The Sabin Estate Part One - Wichita Kansas
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Wichita, KS 67212
Auction Dates and TimesSALE IS COMPLETED
Bidding Starts: Thursday May 11, 9:00 AM
Bidding Ends: Friday Jun 2, 6:30 PM
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 Online Auction (shipping available)  VIEW ONLINE CATALOG
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Little Bull Auction & Sales

Website: ID#: 4718
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Listing Terms and Conditions
Online Only Timed Auction. A credit/debit card is required to register however pay at time of pickup with cash, credit/debit card or personal/business check from longstanding and approved customers. Registration is free and all merchandise is being sold as is, where is.
Listing Information

The Sabin Estate Part One

Online Only Timed Auction

Wichita Kansas



Highlights/Auctioneers Notes:

Amazing and unique finds in this online auction with 615 +/- lots including but not limited to: baby grand piano, basic household, clocks, jewelry, display items, clothing, furniture, vintage children’s books, dolls, toys, watch books, and numerous other books, including sheet music, also a push mower, other outdoor equipment/tools, LOTS & LOTS of Vornado fans, and so much more. Items sell as is, and are not tested unless specified as such in the description of that item. Everything sells to the highest bidder with NO Reserve and NO Sales Tax, and it all starts at only $3.00! 




  • Hold yourself accountable and be respectful.  NO ACCOMMODATIONS! We have scheduled pick up times for a reason.
  • Soft closing and extended bidding features (not all lots close at the same time, and bidding can be extended so please watch the end of auction closely and refresh your screen at times)
  • The card you used to register is NOT on file, this is a secure site so be prepared to pay at pickup
  • NO personal or business checks accepted
  • We offer shipping on SMALLS, no large items, or framed art, if you choose to work with a freight company or delivery company for your winnings please let us know so we can work with them.


Call Don Wedd at 316-227-0327
Call Karen Wedd at 316-689-1604



Auction Preview:
By Private Appointment
Please Call or Text Uneek Auctions


Auction Close:
Friday, June 2nd at 6:30pm (CST)
3 lots a minute starting at 6:30 with soft close and extended bid feature

(the auction does not completely close out all at one time)

***  PLEASE NOTE  ***
You will need to bring items for packaging your winnings, boxes, packing material, etc.
We would truly appreciate if you could hold off on coming for large items until the end of the last day
to be sure the contents have been cleared out and you have a clear path to remove your items.

Pickup/Loadout Location:
1417 N Sabin St, Wichita, KS 67212

Local Pickup/Loadout:

Sunday, June 4th from 12:00 Noon to 6:00pm
Monday, June 5th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
*** Time is of the Essence ***
Home is being sold and we have to be out of the property.
We have scheduled pick up times for a reason

Shipping is offered only for the “smalls” in this auction
If you want to hire a 3rd Party Pack & Ship or Transport Service,

 simply let us know so we can work with them.  When in doubt, feel free to call or text.
Please read the bullet points above. 


Don Wedd at ​316-227-0327

Karen Wedd at 316-689-1604


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Little Bull Auction & Sales Co​.








