of Children in Uniform
544 WW1 Wooden Practice Patton Sword
545 Group of WW1 US Army Chaplain Items
546 Group of WW1 Anti-German Propaganda
547 Group of WW1 Patches
548 Group of 6 WW1 Sergeant Specialty Ratings
549 WW1 French Legion of Honneur Medal
550 Group of 4 WW1 Memorial Cards
551 WW1 First Division 18th Infantry Unit History Book
552 WW1 History of the First Division, First Edition Book
553 WW1 Motor Dispatch Service Photo and Patch
554 Group of 2 Czarist Russian Shoulderboards
555 WW1 Photograph of African American 809th Pioneer Regiment
556 Group of WW1 31st Heavy Artillery Brigade Insignia
557 Group of WW1 US Army Marksmanship Badges
558 WW1 United War Work Campaign 1918 Poster
559 WW1 Victory Liberty Loan Poster
560 WWI Waste No Food Broadside Poster
561 WW1 Buy more Liberty Bonds Poster
562 WW1 Large framed Photo of General Pershing
563 WW1 Framed Womans Home Magazine Section
564 Group of 2 The US Air Service in WW1 Books.
565 WW1 German Patriot Sheet Music
566 Group of 2 1920s American Field Service Bulletins
567 Large Group of WW1 Ephemera
568 Framed 46 Star Flag with Photographs
569 WW1 Bulgarian Military Merit Medal with Original Ribbon
570 WW2 German 98K Ammo Pouch
571 WW2 US Navy MKI Bayonet Sheath
572 Group of 7 WW1 Soldiers Items
573 WW1 History of the Sixteenth Engineers Railway
574 Outstanding Civil War Book, Camp and Field 61-65
575 WW1 History of the 66th Field Artillery Brigade Book
576 Americas Siberian Adventure Book
577 WW1 Third Liberty Loan Framed Poster
578 WW1 Save a Loaf a Week Framed Poster
579 WW1 I Have Never Seen My Daddy Framed Poster
580 WW1 Knights of Pythias Honor Roll Framed Poster
581 WW1 Austrian Pilots Badge
582 Group of 7 WW1 and WW2 Reference Books
583 Group of 2 Czarist Russian Shoulderboards
584 Group of 2 WW1 Czarist Russian Shoulderboards
585 WW2 German Medical Service Tunic
585B WW2 German Medical Service Peaked Officers hat.