Lot Title

Apollo Trade Mark Registered Chicago Baby Grand Piano

Pair of Roman statues


large wall art and flower baskets

Five ships

Delineator journal of fashion culture

Lots of tweet birds

Pair of chairs with pillows

End table

Contents on table plus lamp

Swivel Rocker

Only the Contents on table

End table

Vintage mid century modern floral couch with throw pillows

Pair of display cases

Diplay cases

Large display case

Two drawer wood file cabinet

Contents only and wall art

Fellowes paper shredder

contents of shelf ONLY

shelf contents only

Cart on wheels

Dining room table with four chairs

Contents of top shelf only

Contents of shelf only

Shelf contents

Contents of shelf only

Contents of shelf only

Contents of shelf

Oneida silverware plus case

box of new greeting cards and puzzle

Contents of shelf

Shelf contents

contents of shelf

contents of shelf

Three shelf cabinet

Wood bar stool and lamp

Ceramic statue

Vornado fan

Silver pieces

Bulova clock

Cast iron stove with pots and pans

This and That

Miscellaneous pictures and frames

Brass Telescope

Honeywell Con Tac Tor No. 19 mercury switch


Miscellaneous Camera Items

Cuckoo Clock

Bob Hope, fabric, and a music scroll

Abalone Clock and more

Marble style clock with matching candle holders

LeCoultre clock

large clock

Sowerby Pissarro bird 8 inch swan stretch vase

Miscellaneous items

Two Brass pieces and more

Lot of miscellaneous

This And That lot

Kitchen closet contents

Contents of four drawers

Contents of counter

Anchor hocking soreno avocado green dishes

Kitchen cabinet

Under the kitchen sink

Pyrex Daisy covered casserole dish and more

LE Smith 10 panel blue canister set

Three Pyrex nesting bowls

Contents of kitchen cabinets

Contents of three drawers and three doors

Three shelves

Two shelves above stove

M Fine China La Priscilla pattern

Corning Ware wild flower pattern

Calling all chemists

Contents of the counter, drawer and below

Contents under stove

Two more drawers and two more doors

Character glasses

6 inch diameter uranium bowl

Flint hills Jim beam bottle and specialty club 10th anniversary pieces and more

Large pottery piece and more

Child sized rolltop secretary and all contents

Contents of cabinet

Display cabinet

Miscellaneous decor

GE rePop radio

Vintage diorama

Miscellaneous vintage items

Kit Kat clock turned trophy

Ritter intra oral stereoscope and diagnostic lamp

Gerstner oak five drawer chest


Seiko Quartz Mickey Mouse

Oriental pieces

Vintage black lacquered three panel Chinese table screen with carved mother of pearl

Chinese shirt, pants, and miniature furniture set

Oriental decor

Oriental items


Ball caps, visors, scarves, etc

Cameo chalk ware and

VHS and DVDs

Cassette Tapes


Comforter and bed pillows

Wicker Stool and magazine rack


Oval wall mirror and vanity set

Matson hand painted pieces and more

Decorative Accents

Desk or vanity table and chair

Wicker Stool or table and more

Vanity stool, stuffed patriotic bear, shelf and frame

Shoes and top shelf of closet

Purses or handbags and more

Purses, handbags, and cardboard dresser

Purses, handbags, and cardboard dresser

Purses, handbags

Clothing, ties, belts

Assorted clothing

Casio CTK 1000

Vanity pieces and more

Contents of two shelves

Shelf of linens

Eight drawers of linens

Bulk buy of office supplies

Contents ON desk

Desk and contents IN

Office chair, pillow, trashcan, and organizer or divider

Radio, weather radio, earphones, and so much more

Framed Art

Two framed Plane Wall pieces

Vintage metal folding table and more

Framed Art

Closet of womens clothing

Mens suits, jackets and more

1954 popular edition monopoly and more

Vintage games

A couple more vintage games

Seashell framed art print vintage 1980s Nautilis beach sand seashell home decor, appears to be signed

Contents behind door

Two storage containers with miscellaneous beads and other jewelry making items

Storage containers and contents

Storage container and contents

Storage container with contents

Contents of three cabinets

Table with contents

Hoover vacuum cleaner

Contents of cabinet

Contents of cabinet

Contents of cabinet

Throw rugs and more

Yardstick holder with yardsticks

Hall decor

Entry closet


Antonius Stradivarius Cremonsis facile at anno 17

Violin, Bows, case, needs some work

Contents bathroom cabinet

Contents of bathroom cabinet #2

Pants and more


Contents on counter

Contents under and in bathroom vanity

Bathroom shelf with contents

Large assortment of necklaces

More necklaces

More necklaces

Massagers and scale

Wicker stool and more

Tall boy or lingerie dresser

Two ornate vintage Victorian lady turner West wind east wind cameo style plaques

Plastic shelf and all contents

Wicker shelf does not include any contents

Contents of shelf

Contents of shelf

Contents of shelf

Contents of shelf

Hamper, trashcan, and Kleenex box cover all matching

Lamp, doily and elephant

End table no contents included

metal or tin mushroom themed diaper pail?

Bedframe and mattress set

Contents of shelves

shelf no contents

Brass lamp, plant stand, and wall art

Godinger Silver Art Company pieces

Assorted Trinket Boxes

Contents on dresser

Dresser and mirror

Makeup bags, chair, and more

Contents on top of small dresser






Castillo 3S CS made in Japan Acoustic Guitar

Box of treasures

Rolling storage compartment and more

Desk with lamp and chair

Contents of desk

Contents on top of the desk

Desk with drawer contents

Contents on top of the dresser

Dresser with contents of drawers

Contents of top two shelves

Contents of shelf

Contents of bottom two shelves

Two display stands

Contents of bookshelf

Contents on top of toolbox

Master mechanic two piece rolling toolbox

Items on top of the dresser

Dresser with contents of drawers

Contents of book case

Pair of adjustable shelf 7 foot tall bookshelves

Contents of bookshelf


Four drawer metal filing cabinet with contents

Vintage watch crystal cabinet and watch crystals

Vintage wooden drawered piece used by watch repair man

Benedict Piece and more

Assorted Treasures

Vintage items

Jewelry Boxes

Display pieces

Lamp and jewelry boxes

McDonalds beanie babies

Resin animals

Flemish pyrography art

Vintage Vinome lamp

Lucite pieces and more

Jamar ceramic sofa dish

1940s crescendoe gloves gold paint store display hand

Black Asian peacock vase

Iron art mirror

Pair of Andrea by Sadek white busts and more

Blackamoor Sultan Shawnee electric lamp

Kamotsuru sake decanter

Wooden display of various crystals, minerals and more

Flexo art specialty company lamp

Flexo art specialty company lamp

Jewelers or watch workstation

Hallway closet

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes

Assorted jewelry boxes and more


Kauai personal keyboard FS800

Yamaha PSR 31 keyboard

Purple display pieces, frames, and more

Jewelry and storage compartment case

LOTS and LOTS of empty ring boxes

Magnifier Lamp and Black light

Jewelry display items and more

Plastic shelves and empty containers

Glass perfume bottles and so much more

Cardboard dresser full of jewelry Ziploc bags

Tollers of the Sea Rough Sea Ride

Replica of Bradley & Hubbard Portrait

Jewelry accessories and more

Closet of clothing

Antique wood pipe organ tuning whistle instrument handmade folk art flute?

Variety of items

Vintage hat, purse, decanter and more

Lionel Barrymore gold etchings

Three Rubbermaid tubs of miscellaneous frames, card stock, magazine cut outs and more

Cart or shelf

Suitcase and vintage girl clothes

Murder she wrote VHS set

classics and rarities

funk and Wagnalls, new encyclopedia and more

Childcraft series and more

discovering Antiques series by Greystone and more

large lot of medical journals and more

top shelf of music, periodicals, books

middle shelf of music, periodicals, books

bottom shelf of music, periodicals, books

large assortment of sheet music

large assortment of sheet music

large assortment of books

small six drawer rolling cabinet

1977 thermos Star Wars lunchbox with thermos

Brown couch in basement Hide a Bed

Couch located in basement

Coffee table

Wooden chest


Varnado fan

Vintage Varnado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado Jr. fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vornado fan