586 WW2 German 65th Artillery Waffenrock Tunic
587 WW2 German Short case Gasmask and Canister
588 WW1 German Gasmask in canister
589 WW1 German Gasmask with Canister
590 WW1 German Minenwerfer Artillery Fuze in Canister
591 WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon
592 WW1 German Grave Marker Sand-cast Mold
593 WW2 German M24 Potato Masher Grenade
594 WW2 German M24 Potato Masher Grenade
595 WW2 German Mountain Troops Climbing Axe
596 WW2 German 98K Riveted Bayonet
597 WW2 German Dress Bayonet with Scabbard
598 WW2 German Labor Front Flag Pole Topper
599 WW2 German Labor Front Flag Pole Topper
600 WW2 German Paratrooper Ammunition Can.
601 German Style Mothers Crosses in Display Case
602 German Style Aluminum Flatware
603 WW2 German Aluminum Train Eagle
604 WW2 German M24 Grenade Case with Rack
605 WW2 German Luftdichter Patronenkasten Ammunition Box
606 WW2 US Teller Mine in Original Case
607 WW2 German Panzerfaust Crate With Panzerfaust
608 WW2 US Navy Signal Lamp in original Case
609 WW2 US Marine Corps Field Service Hat
610 WW2 German NSDAP Political Leader Visored Cap
611 WW2 German NSFK Service Kepi
612 WW2 German Adolph Hitler Bronze Plaque
613 WW2 German Train Eagle
614 WW2 German M42 Luftwaffe Helmet
615 WW2 German M40 Luftwaffe Helmet
616 WW1 German Officers Cavalry Sword
617 WW2 German NCO Sword with Sword Knot
618 WW2 German Sabre with Sword Knot
619 WW2 German SA Dagger
620 WW2 German SA Dagger
621 WW2 German Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Dagger
622 WW2 German Kriegsmarine Dagger
623 German Stag Handle Hunting Sword
624 WW2 German Hitler Youth Knife
625 WW2 German Hitler Youth Knife
626 WW2 German Hitler Youth Knife
627 WW2 German Dress Bayonet w Sword Knot
628 WW2 German Dress Bayonet
629 WW2 German Rivited Dress Bayonet
630 WW2 German Dress Bayonet
631 Group of 2 WW2 German Items
632 WW2 German LP42 Flare Pistol
633 WW2 German Flare Gun
634 WW2 US wool MG Armband
635 WW2 German Bakelite Compass
636 WW2 US Woodmans Pal Machete
637 Group of 8 WW2 Military Items
638 WW2 US Multipurpose Poncho
639 WW2 US Civil Defense Air Wardens Helmet
640 Group of 3 WW2 US Class A Enlisted Tunics
641 Group of 2 WW2 US Great Coats
642 WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak Command Car Pennant
643 WW2 German NSDAP car Pennant
644 WW2 German NSDAP Flag
645 WW2 German DRKB Veterans Association Flag
646 WW2 German NSDAP Building Banner
647 Group of 2 WW2 German NSDAP flags
648 WW2 German NSDAK Flag
649 WW2 German Luftwaffe Pilots School Flag
650 WW2 German Sashes
651 WW2 German Photo Album with Photos
652 WW2 German Black Wound Badge and Paperwork.
653 WW2 German Items in display.
654 German Made Fixed Knife blade
655 WW2 German Luftwaffe Boot Knife
656 WW2 German Hitler Youth Knife
657 WW1 German Luger Holster
658 Group of 3 WW2 German Books
659 Group of 3 Daughters of America Badges
660 WW2 Japanese Silk Flag
661 WW2 Japanese Silk Flag
662 WW2 Japanese Silk Flag
663 WW2 Japanese Flag
665 WW2 Russian SSH40 Helmet
666 WW2 M35 Luftwaffe Helmet
667 WW2 M35 Helmet
668 WW2 Marine Corps Visor Hat
669 WW2 US Navy Pith Helmet
670 WW2 US Army Pith Helmet
671 Group of 4 US Marine Corps Jackets
672 Group of 5 WW2 US Navy Uniforms
673 Group of 3 WW2 Army Coats
674 Group of 4 WW2 Japanese Saki Cups and Flag
675 WW1 German Trench Art Artillery Shell
676 WW2 US 23rd Corps Cigarette Case