Vornado fan

vornado fan

vornado fan

vintage vornado jr. fan

vintage vornado fan

vornado heater fan

Vornado fan

Vornado fan

Vornado fan and Holmes fan

Vornado Air Purifier

Vornado fan

Limited addition Jim Ryun 96 Atlanta Olympic autographed torch display

Decorative pocket watch holders

Miscellaneous watch themed decor


Nu Klear Fallout detector

Pair of decorative urns

Aircraft items

Dazor Clamp on Magnifier lamp


Hamilton watch poster

Avon and more

Tennis trophies through the years

Junghans Mega radio controlled clock

Mixed media #1

Mixed media #2

Mixed media #3

Books, cassettes, and more

Display cases

Fireplace set and more

Giant tennis racket

Office chair

Vintage toys

Vintage toys

Structo Transport Metal semi truck and trailer

Structo Toys metal dump truck

Strombecker battleship with wheels

Metal Tonka Firetruck

Locomotive Marx by Maggiore

Tonka metal car carrier, truck and trailer

Plastic Trains

Plastic Dump Truck

Metal Mighty Tonka Crane

Vintage Toys

Vintage Toys

vintage toys

Vintage toys kitchen

Vintage toys etc

Small metal train vintage toys

Erector Set

Vintage toys

Snoopy lap tray and more

Vintage Magnus  Chromatic Accordion

Vintage camera

Vintage camera

Vintage doll accessories

Vintage doll and accessories

Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls etc

Vintage dolls

Vintage dolls

vintage dolls

Vintage doll

Assorted Vintage doll items

Vintage dolls

Doll furniture

vintage dolls

Vintage dolls etc

Vintage metal doll house

Vintage baby

vintage baby

Toy box and contents

Brass Eagle

D Day First Wave in enclosed display globe

Radio Shack M4A2 remote controlled

Mickey Mouse Electric Wall Clovk

Coca Cola Celebrates 15 years Walt Disney World wall clock battery operated

Spartus talking horoscope clock new in box

Pair of Spartus talking horoscope clocks

Vintage Halloween

Assorted Silver plated Pieces

Vintage Commodore accessories

Globe and more

Lock boxes and case

Vintage Westclox alarm clock and more

Wall clocks

Wall and alarm clocks

Wall Clock

1950s era missile fin


Vintage comics and more

Cracked magazine

Mad magazines and more

Large collection of mad magazines from the 80s

Vintage Bassinet and more

Sargent and Greenleaf Inc. safe

Georgia Kobold motor

Oil lamp

Matchbooks and vintage trade cards


Vintage Scout items and more


Desert Rose crystal, mineral, specimen, druzy, quartz, tower, sphere

Triple Beam by Ohaus Scale Corp

Triple Beam by Ohaus Scale Corp

Nautical Solid brass mariner merchant trade scale precision instrument with box


Bausch and Lomb stereo Microscope

Atco Microscope

Atco microscope

WWII Japanese Navy Yew Megger Meter Tester high voltage generator

Vintage Marc Globe Transistor Radio

GameBoy lot

Turntable and pair of speakers

Denon DP 29 F turntable in box

Magnavox Stereo in cabinet


Bose Headphones

Healthways plainsman CO2 gun

Daisy model 1225 caliber plastic shot

American classic model 1377 air pistol with rifle stock

Daisy model 111 b

Daisy powerline 880

Homemade black powder rifle wall hanger

Metal Cabinet in Basement

Contents of Metal Cabinet in Basement

cabinet in basement

Contents of cabinet in basement

Assorted media

Vinyl, large assortment

Assorted Electronics



Assorted Vinyl

Four display cases, two with locking ability

Miniature Train Set

Kline Limited edition collectors train set 1990 in original box

Train Set

Assorted Train hobby items

Hobby Train pieces

Hobby Train pieces

Hobby Train pieces

Technics 5 Disc Rotary Changer System

Mitsubishi Stereo Cassette Receiever




Chest or trunk

Empty containers

Passive organizer pieces full of jewelry items as well as a cigar box for jewelry tools and more

Vintage Kellogg wall phone

Made in West Germany



Morals and dogma 1960

Vintage whip

Halina 7 x 50 binoculars

Polar cub type D fan

Miscellaneous Vintage electronics

Leeds and Northrup speedoMax indicator

Vintage black light

Pair of all Tech Lansing 902 8T high frequency drivers

Kohler 3.5 inch vise

Small etc vise fully rotatable

Vintage tools and more

Railroad items

1970 Ford car shop manuals volume one through five and more

Stewart Warner cadet speedometer with odometer

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad items

brotherhood of railroad trackmen buttons

Railroad collectibles

Railroad publications

Beechcraft memorabilia

Chemistry items

Wings cigarettes airplane card collection and more

Railroad memorabilia


Santa Fe railroad system standard dial clock faces

Pair of dolls

Two unfinished twin size quilts

Americas Glorious Quilt Book

Full Size Quilt

Hand stitched full size quilt

Cabinet with sliding doors located in the basement

Metal shelf

Shelf of VHS and DVD’s

Watch box located in basement-L11

Books and magazine box located in basement

Watch books box located in basement

Box of Chronos magazines located in basement

Reference books and pricing guides etc. of watches located in basement

Box of NAWCC Bulletins and more located in basement

Box of watch books located in basement

Box of MAD magazines located in basement

Box of watch related books located in basement

Box of watch related books located in basement

Box of books located in basement

Box of books and magazines located in basement

Shelves of books located in basement

Box of books located in basement

Box of books located in the basement

Shelf located in basement

Shelf located in basement


Miscellaneous items

Wood easel, brackets, contact paper and more

4 table clamp lights

Angel plaques

Large frame and 3 rugs

lots of miscellaneous

Shelf located in the basement

shelf located in the basement

Shelf located in the basement

Shelf located in the basement

shelf located in the basement

Shelf located in the basement

Shelf located in the basement

shelf located in the basement

shelf located in the basement

Shelf located in the basement

BB pistols and more

vintage hibachi grill

Shelf located in the basement

Audio Equipment

Diamond Grading Light

World War II service cap with insignia

Box of books located in the basement

Box of books located in the basement

Box of books located in the basement

Technics turntable and speakers

Two pieces of Sony stereo equipment

Miscellaneous electronics

Two boxes of books

Vintage children items

Metal pieces from Wichita

Wichita area banks

Vintage Wichita letter openers

Wichita memorabilia and more

Miscellaneous Wichita memorabilia

Miscellaneous Wichita memorabilia

Miscellaneous printings

105 mm M 14 type one casing 1943

Small furniture pieces

Small gray office chair

Wooden rocking chair

Wood office chair and high back chair

Two rugs

large wooden locking trunk with keys

Framed butterflies

Tall vintage frame

Oval vintage frame

Vintage picture frame

Vintage picture frame

1957 Belgium Browning 22 Semi-Auto SA-22 Like New

Craftsman 6.5 amp 14 inch weed whacker inbox

Toro blower vac

olympian Wooden Sled

Plastic sled and remaining wall contents

Yard tools


Koko sport bicycle

Raleigh grand sport bicycle

Assorted Yard tools

14 foot aluminum extension ladder

Shelf and contents on and around

Metal drawer cabinet with contents

Vibrograf MU 700 Watch timing

Rain Train lawn tractor

Rain Train lawn tractor

Metal toolbox with tools

Metal toolbox with tools

Bulk buy

Shop vac wet dry vac

Street Sign

Wooden 4.2 inch mortar box and wooden drawer

Raytheon box and Wichita, KS bag

Wooden box with lid

J Leukart manufacturing mortiser drilling machine

Coleman Camp Stoves

Coleman propane catalytic heater

Coleman 52 lantern with amber globe and carrier

Metal shelf

6 foot aluminum step ladder

Rolling cart with Automotive items and more

Large shelf with contents

Metal shelf with contents

Vintage children’s table and chairs

Haier dehumidifier

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Vintage Vornado fan

Air bubble

Chairs and a table

Framed G8 and his battle aces poster

Honda push mower

Home improvement corner

Vintage Vornado fan on stand

Vintage Vornado fan on stand


Contents of shelves

Vintage proctor silex ice cream machine

Antique blasting box

Interesting rock collection

Big piece of petrified wood

Bigger piece of petrified wood

Dolly and tools

pile of bricks

Auction License: Little Bull Auction & Sales Co.
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