677 Group of 8 WW2 Memorabilia
678 WW2 US Map Case
679 WW2 German Flare Gun
680 Post WW2 US Fleece Lined Hat
681 WW2 US Field Pack
682 WW2 Japanese Banner
683 WW2 German Bread Sack
684 WW2 US Ammo Belt
685 WW2 German Map Case and Contents
686 WW2 US EE-8-B Field Telephone
687 WW2 US M42 Mountain Troops Rucksack
688 WW2 German Luftwaffe Backpack
689 WW2 USMC Flap Canteen Cover with Rare Canteen
690 WW1 and WW2 US Boxes of Ammunition
691 WW2 48 Star US Flag
692 WW2 German Panzer Flag
693 WW2 German NSDAP Banner
694 WW2 Japanese Combat Boots
695 WW2 German M42 Combat Boots
696 WW2 German Luftwaffe Buckle with Belt
697 WW2 German Army Buckle with Belt
698 Group of 2 1936 Berlin Olympics Photo Books
699 WW2 German The German Army Photo Book
700 WW2 US M6 Tank Periscope
701 WW2 German FF33 Field Telephone
702 Group of WW2 Letters
703 WW2 US M357A Antenna Kite
704 WW2 US Entrenching Shovel
705 WW2 Japanese Arisaka Bayonet with Frog
706 WW2 US Artillery Officer Signed Oil Painting
707 WW2 German Balkan Map Framed
708 Group of 3 WW1 and WW2 Prints
709 Group of 2 WW2 Framed Prints
710 Group of 2 WW1 Framed Prints
711 Group of 2 WW2 Army and Navy Graduation Photos
712 Group of 2 WW2 German Luftwaffe and Army Framed Portraits
714 WW2 German Hermann Goring cuff title
715 WW2 German Grossdeutschland cuff title
716 WW2 German flag
717 Adolf Hitler cigarette album 15
718 German Award Documents
719 WW2 US invasion arm band
719B WW2 US E.M. Army visor hat
720 WW2 Japanese Arisaka Bayonet
721 Japanese Tobacco Flag and WW2 Supply Order Form
722 WW2 Japanese Navy Hat Band Tally
723 Group of WW1 WW2 Stereoviews, Postcard, Selective Service Card
724 Japanese Dagger with Dragon
725 Group of Pocket Knives, Razors, Letter Openers
725B Ceremonial sword FCB Lion head
725C Knights Templar Masonic ceremonial sword and scabbard
725D Japanese WW2 sword and scabbard
725E Japanese WW2 Officer sword and scabbard
726 WW1 US Scovill Model 1907 M artillery shell
727 Group of Military Uniform Buttons, Collar Insignia, and Rank Insignia
728 Group of 2 WW2 US Marine Corps Garrison Caps
729 WW2 US V-Mail
730 WW2 US Pilots Lucky Belll
731 Coin Silver Fruit Pocket Knife
732 WW1 US French Friendship Silk Handkerchief w Gold Trim
733 WW1 US French Friendship Silk Handkerchief w Gold Trim
734 Group of 3 WW1 French Embroidered Silk Handkerchiefs
735 WW2 German Cross in Gold (Cloth) Black Panzertruppe
736 Case XX fixed blade Bowie knife with sheath
737 Western USA fixed blade Bowie knife with sheath
738 Confederate Style Knife w Belt and Sheath
739 Group of 50 Plus Buttons
740 Winchester lockback knife with leather sheath
741 IOOF Odd fellows medallions and pins
742 Group of US Military patches
743 Group of 6 48 Star Flags and Signal Flags
744 Group of 3 Weaver rifle scopes
745 Group of 9 Military Cadet and More Hat Badges
746 Group of military patches, ribbons, and more
747 Group of WW2 Bullion Shoulder Boards and More
748 Group of belt buckles and vertebrae necklace
749 Antique German Marksman Competition Box
750 Group of Military and Assorted Items
751 Group of 5 US Military Berets and Garrison Caps
752 Antique Taylor Instruments Hydrometer
753 Colt Automatic .22 Caliber Target Pistol Manual
754 Binder of WW2 US Patches, Identification, Dog Tags, and Photos
755 Group of 2 Antique Canteens
756 Group of 2 WW2 MX-137/A Life Raft Reflector and Periscope Lens
757 Framed Group of Antique Advertising Pins
758 Photo Album with WW1 and WW2 German Photos and Postcards
759 Group of Military Cleaning Kits and Pouches
760 Group of East German Rain Camouflage Haveresacks and Ammo Pouches
761 Group of 3 East German Makarov Leather Holsters
762 Leather ammunition pouches
763 Group of 3 pouches
764 East German Magazine Pouch with 4 Magazines
765 Polish 7.62 x 54 Ammunition Spam Can
766 Russian 545mm Full Ammunition Spam Can
767 Group of Canvas Straps, Belts, Chords, and Holster
768 Chinese AK-47 Drum Magazine and Pouch
769 Group of 4 boxes of 30-06 Lellier and Bellot ammunition
770 Group of 7 boxes of 30-06 Winchester Ammunition
771 Group of 10 boxes of PPU 30-06 Springfield ammunition
772 WW2 Japanese Painted Souvenir Helmet
773 WW1 British Helmet
774 WW2 Japanese Field Phone Box with Bring Back Souvenirs
775 WW2 British Enfield bayonet MK II with leather scabbard
776 Japanese WW2 Arisaka bayonet with scabbard
777 WW2 British Jungle Carbine Bayonet
778 WW2 Russian Moison Rifle Bayonet
779 WW2 US Entrenching Shovel with Vietnam War Pouch
780 WW2 German M43 Jager Division Wool Cap
781 WW1 German Belt Buckle
782 WW2 German NSDAP Officers Belt Buckle
783 WW2 German Paper Parade Flag
784 Group of 9 WW2 German Hitler Youth Items
785 WW2 German Flag Signed by GIs.
786 WW2 Japanese Mess Kit
787 Group of 2 Occupied Japan Lighter and Chopsticks
788 Russian Style SVT-40 Ammo Pouch
789 WW2 US Airborne Clicker Frog
790 Korean War US Chow Line Photograph
791 Group of 13 WW2 Japanese Medals
792 Revolutionary War British Uniform Button
793 1800s Cowboy Tin Cup
794 Vietnam War NVA Flag
795 WW2 Russian Nagant Pistol Holster
796 Group of 9 WW2 US Garand Clips
797 Group of Spanish American War Items
798 WW2 Japanese Cloth Comfort Bag
799 WW2 Japanese Canteen with Webbing
800 WW2 Japanese Internment Poster
801 Group of 4 WW2 and Vietnam War gear
802 WW2 Japanese Type 97 Hand Grenade
803 Remote Control Tank and 4 Pocket Knives
804 WW2 US Pack Board
805 Group of WW2 US Canteens and Mess Kit
806 Group of 6 USGI Pistol and Cartridge Belts w First Aid Kit
807 Group of USGI Camouflage Shelter Halves and Poncho
808 Group of 5 USGI Gear
809 Group of USGI Pouches, Straps, and Goggles
810 Group of 3 Holsters
811 USGI M6 Bayonet with Scabbard
812 Vietnam War USMC Camilllus Kabar Knife
813 Vietnam War US Utica Cutco Kabar Knife
814 Group of 2 Vietnam War US Compasses
815 Ammo Can Full of Ammunition and Gun Cleaning Supplies
816 Group of 2 Vietnam War US Pneumatic Mattresses
817 H and R Model 960 Starter Pistol .32 Caliber
818 Group of 5 Boxes of 30-06 Empty Shell Casings
819 RCBS Rock Chucker Reloading Press
820 Group of Ammunition Loading Equipment
821 Group of 20 Book on WW2 Germany
825 Group of USMC Uniform Shirt and Hoods
826 Ames MFG. US Sword
827 Ammunition Box with .223 Ammunition
828 Group of .22 Ammunition
829 Group of Ammunition
830 Group of Shotgun Ammunition
831 Group of Ammunition
832 Group of 5 Gun Magazines
833 Group of 2 DPMS Gun Magazines
834 Group of 2 Gun Magazines
835 WW2 Russian SSH39 Helmet
836 WW2 Russian SSH39 Helmet
837 Vietnam War NVA Flag
838 USAF N-3B Arctic Flight Jacket
839 Group of WW1 and WW2 Items
840 Group of Vietnam War Medals and Patches
841 USB G1 Flight Jacket Personal Item of Dale Hunter
842 Vietnam War US Pilots Navigational Map
843 Vietnam War US Pistol Belt, Holster, and Pouches
844 Group of 4 Vintage Pistol Holsters
845 Group of 3 WW2 US Holsters. 1 Identified
846 Group of 3 Vintage Ammo Pouches
847 Group of 17 German Style Concentration Camp Armbands
848 German Style SS Flag
849 WW1 German Pickelhaube M15 Helmet
850 WW1 German Pickelhaube M1895 Helmet
851 WW1 German Pickelhaube M15 Helmet
852 WW1 German Kugelhelm M15 Helmet
853 German Style Lobster Tail Pickelhaube
854 German Style Pickelhaub Helmet
855 German Style Pickelhaube Helmet
856 WW1 German M16 Transitional Helmet with G62 Camouflage
857 WW1 German M16 Camouflage Transitional Helmet
858 WW1 German M16 Camouflage Transitional Helmet
859 WW1 German M16 Transitional Helmet
860 WW1 German M16 Camouflage Transitional Helmet
861 WW1 German M16 Transitional Helmet
862 WW1 German M17 Transitional Helmet
863 WW1 German M18 Transitional Helmet
864 WW1 WWII German M18 Transitional Helmet
865 WW1 WW2 German M18 Single Decal Transitional Helmet
866 WW1 WW 2 German M16 Single Decal Transitional Helmet
867 WW1 Austrian M17 Transitional Helmet
868 Post WW1 M27 Irish Transitional Helmet
869 WW1 German Gaede Helmet
870 WW1 German Sniper Brow Armor Reproduction. Measures 7 x 10 x 4 inches.
871 WW2 German M35 Camouflage Helmet
872 WW2 German M35 Kriegsmarine Helmet
873 WW2 German M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe Helmet
874 WW2 German M35 Helmet
875 WW2 German M35 Double Decal Keiegsmarine Helmet
876 WW2 German M35 Luftwaffe Double Decal Helmet
877 WW2 German M40 Helmet
878 WW2 German M40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet
879 WW2 German M40 Helmet
880 WW2 German Dug Helmet
881 WW2 German M40 Helmet
882 WW2 German M40 Helmet
883 WW2 German M42 Single Decal Helmet
884 WW2 German M42 Shrapnel Damaged Helmet
885 WW2 German M42 Single Decal SS Helmet
886 WW2 German M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet
887 WW2 German M42 Winter Camo Helmet
888 WW2 German M35 Helmet
889 German Style M40 Double Decal Helmet
890 WW2 German M42 Helmet
891 WW2 German SS Pith Helmet
892 WW2 German M34 Fire/Police Double Decal Helmet
893 WW2 German Luftschutz Helmet
894 WW2 German Fuerwehr Fire Police Double Decal Helmet
895 WW2 Polish M31 Luftschutz Fire/Police Helmet
896 WW2 Finnish M38 Helmet
897 Post WW2 Finnish M55 Helmet
898 WW2 Czech M32 Luftschutz Fire/Police Helmet
899 WW2 Czechoslovakian M30 Helmet
900 WW2 Hungarian M38 Helmet
901 WW2 Norwegian M42 Helmet
902 WW1 British/American 3rd Division MK1 Helmet
903 WW2 US M17 Helmet
904 WW1 US M17 Identified Helmet
905 WW1 British/US MK1 Helmet
906 WW1 US M17 Helmet
907 WW1 US M17 37 Infantry Division Helmet
908 WW1 US M17 Helmet
909 WW2 US M17A1 Kelly Helmet
910 WW1 British MK1 Helmet
911 WW2 US civil Defense Helmet
912 WW2 Civil Defense Helmet.
913 WW1 Portuguese M15 Helmet
914 WW2 US M1 Helmet with Liner
915 WW2 US M1 Helmet with aliner
916 WW1 French M15 Adrian Helmet
917 WW2 French M26 Adrian Helmet
918 WW2 French M26 Adrian Helmet
919 WW1 French Copper Adrian Fire Helmet
920 WW1 Belgian M15 Adrian Helmet
921 WW2 Belgian M26 Adrian Helmet
922 WW1 Italian M16 Adrian Helmet
923 WW1 Italian M16 Adrian Helmet
924 WW2 Polish WZ35 Fire Helmet
925 WW1 Russian M15 Adrian Helmet
926 WW1 Russian M17 Helmet
927 WW2 Russian SSH39 Helmet
928 WW2 Russian SSH 39 Helmet
929 WW2 Russian SSH39 Helmet
930 WW2 Russian SSH36 Helmet
931 WW2 Russian SSH36
932 WW2 Russian SSH36 Helmet
933 Cold War Russian M68 Helmet
934 WW2 Canadian Mk2 Brodie Helmet
935 WW2 British Mk4 Turtle Shell Helmet�
936 WW2 British MK4 Turtle shellHelmet
937 WW2 Japanese Type 90z. helmet
938 WW2 Japanese Type 90 Helmet
939 WW2 Japanese Police Helmet
940 WW1 Dutch M16 Helmet
941 WW1 Dutch M16 Helmet
942 WW2 Dutch M28 Helmet
943 WW2 Dutch M34 Helmet
944 WW2 Dutch M38 Helmet
945 Swiss M71 Helmet with Camouflage Cover
946 WW2 Swedish M21 (16) Helmet
947 WW2 Swedish M26 Helmet
948 WW2 Czech M25 Fire Helmet
949 WW2 Czech VZ30 Police Helmet
950 WW2 Czech M30 Helmet
951 WW2 Czech M32 Helmet
952 Post WW2 Czech M53 Helmet
953 Post WW2 Czech M53 Helmet
954 WW2 Danish M41 Helmet
955 WW1 Austrian M17 Berndorfer Helmet
956 WW1 Austrian M17 Berndorfer Helmet
957 WW1 Swiss M18 Helmet
958 WW2 Romanian Helmet
959 WWI Hungarian M35 Fire Helmet
960 WW2 Romanian M38 Helmet
961 WW1 Italian Farina Helmet
962 WW2 Italian M33 Helmet
963 WW2 Italian M33 Helmet
964 WW2 Polish M31 Helmet
965 Post WW2 E German Helmet
966 Post WW2 Yugoslavian M59 Helmet
967 WW2 ABULGARIAN M36C Helmet
968 WW2 Danish M23 Helmet
969 WW2 Greek Helmet
970 WW2 Belgian M31 Adrian Helmet
971 Spanish Civil War M26 Helmet
972 Vintage Fiber Riding Helmet
973 WW1 French Cervelliere Helmet
974 WW2 Russian Type Budenovka Cap
975 WW2 German M43 Panzer Cap
976 WW2 Hungarian Army Cap
977 WW1 US Officers Hat Chin Strap
978 Group of WW1 Items
979 WW1 Baden Wappen Pickelhaube Badge
980 WW1 Saxon Wappen Pickelhaube Badge
981 WW1 Bavarian Wappen Pickelhaube Badge
982 WW2 German Combat Assault Badge
983 WW2 German Combat Infantry Assault Badge
984 Group of 4 WW2 German Pith Helmet Badges
985 WW2 German General Assault Badge
986 WW2 German Black Wound Badge
987 WW2 German Silver Wound Badge
988 WW2 German Gold Wound Badge
989 WW2 German West Wall Medal
990 WW1 German Iron Cross Second Class
991 Group of 4 WW2 German Medal and Patches
992 WW2 German Party Armband
993 Group of WW1 and WW2 items
994 WW2 Japanese Printed Silk Flag
995 WW1 France Amiens Map
996 Postcards: Group of 45 Plus WW1 and WW2
997 WW2 US Training Bazooka Round
998 Group of WW2 German and US Ephemera
999 Group of German Style daggers and Mess Flatware
1000 WW2 German Hitler Youth Knife
1001 Group of WW1 and WW2 Style Toys.
1002 Large Group of WW2 Japanese Ephemera
1003 Group of 12 WW2 German Funeral Cards
1004 Pre WW2 Pictorial Map of Germany
1005 Civil War Letter, Buttons. and Round Ball
1006 WW2 Russian Medal and Certificate
1007 Display of Military and Civil Items.
1008 Russian Sash
1009 Group of WW2 Ephemera and maps
1010 Group of 5 Military Headgear, Insignia, and Collectibles
1011 Book: The History of the Steel Helmet in the First World War
1012 Group of 15 Pre WW2 Uniform and Accoutrements
1013 Group of 18 WW2 Books German Helmets
1014 Tomahawk pipe
1015 Bleeding heart tomahawk pipe
1016 Standard tomahawk pipe
1017 Medieval style mace
1018 Machete Jungle Knife
1019 Pirates Cutless
1020 Mbala African style jungle knife
1021 Kukri/Neygrito knife set
1022 Khyber knife/ Qama-Cossack knife set
1023 East Indian Police/Military swords
1024 Chinese/Tibetan style sword/daggers
1025 Machete/Sugar Cane Knife/Multi-tool set
1026 Yemeni-Jambiya Arab set
1027 Arkansas Toothpick
1028 Quillion Dagger European Style
1029 Survival Knife Set
1030 Eskimo Ulu - Woman's Knife

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